If I allow you to be tested, is it not so that you may be strengthened in all the virtues?

James 1:2-3 Consider it all joy, my brothers, when you encounter various trials, for you know that the testing of your faith produces perseverance.

“My beloved, if I allow you to be tested, is it not so that you may be strengthened in all the virtues? Let what you endure spur you on to exercise greater virtue. Look to the cross. Was there ever a greater trial endured? Was there ever a greater injustice when perfect goodness was condemned and perfect purity was defiled? Then whatever injustice you suffer, let the example of Christ be your guide, he who forgave his very persecutors and in doing so drew many of them to himself, and to salvation. My child, many were converted through the heroic virtues of Christ crucified. Be imitators of Christ, striving for greater virtue in all circumstances. My child, do this and you will know unending joy, even while on earth. Linked to me, you can know nothing but joy.”

Jesus, my beloved, I link myself to you and trust that your virtues will make their home in me, in spite of my vast unworthiness. Lord, I unite myself also to the Fiat of your Mother. Use me as you wish O Lord to accomplish all you desire. Jesus I trust in you. Amen


37 thoughts on “If I allow you to be tested, is it not so that you may be strengthened in all the virtues?

  1. My friends, as I prepared to post this message, I received an urgent message from a reader who asked for prayers regarding an imminent, unspecified threat. If this has come to our attention it is because we are prayer warriors. Into battle friends! Disasters can be averted through prayer, as our Mother has told us.

    Jesus we trust in you.


  2. What is my suffering compared to what Christ went thru?Why can I not just get on carrying my cross without complaining?I’m just sick of my self.


    1. Marius, let our Mother heal the wounds of your heart. She never gets tired of that. Abandon yourself to her care. There is a book I have mentioned before, Abandonment to Divine Providence by JP De Caussade. It may be read online here. If you read this book you will learn much about the will of God. Peace to you dear brother.


  3. Lord, We place all of the world and all the harm it deserves into the precious hands of Our Madonna… We ask you, oh Blessed Mother, to immerse all of creation into the Ocean of Mercy of Your Son, and please ask the Gloriana to interceed for us. May all of God’s Angels come to the earth to do battle to protect it, under the leadership of the Queen of Angels and St. Michael.


  4. I was told once that only through pressure and heat can a lump of coal be turned into a diamond. This is what God does to us through the tests we face. I asked once “how do I know what my mission in life is” and a wise man (same man as above) told me to examine the tests that God has put before me, because its specifically those tests that he has placed in my path that were done so to apply the pressure and heat to make each person into the perfect jewel to fit into the perfect setting for God. Each of us has different trails that we have to deal with and face, each of these molds us into different people with different strengths and talents, all to be applied for our different missions in Gods time. I don’t believe in coincidences, there are reasons for all things in Gods plan. Examine your trails and see what virtues God has prepared for you.
    You have my prayers this morning.


    1. Steve, this image has come to me before. I wrote an article for the newsletter of the Brothers and Sisters of Penance called, “Diamonds from Coal”. I have uploaded the article here. Thanks for sharing that beautiful reflection!


  5. pelianito, thank you for alerting us to the need of someone. because of my different timeline i recieved this and was able to go to Adoration. i then realized how wonderful to have such a site and for readers to be in different parts of the world and in different time zones..i feel so blessed to have found this site with the messages of Jesus to us all and the open sharings of many who enter this site. Praise You Lord for Your Merciful kindness.


  6. Sometimes being very sick of ourselves can be a gift Marius. God answers prayers based on our desire. Most of us, if we’re human, find it very hard to die to self. In the beautiful wisdom of God, He can give us the desire to die to self, to forget self. He usually does this through our current situation so to speak. He cannot violate our free will and force us to die to self or forget self, but He can make our environment such that we desire what it is He wants to give us….what we need. In this case, we become so sick of ourselves, we desire to forget self, to die to self…God is so wise, we cannot begin to comprehend!
    Be patient with yourself, forgive yourself and move forward. Surrender! God is in control, He knows our weakness..hence the need for these moments of self knowledge. Praise and Thank Him for it. He loves you.


