The same reader sends another dream…

From “Christiana”, the same person whose first dream I posted on February 13.

In my dream, I saw a small band of riders on white stallions leap into deep, pure-white snowdrifts at the bottom of a very steep, rocky, mountain as they began their ascent up the snowy mountain. The virginal snow glistened as it sprayed outward and down behind them as the horses were buried up to their hind quarters in deep snow, slowing their advance but having no affect whatsoever on the enthusiasm or intent of the riders. The men were robed in pure white capes made of soft white fur emblazoned with an emblem on the back, and beautiful trim along the edge. The lead rider wore a crown. I understood immediately that he was a king and the small band of about a dozen men were his royal entourage. I also understood that this king was returning home and that he had been gone for a very, very, long time, so long in fact that his people had almost lost hope in his return. I experienced the separation between him and his people in my soul and knew his arrival was long in coming. I also sensed his longing for his own people and felt the urgency with which he rushed forward to be reunited with them. In the next moment, I was on the far side of the mountaintop, which was like a high, flat plateau. The landscape was brown and barren and dry. In the vast openness, I could see a people huddled tightly in a large mass out in the open desert. I could not see individual human faces in this mass of desert dwellers. It was as if they were one and not many, though I knew there were many of them huddled together in this tight crowd. They clung tightly to one another as they waited for their king. Immediately I found myself in a structure constructed only of posts, beams and roof but without exterior walls. I could see the arid outdoor landscape from within and the crowd off in the distance. In this shelter, fine clothing designed for men, women, children, and infants hung along interior walls or were folded neatly on shelves. The garments were handmade from very fine, natural fabric, and were decorated in a way that reminded me of American Indian clothing, although the style was more like those of gypsies. All along the far wall, small outfits for newborn infants hung from cords, and each was finely decorated with tiny beads or stones. Every single item of clothing folded in those piles on the shelves, hanging from the walls, or strung on those cords was deep, dark, royal purple. Every single piece of clothing was purple! These clothes were made to dress a royal people and this people were waiting for their king. That was the end of the dream.

I understood the meaning behind this dream immediately upon waking. But, I hesitated to post it for reasons I cannot explain, except to say I feared it was presumptuous to write about another of my dreams. But as the days passed, I became convinced that it was meant for more than just me. I knew right away that the king was Jesus Christ returning to His people. It took me a few days to realize the symbolism of the 12 riders, which I presume are the Apostles riding with Christ. They are climbing the mountain to the Holy City, Jerusalem on earth, where the remnant flock of Jesus Christ is waiting for His return. The Holy People are surrounded by desert and have detached themselves from all earthly possessions. The clothing…that clothing stayed in my mind for days….I finally concluded that the people were almost unaware of it’s existence in the dream, as if God Himself had prepared it for them. He was going to clothe them in royalty! And the snow….I couldn’t figure out what that deep, pure white snow was all about. I thought about it even tonight as I went to an RCIA class I attend in my parish. Tonight, one of the candidates pulled a reading by chance from Isaiah 1:18: “Though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they be red like crimson, they shall be as wool”. The deep, white snow at the base of the mountain that almost buried those horses was the sins of the people, turned to snow and fallen away from them to the bottom of the mountain. That dream was about God coming for His people.

From Pelianito: Dear readers, these two powerful dreams have been given to us to prepare us for what is to come, to give us sure and certain hope. Let us give thanks to God whose care for his little flock is as tender as it is unfailing. I encourage you to read Psalm 45 (link). Here are the first 4 verses.

Psalm 45: 1-4

My heart overflows with a goodly theme;

I address my verses to the king;

my tongue is like the pen of a ready scribe.

You are the fairest of the sons of men;

grace is poured upon your lips;

therefore God has blessed you for ever.

Gird your sword upon your thigh,

O mighty one, in your glory and majesty!

In your majesty ride forth victoriously for the cause of truth

and to defend the right…

20 thoughts on “The same reader sends another dream…

  1. We have such hope. I confess that as mentioned in the last blog that I have been somewhat internally and spiritually nervous. I don’t know if it’s reading your messages, Peli, or if it’s something separate and apart from that.

    The above message however always reminds us that no matter what happens, He is there. He is coming. And He will be here. In conversing with My Spiritual Director the other day, she said it was good to own my emotions. Own the fear. It’s okay to frightened. I never thought so before; I though God would not be happy with someone who is scared of what will happen.

    But now I have the courage to be afraid (what irony!).

