Your Lord has need of humble, faithful souls who are ready to act as he commands…

Dear friends, usually I get the Scripture passage first, but this time as I was praying the rosary I heard the word, “Write.” After I had written I asked for a Scripture passage to confirm and was given the one that follows.

“Little one I am near. Do not be afraid. Your Lord has need of humble, faithful souls who are ready to act as he commands. Are you one?”

Lord, by your grace alone, but let there be no ambiguity so that I will not waver in my resolve.

“Child, the days are fraught with danger. The darkness looms and the prince of darkness is poised to leap out and devour many. Do not be deceived. Pray much. Remain in me. I am near to you at all times, whether you feel it or not. Believe, hope, trust. Then you will be able to do all I command with courage and fortitude.”

Come Holy Spirit! Come with your gifts! Renew the face of the earth.

“What must be renewed must first be razed. Your King approaches. Make straight his paths.”

Here I am Lord. I come to do your will.

I asked for a Scripture passage to confirm this message and was given: Ezekiel 2:9-10 It was then I saw a hand stretched out to me, in which was a written scroll which he unrolled before me. It was covered with writing front and back, and written on it was: Lamentation and wailing and woe!

My friends we have had some difficult messages lately. But let us remember the hope that we have in our resurrected Lord, Jesus Christ, King of Kings and Lord of Lords, who comes to rule the world with justice and the peoples with fairness. We are not orphans, but beloved children of the King, who approaches in splendor and state. All glory and praise to our God!


34 thoughts on “Your Lord has need of humble, faithful souls who are ready to act as he commands…

  1. “Here I am Lord.”

    I was driving home tonight skipping through the radio channels (mostly ridiculous talk radio topics). Just as I pulled in the driveway I caught the end of a Father Corapi sermon on EWTN. He was using the exact words at the close of his sermon, saying that we should be telling the Lord, “Here I am Lord.”

    I put the kids to bed, and I’ve been reading the Bible ever since, praying and meditating about that theme. Here I am, Lord. What would you have me do? I don’t trust my own efforts at all and the days are full of difficulties indeed. Jesus, I trust in You.

    The word “patience” comes back to me repeatedly. Maybe that’s just for me, but a good reminder that we must not get ahead of the Lord’s plan. There is much to come and who knows for sure how long the race is. Remember the Gospel and the scattering of the Apostles. We all run the risk of becoming distracted, drowsy, letting our lamps go out. Let us take the Lord’s advice to Peter and pray to the Father that we are not put to the test, and let us cling fervently to His sacred heart in trust and humility.

    Lord, help us all to recognize and do your will.


  2. The part about the prince of darkness being poised to devour many makes me want to ask a question. Recently my family has become the victim of false accusations that are hurting our children. We have been struggling spiritually in various ways, especially in trying to NOT to give in to our anger and frustration. Do you think that this could be an example of a way the enemy is trying to get at us?


    1. Ileana, I have noticed that there is discord everywhere these days. Let us remember our spiritual warfare, that WE are able to tread upon serpents and scorpions in the name of Jesus. Let’s get in the habit of rebuking spirits in the name of Jesus, but also remember to fill the place made empty with its corresponding virtue. For example, In the name of Jesus Christ, crucified, died and risen, I rebuke the spirit of false accusation over these children and in its place I put the spirit of truth and right judgment. Thank you Jesus for hearing our prayers. Amen.


  3. pelianito, amen to your prayers above. NO AMBIGUITY but please be patient and clear to me in YOUR instructions Holy Spirit.
    i have rediscovered a prayer i used to say and now i have started again.
    By Cardinal Mercier.
    Oh Holy Spirit, soul of my soul, i adore You, Enlighten, Guide,
    Strengthen and console me.
    Tell me what I ought to do
    and command me to do it.
    I promise to submit to everything that You ask of me and to accept all that You allow to happen to me .
    Just show me what is your will.
    the site is wonderful.

    also the words”the King approaches” reminds me of the previous dream.