  7. Marius my friend you are not alone here…I too have struggled with carrying my crosses with patience many a times, in fact more times than not! However, I have noticed that over time Grace has been at work and I am improving, not at the rate I would like but improving nevertheless because of Grace.

    The problem is that the world has us in a mode of always expecting in the now. The Kingdom of GOD does not operate in this way…Noah built an ark for 100 years before the floods came; Moses led his people through the desert for 40 years before they reached the promise land; JESUS lived in obscurity (hiddenness) for 30 years before HIS ministry began. Go to our LADY and St. Joseph and ask them to help you along the journey…They surely will!

    We all make up the body of CHRIST. Peace my brother!

    May the Resurrected CHRIST bring Healing, Faith and Trust in HIS Divine MERCY.


  8. Pelianito,my problem is that I don’t know which is God’s will regarding me,no matter how much I pray.If I would know,I would act accordingly.At least I would try to,with his grace.


  9. I pray that our dear Pope Benedict is “strengthened” by the severe trials he is enduring now. I pray for him constantly. Would it be okay if I asked everyone on this blog to pray that Our loving LORD will uphold our Pope and our Church during yet another trial?
    I will say one thing, though. I had left the Church for many years. But it was preciselyall the problems and scandals that brought me back. I know satan ONLY attacks the TRUTH so if the Church was being so ferociously attacked, then it had to be the truth.


  10. Yesterday was not a particularly bad day, but by the end of it my heart was SOOO heavily burdened by all that is occuring both in my little world and the larger one. I very much felt the presence of both Our Lady and Jesus, but there was no relief. Mentally, I turned to Our Lady and asked her “Where is the joy?!?” It is something I have heard Mother Nadine Brown say many times …. “Look for the joy”. When there seemed to only be silence, I offered even that to her.
    THen this morning … these words. Another reminder that He is still in control and allowing these things for our great good. I still don’t think I have fully grasped the joy part, but at least I know Jesus and Mary are listening! 🙂 They have heard my cry! Thank you Jesus! THank you Mary! Thank you Pelianito! 🙂


  11. I agree very much with Steve’s comment…it reminds me of the fiery furnace from the book of Daniel, and how God can bring you through the fire and refine you. It has certainly been true in my case after we lost Mary Grace…God has greatly deepened our relationship (mine and His) and I’m not sure if it would have come about without the loss of our baby. And this issue of testing can come in all aspects of life…you can view any hardship or struggle as a test even if it’s as simple as sitting in rush hour traffic (or in my case, my dog chewing up my newly planted flowers yesterday!), and it gives you the opportunity to look at what you go through each day in a new light and gives meaning to these moments.


  12. Trials…Tests…the saying is that they make you stronger….at the times when you endure them… it helps to have friends and family who can pray with you, for you….many times you feel that you can’t take another breath..you want to give up…but…then God has a way of carrying you through, lifting you up…just at the right moment…the liberation rosary has worked most effectively at those times for me…..take heart Marius….God never forgets us…he shows up really when we need him the most…
    Ann Catherine


  13. Ann Catherine,in the last 4 months I’ve tried countless prayers,among them liberation rosary.For a while they worked,but after a period of time they became like a medicine you get imune to and doesn’t do the job for you anymore.The ONLY prayers that still works for me no matter how desperate and low I feel at the time,is the Rosary and the Divine Chaplet.Some days is so bad that I can’t stand on my feet and I’m crawling on the floor.I’m forcing my self to start the Rosary,and at the 3rd or 4th decade something is happening,some sort of energy comes and put the breath back into my lungs and blood back into my heart.My friends,don’t get me wrong;I’m not looking for pity and I hope I don’t lament is just I’m going thru this trial of my very life and is not easy to walk around with this sword into my heart.I appreciate every single word and prayer from you and I hope I’ll return the favor.God bless


  14. Discerning what God’s will is for you doesn’t have to be complicated. Pray, trusting that God has heard you. Then watch what happens next.