    Lord Jesus, we thank you so much for your splendor. We thank you so much for your pending Coming. I wait with such anxiety; so many predictions, so many predict 2012 – yet, you always tell us we do not know the day nor time. But it draws near.

    Thank you Jesus, I trust you! Please let me and all faithful be waiting when you come again in Glory!


    1. Danielle, in the beginning I had reservations about posting the “hard” messages. But I felt it was not my decision and after talking to my SD I posted them out of obedience to what our Lord wanted to say to his children. The Lord tells us these things not to frighten us but to prepare us. When we feel anxious or afraid, Jesus I trust in you. Over and over if need be. What a beautiful simple prayer for just such times!

      Abba, Father, hold us!


  2. I’m not sure that the Canadian artist, Michael O’Brien has been mentioned here.

    The following picture was sent (with permission) to all of the Bishops in the USA and Canada, to all of the Cardinals of the Roman Catholic Church and the Pope (two years ago), along with Perpetual Mass Cards for each of them and their ministries. I perceived it was a form of webbing the entire world under the Church, under Christ, in a special, mystical way. I was able to tell Michael that my impression was that this painting was created for this activity, which made him so very pleased!

    Click here.

    (Or — Under “Modern” Page 5, 4th picture on the right is the “New Exodus”)

    This dream just reminded me so much of this picture–perhaps this picture is a completion of the dream… Those people in the desert are all together and with their Lord!


  3. I think dreams can be very important, in fact I owe, in a major way, my conversion from agnosticism to Catholicism to a dream I experienced one morning.

    Danielle, I was struck by your words about fear, as I think we are all scared sometimes. I just went back and read the first dream that was posted (2/14), and a thought came to me as I read your words that my children are often scared, and sometimes fear has a purpose, as it can keep us safe from danger and vigilant, but also as a parent it is my responsibility to reassure my children that it is okay. And that sort of fits with these dreams too.


  4. Danielle. I personally am not concerned with the 2012 predictions for this reason: About 15 years ago, I read a very good book about the events leading up to the return of Christ. the theories in the book were based on Church teaching, early Church Fathers, and only approved Catholic private revelations, and were well-documented. There are some events that the Church says must occur before Christ returns, none of which has happened yet. I’m not sure now about all of them, but I believe some include the coming Antichrist as a person, the return of the two Witnesses, who I think are Elisha and Enoch, the rebuilding of the Jewish Temple, and the proclamation of the Kingdom of Heaven to all nations. I would have to go check my facts on these but it is clear, these are not going to happen in 3 years. I think that Christ’s return is imminent in the sense that it may occur within our lifetimes or within a generation beyond that. Scripture seems to separate the events of the Antichrist and the final battle with Gog and Magog with an interim period that may be the Age of Mary. I actually believe personally that we are approaching the time of the Antichrist, after which there may be a short or longer period until Gog and Magog. Mark Mallett has an excellent book on this topic as well.


  5. I have been told by a good Catholic that Cardinal Biffi from the Vatican has said that he knows who the Antichrist is…

    Enoch and Elisha may well be descriptions of a major prophet–it has been thought that Our Lady presently fulfills this role…

    I read that Venerable JohnPaul II said, in the recent past, that the gospel had been spread to all nations…

    The coming Era of Peace is the fulfillment of the promise of Our Lady of Fatima–” My requests will be fulfilled, Russia will be converted, there will be a brief time period of peace and then the end”…

    And those, like some of our most powerful and holy Cardinals believe that Medjugorje is the completion of Fatima…


  6. Danielle, live each moment! do not fear because all is in Gods plan. i know we are all human and have our moments, believe me i know.!
    I do believe we are in harsh times and they will become darker. as to timing i do believe we are are being warned that major events are close but exactly what they are only God knows. however in time all things are coming to a point and we will have to truly choose our way, God or not God. we actually have to do that NOW but many do not realize. i believe soon they will.


