Have every confidence that abundant grace will be there in your extraordinary need…

Psalm 108:13-14 Give us aid against the foe; worthless is human help. We will triumph with the help of God, who will trample down our foes.

“My child, my beloved, do not be afraid. Do you truly trust in me?”

Lord I believe! Help my unbelief!

“Little one, apart from grace, you would be unable to stand upright, even at the best of times. It is grace alone that allows you to move. Even your breath is a direct action of grace. Each day, with each breath, you rely on grace. Then do you think grace will fail you in your hour of need? You have evidence enough that grace—abundant grace—has been poured out over you in your ordinary need. Have every confidence that abundant grace will be there in your extraordinary need. Then take nothing for granted, for everything is a gift from God. With gratitude and the confidence of a beloved child, renew once again your trust. Your Father, your Abba, is with you, and your Mother intercedes for your needs even before you ask. Then be at peace. Enter into the heart of God and be at peace.”

Jesus I trust in you! Beloved Father of my heart, I offer you the gratitude of the Gloriana, wrapped in the love of our Mother, and I ask with all the confidence of the Christ Child for all the graces I need or will need. Jesus I trust in you. Father I love you. Amen.


23 thoughts on “Have every confidence that abundant grace will be there in your extraordinary need…

  1. i fully realize that without grace i would not be able to go on at present. Dear Lord, keep pouring and pouring grace into all our hearts and the direct of grace of the Light of Christ into the hearts of all sinners. we are all in such need.


  2. We will have to learn to rely TOTALLY on THE FATHER during these times and will come to rely on nothing of this world. 100% faith in the Lord, cause 99% won’t get it done. Hang in there all my friends, you all have my prayers.


  3. Good to see Marius posting. You’ve been in my prayers a lot, Marius.

    I’ve sometimes thought that we see only half of God’s grace toward us, because we never see the things that His providence doesn’t allow to happen – all the times when God Almighty, from his Sapphire Throne, says ‘No’ to some scheme of Satan’s, and the devil goes off gnashing his teeth because he knows that even his plots are being used for the good of the Lord’s saints. An old Scottish proverb says, ‘The Lord makes the wrath of men and angels to praise Him’.

    But if grace upholds us in ways we can see, and in countless ways we do not see, how great is that grace! How complete the sovereignty of God!

    Obviously knowing this and living in it are two different things, but I mention it because, as least for me, the more I meditate on God’s might, His attributes, His ability, the ways He has helped me in the past, the more I am strengthened to trust him. Conversely…the more I look at the situation, meditate (read, worry) over how bad it is, look at my own pitiful lacks and failures, the more I will be likely to lower the bar from God’s ability to my experience.

    I’ve fought, lost and won, this battle a few times over the last few days! It seems never-ending. But I recall St. Faustina in her Dairy, with her little list of ‘failures and successes’, and how gradually the successes outnumbered the failures.

    For example, one of my disciplines this Lent has been silence. I found I could not maintain silence for a day, or even hours. But I could do it for 10 minutes. Fifteen minutes. Sometimes I had to literally clench my teeth to keep from saying something. But that experience taught me that, by grace, I could shut up. Such an experience breaks the ‘I can’t’ to pieces and replaces it with, ‘I can, by His grace, I can. Step by step, minute by minute, I can be victorious’. Victory is in Jesus!


    1. “…the more I will be likely to lower the bar from God’s ability to my experience.” How often we lower the bar! This is a very good image to keep in mind when we are tempted to worry. I have heard it said this way: Do not say, ‘God here is my problem,’ but instead, ‘Problem, here is my God!’


  4. must share. i have just bought and read Mother Nadine’s Bathe Seven Times. wow. Hardly anyone here has ever heard of her let alone read her books. I truly feel so privileged by the grace of God . i have mentioned her to priests and others and they have not a clue who i am talking about. i am so blessed and now wish to share her book. i also bought Interceding with Jesus and will read.
    I know you people here know and have read but NOT HERE.


  5. “Problem, here is my God!” Such an inspired nugget. Sometimes you’re just clinging to the rock face looking around bewildered and you don’t have the foggiest notion how you’re going to leverage the next step or find the next hand hold. That was just perfect timing for me.

    Problem, here is my God!

    I was also meditating on your expression: “Lord, I believe. Help my unbelief.” It seems kind of absurd the first time you read it until the truth settles in and you realize how genuine that plea is coming from us all. Columbkille sums it up nicely from her perspective.