    Years ago I heard a Canadian preacher talk about his work planting churches. Often it was very important not to be wrong about how the Lord wanted to proceed, so he assumed that God wanted to guide him and that God would make it plain. In one story, his little church began receiving visitors from an ethnic group. The church was actually looking toward a different kind of ministry but because they were ‘watching’ they realized that God was sending these folks for a reason, and they began to get involved with their needs. It turned out to be exactly God’s plan.

    Another time a god-daughter of mine was seeking the answer to a big life decision – and asked that the Lord would make it ‘very plain’. He did – painfully plain. So plain that the next time we prayed we decided just ‘plain’ would be OK!

    There should be more than one event – a journal is helpful – and some confirmations, like a godly friend giving some counsel, or an unexpected letter from someone you trust with the same idea. Watch, and the pieces will begin to come together. The result may be a surprise, but never doubt that the Lord wants to tell you what He made you for.


  15. This really hit home. I want to say “yes, yes!” to all of your beautiful sharing. I check in every evening to be a silent, watching, praying part of this community. All of you keep me grounded in Christ when I am full of fear and troubled. Thank you, Pelianito (and God!) for making this space here for all of us to come.
    I am so grateful to all of you on this feast of the Annunciation of the angel Gabriel to Mary. I, too, am seeking Joy! in the midst of trials. Come, Lord Jesus!


  16. Marius, I want you to meditate on 2Kings 4:1-7. Then every morning, when you wake up say a very solemn prayer to God through the intercession of Elisha to fill your empty vessels. Bring yourself before the throne of God very consciously and show him your emptiness, acknowledging that you can do nothing without him because you..on your own have nothing to give. Remind God how much you need and rely on him for your daily ‘oil’ and promise to use what He gives you for the day for His glory. This takes only a few short moments in the morning. You will find you get through the day with ease. I often feel the way you do and this has been working for me.


  17. I have been priviledged to have worked with a priest who had most, if not all of the Gifts of the Spirit. He has since passed on to his eternal reward–at a young age. However, he taught me many things.

    One of them is the need for healing of the family tree:


    This site is with Fr. Hampsch’s works. It will be great for all of your families, and imperative for those who are in great pain. I would suggest that with the drama now unfolding before us in the world and in our own worlds, you should do this immediately. Prayers should be said in conjunction with the Eucharistic Banquet. This is all-powerful. If things look worse for a small bit, it is because the hairy legged creature is furious. God will protect you and yours.

    Binding of spirits is also imperative. They should be bound 3 times. Let the Lord lead you to what is going on and then bind a number of spirits if you find this is what you are being told. Continue to bind until you are getting no more impressions from the Lord. It can be for yourself, others near you or around the globe. Start binding…

    This is what I say, “In the Name of Jesus Christ, the Nazorean, I bind the spirit of (jealousy, mockery, insults, hideous behavior…)” Remember–say it 3 times–you want to secure the culprit! Watch the situation ease. And then ask the Holy Spirit to fill the person to overflowing with His Love, Graces, Peace and Blessings…

    Also, start saying in rapid repetition, “Jesus, Mary and Joseph, I love you, save souls!”, and I believe that you will start seeing the goons flee and whatever horrid situation you are in get gentler!


  18. Marius, I am consoled every time I read the following. I hope it helps if even a little:

    1. God was all-complete, all-blessed in Himself; but it was His will to create a world for His glory. He is Almighty, and might have done all things Himself, but it has been His will to bring about His purposes by the beings He has created. We are all created to His glory–we are created to do His will. I am created to do something or to be something for which no one else is created: I have a place in God’s counsels, in God’s world, which no one else has: whether I be rich or poor, despised or esteemed by man, God knows me and calls me by my name.

