For the Savior of all has longed for this day, when all peoples will be drawn to him…

Mark 1:15 This is the time of fulfillment. The kingdom of God is at hand.

“My child, let these words give you great hope. For the Savior of all has longed for this day, when all peoples will be drawn to him. Be at peace, my child, even in time of trial, for your God is with you, working in you and around you. He is always active and his acts flow from the wellspring of Divine love found in the perfect unity of the Trinity. My child, there is much to come, but remember these things and think about the goal that God has set for you—the goal of everlasting life in perfect joy. Do not be afraid, but rest in me and I will care for you.”

Heavenly Father, beloved of my heart, I believe in you, hope in you, and love you. Help me to rest in your loving arms as a baby at perfect peace. I love you and thank you my Abba, for you alone are my strength. Amen.


20 thoughts on “For the Savior of all has longed for this day, when all peoples will be drawn to him…

  1. Thank you, Jesus. I was reminded there for a while what it felt like to sit through difficult courses in school like calculus and physics. Very challenging and painful most of the time. Then came something like Art class. Sheer joy. This reflection reminds of art class.

    Pelianito, your comments seem similar to this passage, which I opened to at random in the Bible right after reading this new entry.

    “Yahweh, my heart has no lofty ambitions, my eyes do not look too high.
    I am not concerned with great affairs or marvels beyond my scope.
    Enough for me to keep my soul tranquil and quiet as content as a child that has been weaned. Israel, rely on Yahweh, now and for always.” Psalm 131


    1. MP that is how I felt writing it, that our Lord wanted to reassure us that he with us and he loves us, in all times and circumstances. “What can separate us from the love of Christ?” Let us rest in his arms and be at peace.


  2. thank you for the confirmation of “baby”in Jesus’s arms. i have been praying for my husband and had an image of a baby being held by Mary and tended by Jesus next to her. this is the 2nd confirmation in 2 days.
    Praise You Lord.
    then in prayer it came to me that we are all babies in the arms of Mary and Jesus and surrounded by st Joseph and angels and saints , watched over by GOd the Father and sheltered by the Holy Spirit.


    1. Anne, I give thanks and praise to God for his confirmation. This shows us my friends how important it is never to lose hope when we are praying for souls. Jesus we trust in you to grant the grace of conversion to all those you have given us to pray for.


  3. My daughter told me a few days ago that we will know the time for the Illumination and trial are near by the language Jesus uses in His messages. She insisted He will say specifically that the time is here (or now) rather than speak of the future or near future. I think this message this morning is as specific as it gets!


  4. Sorry, I accidentally left off the important part of Psalm 131. That middle line actually reads: …”Enough for me to keep my soul tranquil and quiet LIKE A CHILD IN ITS MOTHER’S ARMS, as content as a child that has been weaned.”… Anne, that’s right along the lines of what you were saying.

    Jesus never disappoints those who hope in Him.


  5. just to say that i have just started watching some of the realcatholic t.v . with Michael Voris. , the Vortex. so much coming out in the open and being stated. we are truly being prepared to stand strong in the TRUTH.


  6. Thank you, Jesus, for your words of comfort!! Peli, sometimes you get so down and worried and anxious about the Day to come…this message – when I was reading it – made me so relaxed. As Michael put it: it’s like Art class or P.E. in the middle of the Maths and Chemistry Class!! Lolll 😀

    Can’t wait to start the Divine Mercy Novena tomorrow!!

    If I am not online for the weekend: Have a Holy and Blessed Easter everyone!!

    Time for Renewal, Refreshing and Resurrection!!!

    Much Love to you and yours. God Bless!


  7. The best example of trusting I can think of is when I tell my children to get into the car. They don’t worry that something bad will happen to them. They do not fear for their safety. They do not ask where we are going or what will happen when we get there, (OK, other than “are we there yet”). There is no apprehension, only total trust that we as parents will take care of them on whatever journey we bring them on. But I think the main point is that God is asking us to trust him like we are little children. And when we hear God say “its time” we genuinely think of about the trust our children have in us and Totally Trust God in the same manor……….


  8. Ps. 131 – my first thought as I read Pelianito’s latest post! Another translation says, ‘I have quieted my soul, as a child with its mother’.

    Peace I give you, my peace, our Lord said. Not as the world gives, but true, lasting peace, thick and deep, not stingy, and full of the kind of quiet joy that comes when all is well. Reminds me of another saint, Julian of Norwich, so often quoted out of context: ‘All shall be well, and all shall be well, and all manner of thing shall be well’. It is only in the place of the quieted, trusting soul that all manner of things can be well.


    Peli, how is your friend? Will be remembering her as intention today’s mass, along with Marius.


    1. Columbkille, thank you for your prayers for my friend. She is still in great need. I place her and all souls in the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Jesus I trust in you.


  9. When I first heard of Medjugorje I used to wonder how I would feel when I got the word that the first secret was being announced to the world. I used to count on having three days to get things in order… Now I know that things can happen at virtually any time, and we must be prepared at all times. Still, I hope for a head’s up. I’ve been praying lately that somehow all my family will be together, which is difficult since we are scattered across the country. Perhaps God in His mercy will at least give us “word” of one another.


  10. I have just taken all of my friends here and all of your intentions, on this Good Friday, 2010, to The National Shrine of Divine Mercy in Stockbridge,MA,USA. May we all have a very blessed Easter, Easter Week and Divine Mercy Sunday!


  11. Pelianito,

    I see a confirmation of what you are receiving in the latest Medjugorje message, which ends with “Be ready.” Here it is:

    Dear children, today I bless you in a special way and I pray for you to return to the right way to my Son – your Saviour, your Redeemer – to him who gave you eternal life. Reflect on everything human, on everything that does not permit you to set out after my Son – on transience, imperfection and limitation – and then think of my Son, of his Divine infiniteness. By your surrender and prayer, ennoble your body and perfect your soul. Be ready, my children. Thank you. Medjugorje message, April 2, 2010


    1. Thanks for the confirmation Mary-Louise. Mark Mallett’s webcast is up now and should not be missed.

      Thank you for your prayers MT. We all need them so much.

      I ask the most abundant graces of the Easter Triduum to be poured over all of you and over the whole world.


  12. Thanks so much, Mary Therese. This tired musician needs those extra prayers! But the Lord has really been blessing our Masses, even though the choir is small. The Word has gone out with power, and I think ears are open. May it be so!


  13. Hi Everyone – I thoroughly enjoy reading the comments each day. It is so nice to read posts that reflect what I am feeling. Pelianito, would it be possible to start a dedicated thread for how we are all preparing, both spiritually and physically? For example, I recently found a Catholic mountain community in our area that feels like it might be a refuge in the future. We are considering buying a lot there. How about stocking up on food? Anyone else doing that? I would love to hear what everyone is thinking and doing. You all bring me great comfort. Happy Easter.


  14. know that here in Australia you are all in my prayers this Easter. i ask the LORD to pour many, many graces over all who visit here. Have you read the latest on the courageous priest website by Fr. Tom Etenaur. ? so powerful. Dear Lord pour graces over all in the world.
    i have just received an urgent email about chaos in INDIA. missionaries killed, churches burned. please please pray. happening right now.


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