  4. oh my………….”Your Lord has need of humble, faithful souls who are ready to act as he commands. Are you one?”
    I read this last night, perhaps only within minutes of Pelianito’s posting, for there were no comments.
    It cut me to the quick, for my husband and I had just had a disagreement……… sum up: I was not humble.

    The hard thought came that Jesus could not, would not use me for His purpose if all of my life were not made humble.
    Prompted by my Guardian Angel or the Holy Spirit, I picked up the phone and immediately called my husband to come back and get me, and we proceeded to our parish Adoration Chapel, together, with many apologies to each other.

    The prince of darkness is poised to leap on anyone and everyone.
    These are the days of much Holy Water and Blessed Salt.


  5. What must be renewed, must first be razed. That goes for us, too.
    This obviously points to the Church, but in order for us to be renewed, our lives must also be razed in order to make the foundation for the new. “You can’t put new wine in old wine skins”
    Ileana, stay strong. We suffered this numerous times and what a nuisance it is!! The urge to strike out is so strong! Trust that the truth will be revealed in God’s time. The thing that made me maddest (is that a word?) was it consumed so much of my prayer time…it completely distracted me from what should have been important. I could not even think of God..even when I was praying. These people would loom in front of me every time I began to pray…it made me sick! The situation almost became an idol. I gave too much time to it. Worried too much about it, entertained thoughts of what I would like to say to them in retaliation. Bad, bad, bad….I just had to let go and remind myself that others opinions of me and my children were nothing. I should only be concerned about what God thinks of me and my children! It takes oomph…to force yourself to rise above it and by an act of your will renounce their opinions and lies. God protects His children…He also is using these instances to prepare us for persecution. I’m sure we will be called all manner of things, accused falsely of all manner of evil….best to get a handle on it now. Unite it to His suffering and offer it for their conversions….like a good priest I know says ” heap coals upon their heads by praying for them”
    Pelianito…I couldn’t agree more. Educate yourself in Spiritual Warfare, know who you are!


    1. Good points Carla. Reminded me of another prayer tactic that the enemy hates. Instead of praying for our own incessant needs, I pray for the conversion of sinners through the Immaculate Heart of Mary and add, “placing all my needs, wants, desires, everyone God has given me to pray for in the Immaculate Heart of Mary.” I once felt our Lord say, “Take care of my business and I will take care of yours.” God’s business is souls. I have found this to be a very powerful way to pray, and it takes me out of myself and puts me into the heavenly court. The evil one leaves you alone after a while because every time he bothers you, souls get saved! 🙂


  6. Peli, “maybe” one of the reasons the Lord gave you the word first then the Scripture was to show us that He is going to turn things around (via earthquakes, droughts, storms etc).

    After reading the blog message, I went and googled the meaning of ‘razed’ and here is the first definition I got “To level to the ground; demolish”. It does sound familiar does it.

    All that being said; never in the history of mankind has our God turned His back on His people, His children! From Adam and Eve to present He has “NEVER” left us orphans. These are tough times, but the battle is already won. We know the outcome! We WIN!!! So let us pray for the strength and grace to be “humble and faithful” soldiers in this war.

    remember if you (we) “Believe, hope, trust. Then you will be able to do all I command with courage and fortitude.”

    Amen, Amen!!! JESUS, MARY we trust in You! St. Joseph “terror of demons” pray for us and walk before us.


  7. I’ve picked this book up twice since yesterday and opened randomly to the following (from Thomas Kempis, The Imitation of Christ):

    “Love wakes much and sleeps little and, in sleeping, does not sleep. It faints and is not weary; it is restricted in its liberty and is in great freedom. It sees reasons to fear and does not fear, but, like an ember or a spark of fire, flames always upward, by the fervor of its love, toward God, and through the special help of grace is delivered from perils and dangers.”

    Very pertinent to our discussion and meditations, I think. LOVE! Good stuff. The simple answer to everything.


