A great shaking is coming to the world, both spiritually and physically…

Amos 9: 8 The eyes of the Lord GOD are on this sinful kingdom; I will destroy it from off the face of the earth. But I will not destroy the house of Jacob completely, says the LORD.

“My child, a great shaking is coming to the world, both spiritually and physically. There will be no escape—only the refuge of my Sacred Heart, which was pierced for love of you. Let all my children take refuge there. Draw many more souls to me, to the Fountain of Mercy. Pray the (Divine Mercy) novena with new fervor, for it will be of cosmic importance. The time is nearly gone—only a few grains of sand remain in the hourglass. Mercy! Mercy while there is still time! It is almost night.”

My Jesus, have mercy! In the Divine will we pray the Novena of mercy over every soul in the world, trusting in your everlasting goodness. Draw all sinners, especially those we love and those with no one to pray for them in to your wound of love. Mary, blessed and pure, pray for us!


76 thoughts on “A great shaking is coming to the world, both spiritually and physically…

  1. amen to what AJ has said. stay close to Jesus in constant prayer and as much Adoration as possible. Let Him tell us all and guide us. I pray to Jesus and Mary that they give me a listening heart. Please dear Jesus and Mary give us all childrens hearts, listening hearts. may the Holy Spirit overshadow all of us and wrap His wings around us all so that His gifts are poured down in abundance on us all. Lord clear us of sin, bind us to You so that we hear the TRUTH and only the TRUTH.


  2. I’d like to offer a word of caution. Remember that St. Paul says not to quench the Spirit, but to test everything. As times grow darker, there will be a lot of talk swirling around, stories of every kinds, prophets, prophesies, supernatural stories.

    As to refuges: I have some experience in that department. Some feel a call to be prepared to feed and house others. Obviously you can’t help if you yourself are standing in a soup line. My take is those who have this call are already using it at some level. They will tell you they see some victories, but more defeats resulting in maturity and greater discernment.

    It is sad to say, but most people in trouble who are given a chance to change don’t really want to. They hope to manipulate givers into enabling their lifestyles. I’d give a lot to have someone who ‘only’ needed a chance to be helped to their feet show up on my doorstep! The poison of entitlement in our cultures dyes very, very deep. Please understand, I’m not talking about folks who are injured or hungry or in emergency situations – in such cases one helps first and then offers a long term plan. People like me hear a lot of promises and stories of conversions, but then the real test begins. For that reason, the Lord has told us that there are to be no ‘open-ended’ visits on the Farm, and that everyone who comes must participate in the daily work. Another ‘refuge’ nearby that deals with people I wouldn’t have the courage to take in has a 6 month limit for guests. So few have actually made the best of the hospitality offered! It’s sometimes frightening.

    From time to time I hear people say that they don’t see any need to prepare, that the Lord will care for them. That may absolutely be so, and I hope it is, but I also observe that there are those who have the means to prepare for themselves and assist others in hard times but don’t. It’s a deception to think that when the tests come we’re going to do something diametrically opposed to what we normally do everyday.

    Recently our area was hit hard with storms. A policeman who took the call reported to me that someone called 911 from an affluent part of the state saying, ‘We’re cold and hungry, what are you going to do about it?’ All he could suggest was that they walk to a nearby house, or try to get to a store in an area that had electricity. And it was ‘only’ a natural disaster – not some event that paralyzed the whole area, like grid down or infrastructure collapse.

    A ‘peasant lifestyle’ is going to be a terrible shock to many people, and many are not going to want to be part of it. While I heartily agree that we need a simpler lifestyle, and we may be headed for one whether we like it or not, I don’t deceive myself that it will be easy, or that there will be many who will like it.

    As a small farmer myself, I can attest that being self-sufficient takes a lot of people working together in community. Growing food is very hard work and most people don’t want to get that dirty or be that practical. Even among Christians, the required unity is hard to find. It’s a huge step down from our affluent lifestyles even to eat in season – that is to say, whatever’s growing at the moment, rather than what we like, such as oranges and tomatoes in January. So few people know what real hunger is and fewer know how to make an appetizing meal out of whatever is available. Still fewer can gratefully eat things they don’t like.

    Do I trust the Lord? Yes. Do I hope that he will send people we can help and will become part of a larger community? Oh, yes! But huge changes in attitude will have to come first, and I dread what that might take. Jesus, I trust in You.


    1. Wise words, Columbkille. As for what will change attitudes, I think the Illumination may just do it don’ t you? It will separate the sheep from the goats.

      Mark Mallett’s next webcast will touch on the Illumination. If you haven’t been to his website, you should. http://markmallett.com/ehtv/index.html His webcasts are now freely available, but I do recommend that you support his ministry financially if you can. He and his family of 8 children live on the proceeds of his ministry.

      On his blog he is reprinting a series he wrote on the “Seven Year Trial”. http://www.markmallett.com/blog Very pertinent.


  3. What Columbkille says makes SO much sense. My husband and I have a small farm, too. We started out in an ancient, tiny log cabin (the real deal) without “facilities” although we did have running water. The shampoo froze on the windowsill. When the pump was frozen and didn’t work, we dipped water from a spring and heated it on the wood burner (our heat source). Those were tough times, but both of our sons would love to own that old place. In a steep valley with a creek running through the back yard.

    Struggling with my husband’s, “Woman, there’s always been storms, floods, wars and rumors of wars, etc.” I kindof lost it one day and vented my frustration at how I felt “abandoned” by him and how I could so much use his strategic brain to prepare. He said, “Woman, if we have to, we can survive. We know alot more about it than many.” and truly, I think people will be here because of it. And, because they didn’t listen.

    Maybe he doesn’t have the eyes/ears – I think it has more to do with unseen challenges. He deals with situations as they come, almost triage-like. And he is good at it.

    In dialogue with God, I tell Him that one way or the other, I will get to see it, with the rest of the world, here, or in eternity. Family members have actually said, “why in OUR lifetime”, “why can’t I be dead and gone (and not have to worry/deal with this)?” The way I see it, dead or alive, we’re ALL going to SEE it! I think this attitude is part and parcel of the culture of death. Rather be dead than stand up for what is right.

    Prevailing in our relationship and love of God in the HARD TIMES not only gives Glory to God, but we have a SHARE in that heavenly glory! Let us all be like St. Michael and not think about our safety, but our God – Our Heavenly Father and, in imitation of Jesus, want to bring Him great honor and praise and glory.

    I do believe in God’s providence, wholeheartedly. I have experienced “fishes and loaves” more than once when more guests were here than anticipated. I would say that we have all had similar experiences…

    We must ask Our Blessed Mother to help us with her virtues, calmness and serenity. “Lively faith, profound humility, blind obedience, continual mental prayer, mortification in all things, her surpassing purity, her ardent charity, heroic patience, angelic sweetness/kindness, Divine “heavenly” wisdom.” (St. Louis de Montfort).

    St. Michael and Blessed Mother, give us courage and strength, patience and fortitude! Amen. Jesus, we TRUST in You!


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