    2. God has created me to do Him some definite service: He has committed some work to me which He has not committed to another. I have my mission–I never may know it in this life, but I shall be told it in the next. Somehow I am necessary for His purposes, as necessary in my place as an Archangel in his–if, indeed, I fail, He can raise another, as He could make the stones children of Abraham. Yet I have a part in this great work; I am a link in a chain, a bond of connection between persons. He has not created me for naught. I shall do good, I shall do His work; I shall be an angel of peace, a preacher of truth in my own place, while not intending it, if I do but keep His commandments and serve Him in my calling.

    3. Therefore I will trust Him. Whatever, wherever I am, I can never be thrown away. If I am in sickness, my sickness may serve Him; in perplexity, my perplexity may serve Him; if I am in sorrow, my sorrow may serve Him. My sickness, or perplexity, or sorrow may be necessary causes of some great end, which is quite beyond us. He does nothing in vain; He may prolong my life, He may shorten it; He knows what He is about. He may take away my friends, He may throw me among strangers, He may make me feel desolate, make my spirits sink, hide the future from me–still He knows what He is about.
    O Adonai, O Ruler of Israel, Thou that guidest Joseph like a flock, O Emmanuel, O Sapientia, I give myself to Thee wholly. Thou art wiser than I–more loving to me than I myself. Deign to fulfill Thy high purposes in me whatever they be–work in and through me. I am born to serve Thee, to be Thine, to be Thy instrument. Let me be Thy blind instrument. I ask not to see–I ask not to know–I ask simply to be used.
    John Henry Newman

    You are in my prayers.


  19. Thank you to all for your powerful heartfelt comments and sharing. I draw attention to the Scandal writing of M. Mallett. so powerful, encouraging, challenging and such preparation.Thank You Lord.


  20. What a beautiful oasis lovingly provided by our Lord for weary and tattered souls wandering in the desert of the world. Life giving waters gushing forth from the Word! Cool, refreshing and healing Mercy from the sacred heart of Jesus. Oh, forgiveness! Lord, you have not left us alone. The liar would have us believe that, but it is not so. Lord, you are faithful and true, and yet we sometimes struggle because we do not understand Your ways. Oh, inscrutable Mystery. We believe. Help our unbelief. You reveal yourself always and never-ending in Love. Love in joy. Love in suffering. Love in healing and redemption. Love. Always Your Love!

    Lord, we anticipate Your victory concerning our special intention. Father, hear our prayer for the sake of Your Son’s sorrowful passion. Mother of Mercy, come to our aid. We humbly ask for your assistance, confident that you already interceded for us before the first sigh left our hearts.

    The peace of Christ be with you, my brothers and sisters. Isn’t it already a great Grace and a reassuring sign to find refuge here in this oasis with the Word and the special companions He has assembled? Take heart. Alone we are nothing, but we are not alone.

    As happens sometimes, I tried to post then encountered an error and lost the whole thing. This has happened a few times, always when I was sharing something more than my usual thinking out loud. Good. I suppose we should expect some push back when we’re on the right path. No problem. Undaunted, I went downstairs for a nice glass of water, then asked my guardian angel to help me reconstruct it. Another reminder that we are not alone.


  21. Marius, I pray and fast for you. Now I will ask something of you. Please offer up your own suffering for us, the church, the pope, salvation of sinners everywhere. I have never experienced enything like what you have. Perhaps you are right now doing the very will of God right where you are and by enduring you great suffering and taking the next ten seconds of the day and putting one step forward slowly in Jesus and Mary you may save souls throughout the world.. You may be helping suffering souls in purgatory right now. The suffering you are enduring may be doing so much unseen good and saving so many souls we couldn’t imagine!! This is your way of the cross. There may not be any relief for a while but let us be like Simon of Cirene or Veronica to help only slight bit in your suffering. The nails that pierce you may be in fact the price of countless souls!! Much glory may be awaiting you!!