  8. “I am near to you at all times, whether you feel it or not.”

    Wow, this really hits home for me. I’ve been going through a very difficult time in the last few weeks due to a very difficult toddler, job loss, foreclosure etc. etc. These past two weeks have been the darkess of my life and for the first time ever I completely felt an absence of the Lords presence and have felt completely abandoned by Him. I even began to seriously doubt God’s existence. I’ve cried out many times in the last few weeks “Jesus, WHERE ARE YOU?” I truly feel that He just answered me.

    Thank you for posting this. I really needed to hear it right now.


    1. Angie, I went through a similar situation a few years ago. The only prayer I could pray (and even that was without feeling) was from Psalm 116: “I trusted, even when I said, ‘I am sorely afflicted.'” Be assured he is more near to you than ever at this time. The work he is doing in your soul and in your life will bear abundant fruit if you continue to trust in him.

      However, it is ok to beg him to come back! 🙂 We will all pray for you.


  9. “Make straight his paths…”

    As Fr. Gobbi of the Marian Movement of Priests was told by Our Lady, this is mostly a battle between angels, which we cannot understand. When at the Franciscan University of Steubenville for many summer teen retreats, I was given the distinct privilege of “seeing the angels in battle over our heads” as incredible shackles of hearts were being broken below. (The thunder resonated, the lightning bolts were exquisite, a massive tent holding over 3000–with attached electronics and 50′ poles –was rapidly evacuated just before it flew up in the air and landed over a hillside–no injuries; another time great quakes of thunder tried to hide the message that one should go to confession–finally that was all that was shouted into the microphone; twice our bishops took command of the weather.)

    We are fighting for souls and the souls that surround us may be very difficult, but they are the ones that we need to physically dive bomb and save. Others through our prayers; but the ones at our side through our outward actions of prayer, holding, pleading, lifting, touching, driving to find, going to meet, kissing, bowing, hugging…

    Don’t wait for tomorrow–the battle for many of us is today!

    We have been told by Our Lord in Peli’s blog to not look back at what has been banned or we are not fit for the Kingdom. We were told not to indulge in fear–if tempted we were to ask the Holy Spirit for courage. I have done this when fright has approached me and never been defeated–Godly help comes immediately and powerfully.

    We were given the command to make straight His Paths–let’s not be blind, but open our eyes and attend to Our King’s every desire!!!


    1. Marius, I hope I did not give the impression that this kind of prayer is a way to bend our Lord’s will to ours. On the contrary, when one prays in this way, one’s will becomes more conformed to the Lord’s and we learn to trust him with all our needs. It is a discipline. May God bless you in all your needs, dear brother.


  10. Angie, today during lunch my teenage son and I read the next reading in Volume Three given to Anne at Direction for Our Times …… I really needed it today! Then I get on here and see your post …. so I hope it is as encouraging for you as it was for me!

    God the Father says, ” My children of the earth, remain in the awareness that I am with you. You should always know that God, your heavenly Father, is present. In every action, know that I am with you. In every joy and in every suffering, I am with you. I am not just watching, dear ones. I participate with you if I am allowed. To clarify, I live your life on earth intimately united with you if I am welcomed.What benefits does this union with God give you? You make holy and wise decisions. You treat other souls justly. You keep to the path that leads you to spiritual advancement. And most mercifully for you, you serve the Kingdom of God and obtain eternal benefit for your soul. My presence in your life does not guarantee that you will not suffer. Suffering is part of your experience in exile. It means, though, that you view suffering with clarity and wisdom.You view suffering as transient, understanding that it passes. You should be at peace with every earthly experience, even the experiences that cause you pain. Children, a reality that you should grasp is that suffering does not pull you away from Me. It can pull you closer if you are far from Me because it pulls you away from things of this world. I created this world for your joy, as I have told you. But the misuse of My gifts can confuse you and lead you away from your path to me. It is then that I allow suffering for some souls. Do not be angry with Me when you suffer. Unite your suffering to the suffering of My Son and you will find that your ascent to holiness is swift and consoling. Children of God, children of light, you are Mine. All that occurs in your life has a heavenly purpose. If you do not see the purpose in what you are experiencing now, it is a good sign that you are far from Me and not in communication with Me. Come back to Me and I will explain all of these experiences for you. I want you to have faith, it is true. But I will reveal Myself to you in such a way as to help you to understand what I am attempting to do through you. I am a fair and just God. I will treat all with divine wisdom and mercy if I am asked.”