    I experienced a different challenge when I tried to maintain silence. I had no problem going for long, extended periods of time, but when I finally broke silence… oh, did I break silence. Like fasting all day then eating 10 meals in one sitting. I feel your pain, sister!


    1. Michael Patrick, Mark 9:24 is where the unbelievers prayer comes from. Worth pondering for sure!

      Mark 9:22 …But if you can do anything, have compassion on us and help us.” 23 Jesus said to him, ” ‘If you can!’ Everything is possible to one who has faith.” 24 Then the boy’s father cried out, “I do believe, help my unbelief!”


  6. so sorry for poor expression in last post. what i meant by NOT HERE is in MY country so far away. I actually learnt about the book HERE on this website and am very very grateful.


    1. There are many limitations to this type of communication. What we feel we are saying, does not always translate to what others actually perceive in what we are saying. Patience and generosity are always in order.

      Thanks for being here Anne!


  7. For many challenges in my life I’ve learnt that trust in God is the only solution to many situations…..He has taken me to depths where the only answers came from complete surrender to his will..and he taught me patience…Patience in waiting until he is ready…….He has shown me first hand…’Lord I believe! Help my unbelief!’…Thank you Pelianitio….you’ve reminded me of lessons that I forgot…..


  8. Here is some encouragement: I was talking to my prayer group leader last week who is a “charismatic”. She has a very trusted priest/spiritual advisor – I would call him “renowned”. One of the things she said to me in conversation that struck a chord is that we, the ladies in our prayer group, are “yeast”.

    I have heard so much lately about Blessed Anna-Katherine Emmerich (Emmerick?) – I started looking into her. One of the very few things I got to read was her vision where, (paraphrased) “I saw their new church and their bread would not raise.” I am assuming that she meant the new anti-church.

    So dear ones, I am thinking that we are – I mean the faithful remnant – are going to truly be like the apostles and disciples of the ancient – yet new – Church – we are going to raise the bread – we are going to be the yeast that raises the bread from the wheat that has been separated from the chaff! How exciting is that?!?!

    Will our blood spill? I’m sure, but whatever happens it will be for the GLORY of the Father! So build up your yeast, add the sugar of prayer, fasting, sacrifice. And be ready. Roll up your sleeves! We are going to make bread! Come Holy Spirit!


  9. Pelianito, this is very true. Sometimes what we think/understand does not translate to what we write…this is sometimes the work of the HOLY SPIRIT or our limited capacity to express, but it is all GOD’S work 🙂

    There are some deep mysteries that I understand with my mind but cannot explain. This is why I pray for guidance when putting in my 2 cents.

    GOD bless us all and may our limitations not deter us. A good example is St. Faustina and her lack of education resulting in confusion of her DIVINE MERCY diary. But it is all GOD’S work! What a rich teaching and invitation are these writings of hers.

    So for all those who may be a bit timid in writing, join the family…there is no judgement on style of expression…content and message is what is important.

    JESUS we Trust in You!


  10. I just want to say, “Thank you, dear friends, thank you so very much for writing–for sharing…” I have waited so long for friends who are right beside me on the journey–some a little ahead at times, some a little behind–but all together, nonetheless! My prayers and requests for blessings are always with you…


  11. This blog community is such a blessing. Let me share:
    I am an activity assistant at a retirement community. I get to plan activities for seniors to help them, body, mind, and soul. So I planned, with approval, to have Holy Mass on Monday. What an uproar it caused. Though there were times when I did not have peace about it all, I was completely confident that God was answering my prayer for greater faith, trust, and love of Him. (And so quickly, too, BWG). During the ‘backlash’ I thought of so many of the comments posted here where you all perservered through suffering. Now it was my turn and I made sure to ‘offer it up’ for the atheists who were ranting at me.
    Bless you all!!


  12. Beautifully put Mary Therese “some a little ahead at times, some a little behind–but all together, nonetheless!” That is exactly what the Church is…the Church triumphant (Heaven – some ahead), the Church suffering (Purgatory – in between) and the Church militant (on Earth – a little behind). We make up the full body of CHRIST (all together).

    IHSOUS we Trust in YOU!

    Mother MARY pray for us!


    1. THANK YOU ALL for your presence here. May the Lord use each of us to strengthen the others in preparation for the time to come. And let us pray for those who are already being persecuted in many parts of the world. Jesus Christ is being crucified in so many ways.

      Jesus take what little we offer and magnify it in the love of our Mother in reparation for sin and for the conversion of a great many sinners through the Immaculate Heart. Amen.


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