    1. Thank you all for your words of love, encouragement and hope. Patrick, I truly believe that once we are in heaven it will be our difficult days we will be most grateful for as we will then know all that was won through them. Link it to the cross and see miracles.

      I also reinforce Anne’s recommendation of Mark Mallett’s latest blog post.

      I have some prayers of protection including intergenerational healing that I pray every day and the St. Michael prayer twice a day. Very powerful. Thanks for that MT.


  22. Patrick,I’m touched and speechless.I’ll offer my Prayers specially for those souls that are in iminent danger to be lost to satan for ever.God’s will be done.


  23. Marius please know that I can understand alot of what you are experiencing..I, however, have to look at someone very close to my heart go through suffering that I cannot ever hope to understand……so as be assured whenever I lift her up in prayer I’ll do the same for you…


  24. MP, as always, beautiful. I was thinking the same but without your eloquence! Patrick, you are right-on… Marius is the suffering Jesus in our midst. I just passed Auriesville Shrine that honors the North American Martyrs and asked them to interceed for you, Marius, and for us all.


  25. Marius, you are being held up by many. I am part of our parish’s altar society and I get to lovingly wipe the altar and tabernacle and vacuum the area. It is a great honor and I love my little job.
    I went right before the tabernacle and asked the Lord to help you.

    You are being ‘kissed from the Cross’.


  26. Thank you all again.As I said before,if everything goes OK,I’ll pray for this group in Medjugorje on Good Friday.Jesus,I call on your Mercy,I’ll be lost without it.Please.


  27. Marius, thank you so much for your offering at 7.36am and all here also. Just a few hours ago my cousin Rob aged 50 died of a heart attack. His father Phillip also died of a heart attack aged 49. Two nights ago I had a very strange dream that I mourned with loud and desperate crying for my father, brother to Uncl Phil, who had died of another cause. This is most unlike me whereas I do cry easily it is always with silent tears. In the dream my mother and one of my sisters were shocked to see me in this condition and asked what the problem was. I replied that I missed Dad. They responded “But he died 14 years ago”. Once I realised it was a dream I began to pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet for him. I must have fallen asleep. I awoke all of a sudden about one minute before the alarm went off because something fell on my face – thinking it was a spider I quickly brushed the area only to find it was a tear – it reminded me that I had not finished the Chaplet and I continued. I suspect that Jesus was working in this mysterious dream for the good of Rob – would you all say so? My cousin was baptised as a baby but came adrift from his faith in a serious way – may the good Lord please have mercy on his soul.


    1. Karen, absolutely it was a call to prayer. I have learned to interpret all dreams as calls to prayer for the intention implied in the dream. Sometimes there is a deeper message, but always prayer is what our Lord desires, in order that his will may be more perfectly accomplished. Thank you for sharing your dream. I will pray for your cousin. Perhaps the loud crying was an indication of how desperate he is for prayers. A good sign–it means he is probably in Purgatory! Jesus we trust in you.


  28. Marius, I’ve experienced what you describe.

    It was pure hell on earth.

    This suffering is in a different universe from perplexity about discerning God’s will for your life or the merits of various devotions. If the Rosary and Divine Mercy are helping you as you describe, you’re in better shape than I was. God bless the power God is giving you and your courage in continuing to go on!

    I second Patrick’s advice about offering up the suffering – it gives the pain some meaning. The other direction leads to questioning if even God exists – don’t take that fork in the road.

    Also, I don’t know where you live or what your circumstances are, but if you haven’t talked to a physician about your situation, it might be valuable to do this. I’m not in favor of anti-depressants and cannot take them myself, but some physiological imbalances can be adjusted and help one to fight through. I also hope you have a compassionate friend or two to be nearby as you endure this.