    Thank You Abba!!


  11. Thank you Kay, that is very comforting right now.

    I don’t know what God is doing with me right now but I know there must be a purpose for everything. Maybe He wanted me to understand first hand the darkness and emptyness that non-believers experience? It was a horrible, horrible feeling.


  12. there is so much i could comment on regarding the discussion. I say Amen to it all!!Yes, i have learnt to focus on praying for souls and trusting the LORD to handle my business. Carla, i agree, too easy for prayer time to be hijacked…..been there.!!!!
    NOW regards spiritual warfare!The last 18 months have been an intense Masters degree plan for me in that subject. I HAD NO IDEA THE DEPTH OF IT. and truly my dear American and Canadian friends YOU have no idea of how lay back and unknowing many, many, many INCLUDING priests are HERE in Australia about that subject.
    I say with all sincerity that except for one or two people{who i found later] i have had to turn to books written by Americans and read from the net mainly by North Americans. truly you do not realize how far ahead you all are in the knowledge in that field. The battle is raging here but awareness, understanding etc is lagging so far behind.
    Silence, focus on the LORD, ignoring personal attacks via words etc, ignore rejection, betrayal etc are just some of the things i have learnt. AND as CARLA says, KNOW your identity. strangely , last night before i read all the comments , i kept getting a revision of what i had weeks ago; really KNOw your identity and then i see Carlas comment. Ileana, stay calm. you are in the right place, that is why you are being attacked.God bless all of you for your wonderful sharing and support.


  13. from the previous thread….Christiana, both dreams presented seem very vivid and poignant and yes they may be for everyone but I can tell you the second one was truly for me and one other. Thank you Jesus. On Wednesday evening, a fellow parishioner – a deaf friend, relayed to me in writing that I should not wear purple clothing because Scripture tells us that it is evil. He gave me the parable of The Rich Man and Poor Lazaras as one example, yesterday’s Gospel. I pointed out to him, to try to again ease his concerns, that Abraham actually said that fine purple linen and food and wine were of themselves good things and that it is the action of the person that is judged. He responded that the Holy Father wears white for purity. I agreed but remarked that His Holiness wears red shoes and that our sins are scarlet, maybe he should not wear them. In Adoration I brought this ongoing situation to Jesus asking for guidance. Imagine my amazement to read your wonderfully descriptive dream AND the RCIA candidate’s reading from Isaiah relating to our previous conversation. Many places in Holy Scripture also talk about the white garment which we now see applies to the Gift of the Divine Will. I have not yet had the opportunity to show my friend your dream. Please keep us in your prayers.


    1. Karen has your friend looked at the priest’s vestments lately? They are about as purple as it gets right now! He is taking Scripture out of context. That is why we as Catholics do not interpret Scripture on our own. Our filter is imperfect. We follow the inspired teachings of the Church and its interpretation of Scripture. We can see the fruits of what happens when everyone interprets Scripture on his own in the Protestant denominations. I have heard there are tens of thousands of Protestant denominations and counting! Here is an in-depth article on the subject if you’re interested.

      Also, remember the words of Jesus in Mt 15:11 “It is not what enters one’s mouth that defiles that person; but what comes out of the mouth is what defiles one.” The same principle applies to the color of one’s clothing I presume. It’s what’s in your heart that counts. (Goes without saying that the clothes must be sufficiently modest!)