    The most important thing to know is that this horrible time will end. It will not last forever. Now every minute is excruciating. But it WILL end. Satan, that dirty Rat, preys on us when we cannot defend ourselves. You have friends on this blog taking up the fight for you as you cannot, bearing one another’s burdens.

    Take heart of hope, there will be a day when the agony will be a tiny bit less, then less, and finally things will look different for perhaps an entire hour, then half a day…

    Now that your situation is plainer, my prayers for your struggle will be renewed in my devotions and intentions at Mass, and believe me, I’m playing a lot of them this week! You will be remembered at each one. The Sacrifice of the Mass is the most powerful breaker of chains that I know, the fountain of every grace, the wellspring of purest love, flowing out and directed toward you, as the ancient chant says, ‘I saw water flowing out of the temple, and all who were touched by this water were saved, saying, Alleluia, alleluia, alleluia’. (Vidi Aquam) Let it flow, Lord Jesus, let it engulf Marius with grace and peace and the consolation of Your love.


  29. Mark Mallett had a wonderful entry once where he suggested that offering up our temptations and sufferings for those lost in sin will ease our temptations and trials because satan does not want any grace coming to those who are lost. It would be a ‘conflict of interest’.
    It works. When I was being horribly tempted several times over and again in my thoughts, I offered it up for people caught in the type of sin my thoughts were of. It was not long at all, only minutes, that the temptations left and have not returned.

    Also, think of all the good your suffering is bringing.


  30. i am asking all to please remember my lost husband Mark in all prayers especially in the coming two weeks. For 18 months now he has been really lost. i know fear has been a big part of his problem. He admitted he has lost faith and trust in God too. I thank God that He has helped myself and 3 uni students who live with me survive on my casual work and take each day. I am truly asking the Lord to pour huge graces over my lost husband this Easter time. Please Dear Lord lift his spiritual blindness and have him return to You in a strong way. i simply ask you all to help me in interceding for him. i also will keep all here in my prayers, Masses and plan to spend much time in Adoration over the next couple of weeks. Marius especially know you will go to Adoration with me. Dear Lord pour your graces of Mercy over all here this Holy Time. thank you.


  31. Columbkille,I don’t think I’ll ever question the existance of God,but I’ll be honest with you-there has been several times (and still are)-when I was really angry with Him why these things are happening in my life as I feel I don’t deserve them.Obviously ,He sees the bigger picture from His point of view which is clearly different than mine.Hopefully He’ll ignore my madness.


  32. Marius, know there are others who have gone through the same thing….it is a very painful suffering…very painful. It is very difficult to “consider it all joy”…actually impossible. Words cannot describe.
    Speaking from experience, I can say that it is very pleasing to accept the suffering and stay very close to the cross. Almost all of the apostles ran from the cross. God is seeing if you will, too. As the other messages have said, God needs to know who He can trust. He must have a very profound task for you and needs to know if you will remain loyal. Jesus too did not deserve the cross. In my case, in the last 3 months, I have finally decided that instead of lamenting my suffering and feeling resentful and angry towards God because I feel He punished us for trying to do good, I would pray for the grace to love suffering. It has made a tremendous difference to simply stop fighting it and pray to love it. Suffering is never going to go away, not in this life, we may as well pray to love it, deserved or not. I had to work up the courage to do it! I thought for sure when I did, it would grow worse. It didn’t…it has grown easier and there is more peace. I hope this helps you in your struggle. And, to know you are not alone.


    1. This is very wise Carla. Our anger can be a sign that we are not ready to submit humbly “unto death” to the will of God. Obedience is easy when it is something we WANT to do. The true test of obedience is saying “Thy will be done,” when it is something we absolutely do not want to do.

      The Lord chips away at our attachments, then when we finally submit, saying “Thy will be done,” and mean it, very often he gives us what we had been desiring all along, but now it is in right relationship. Of course he will only give us what is truly good for us.

      “Seek first the kingdom of God and all these things shall be given to you besides.” Jesus we trust in you.


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