  14. Anne, I guess the riders all dressed in white did come into the picture but no, I was not particularly thinking of the dream when I mentioned the white garment. It was really the conquerors in the Book of Revelation and the verses to do with the Rider On The White Horse (from which Christiana’s dream comes to life) that came to mind. The following may be of some small help. Book of Revelation references to the white garment: 3:5; 19:8; 19: 14. What bride on her wedding day does not look radiant dressed in white? Rev. 19:7 and 21:9. There are probably many references in Louisa’s writings to this garment and I only have a small number of her Volumes. Given also that we must be in obedience to Archbishop Giovan Battista Pichierri of Trani with regard to publication in print or on the internet I am able to pass on again only the references that I have found – Vol 7, June 22, 1906 and Vol 12, January 1, 1920.


  15. karen thank you. I will look at Vol 12. i have a couple of volumes. MY favourite book is the PASSION. Continue doing our acts in the DIVINE Will drawing down the 3rd Fiat.


  16. I don’t often write, but i am here with each of you daily…and you are in my prayers…regarding Karen’s post about the purple garments, yes our priests are arrayed in this color during this season…but yesterday , at mass, our priest told us that they purposely call it the color VIOLET, not purple, because of the scripture passage!…so there you go-ok to wear it, just don’t call it purple…each of you who read’s peli’s blog is very special to me, and you have each sustained MY journey withOur Lord-yes, the days are getting very dark, but I am also filled with joy that they are HERE, and we are blessed to be living in these times, to see Our Lord emerge victorious for us over sin and sadness and suffering. Come Lord Jesus! Here i am!-Jesus I trust in you!


  17. Dear Jesus, come and come quickly. Pour the gifts fo the Holy Spirit over all NOW please Lord.
    thankyou Danielle for sharing.


  18. A few weeks ago, while praying the Rosary, Saint Gabriel the Archangel became a strong theme in the meditation and continues to be. Flipping through the channels the other day, a caller on one of the EWTN radio shows, mentioned how she felt it important to call on the intercession of Saint Gabriel. Doing a little searching, I came upon this great prayer.

    Prayer to Saint Gabriel for others

    O loving messenger of the Incarnation,
    descend upon those for whom I wish peace and happiness.
    Spread your wings over the cradles of the new-born babes,
    O thou who didst announce the coming of the infant Jesus.

    Give to the young a lily petal from the virginal scepter in your hand.
    Cause the Ave Maria to re-echo in all hearts that they may find grace and joy through Mary.

    Finally, recall the sublime words spoken on the day of the Annunciation:
    “Nothing is impossible with God.”
    and repeat them in hours of trial, to all I love,
    that their confidence in Our Lord may be reanimated, when all human help fails.



  19. Pelianito, I had just written that, then saw your comment pop! So, I second that. I will copy/paste/print this one for sure. Thanks!!


  20. I was on the treadmill (literally on the treadmill working out, but it makes for an appropriate metaphor as well), thinking about the trials and suffering shared here, as well as some my my own challenges. Why, Lord? Why does this have to be so difficult? Instead of questioning the Lord, I should have been asking myself why my trust continues to be so weak.

    A thought immediately came to me after I formed that last question. In my mind, Jesus walked up right in front of me on the treadmill and took my face in His hands. He got very close and scrutinized my face very hard. Not frightening, but in a gentle but serious way. “Where’s my Michael,” he asked. I don’t exactly remember how many useless thoughts and questions I bombarded Christ with up to that point, but that one question certainly shut me up.

    A moment later I was suddenly thinking of myself as a child, running through the woods where I grew up. I was cutting across the grounds of St. Mary’s Convent behind my house and stopped at a grotto that had an enormous statue of the risen Christ. Beautiful! Towering and white, the statue of Jesus with his arms extended in the form of the Cross always stopped me dead in my tracks. There were never any of these ridiculous questions coming from that kid. Just awe, peace and reverence. Blockhead that I am, I understood.

    Here I am, Lord.


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