  7. I want to comment to Mary Therese. It’s very interesting what you say about the Cardinal. I too believe the Antichrist is already in the world. Was it Mark Mallett who said recently that the Antichrist will be the instrument through whom God will sanctify his people (or similar words)? So if we are to face the Antichrist, then God has our own sanctification in mind. That’s incredible when it has been said (I think by St. Louis de Montfort) that God will raise up the greatest saints that will ever live during the end times. We would then be the ones called to this glory! What a gift, to glorify God in the final defeat of His enemy. It is worth dying for. And, we will not do this on our own. It will be accomplished by God in us, it will be His work so we have nothing to fear. Remember the men who were thrown into the fire and the angels walked around in there with them? Think of all the saints that died terrible deaths, and yet they endured! How? It was through the power of God, who lifted them up to it. I give myself over to God every day in hopes He will use me as such an instrument of His glory! What greater calling can there be? I also want to mention as a side note, that the two witnesses will be men who actually have lived in Old Testament times and will come back down from heaven to testify to the truth and to Christ one last time. These men never died in the OT but were taken to heaven in some other supernatural manner. I believe it is Elisha and Enoch but I am not sure. But Mary’s role is different, she is not these two specific people who will come in the days of the Antichrist. They will be killed and lay in the streets for 3 days. I also want to say that while I believe it is possible for all of the prophesied events to occur within our lifetimes, I just don’t think it will happen by 2012, so I completely dismiss that date, other than to say it may cause social unrest or trigger other events. However, I do think all of these events will happen rapidly once they begin. I also believe that Pope John Paul II was prophesying when he spoke about the ‘great evangelization’ to come in the near future. I think this period will be the ‘spreading of the Gospel to the ends of the earth’ and will fullfill that prediction. I think it will be us (our generation) doing the evangelization, through some supernatural act of God (probably beginning with the Illumination). However, the great evangelization may occur by those who were martyred by the Anctichrist. There is some references to a first resurrection, which may be those who were killed by the Antichrist, and they may be the ones preaching the Gospel to the ends of the world (before the final end comes). That is my belief of things to come.


  8. The enemy would have us be confused.

    Our Lord said to watch and pray, to keep the oil in our lamps full and our wicks trimmed. We are being guided ever so gently but firmly in Pelianito’s blogs. Our Lord and Our Lady are so wonderful to us.

    I am so appreciative to Christiana for posting this dream– I shall keep it before me always. It is so beautiful. Our Lord and his Apostles are coming for us! I felt that the day the snow fell on 49 of the 50 US states was a beautiful sign. From one who is extremely familiar with snow, it is quite gorgeous and often a sign of cleansing . So thank you for what I see as a confirmation of cleansing coming to the USA.

    And, as you requested of us, Dear Lord:
    “Lord Jesus Christ, Son of the Living God, Son of Mary and Joseph, come quickly, we pray!!!”


    1. I agree MT. The image of our King in his princely robes with his retinue “coming home”…it is a breathtaking image and I pray he will come soon. But let us pray and not stop. King of Kings have mercy!


  9. A very interesting discussion. I think it’s only natural to have some fear regarding all of this. We are human, with human emotions. I think it is why God has been testing many so severely. Trust in God, Him as our only security reduces fear dramatically. I was told by a wonderful priest 10 years ago to say an entire rosary with only “Jesus, Have Mercy” on each bead. It was to teach me to be merciful to others. I’ve been reminded of this of late, so used the same thing only on each bead “Jesus, I place all of my trust in You” or “Jesus, I place all of my hope in you alone”. Wonderful graces come! I think it’s good to keep in mind also that we receive grace when we need it. When the time comes, the grace will be available to handle whatever is at hand. That time has not yet come, so the grace is not yet there. It will be. It’s like thinking of martyrdom…the thought creates fear and anxiety. But, if called to be martyred…the grace is given at that time to do so. So, no point in worrying about something (without grace I might add) that hasn’t even happened yet. Just keep storing grace…filling the lamp in joy and gratitude that God has given us this tremendous gift of time.
    On the other topic…it reminded me of what another priest told me that I was seeing for spiritual direction. He said he thinks Pope John Paul II and Pope Benedict are Elisha and Enoch. Interesting thought!


    1. Wise words Carla. I can use an example from my own life to illustrate.

      Most people fear losing a child, and rightly so. But when my own son died in 1985 at the age of almost 9 years, I was given grace upon grace and prepared in advance with an increase in faith and knowledge of the nearness of God. Also a year before he died I started praying the rosary daily, a certain grace from the Mother of grace.

      If we are asked to carry a heavy cross, we can be sure that our Lord will be with us. I felt him telling me once that if we yoke ourselves to him, he will not only carry our cross, but us as well. That was certainly my experience.

      Think of Abraham being asked to sacrifice his son Isaac. “Against hope Abraham believed in hope”, and “on the mountain, the Lord provided.”

      You are right too about borrowing trouble from the future. While we are indeed being prepared for a time of difficulty, we have no way of knowing what that will look like specifically. Any attempt to speculate results in increased anxiety as our imaginations run away with us. This is a pattern I am familiar with in my own life. I call it “scriptwriting”–and I have noticed the “scripts” are almost always tragedies! And complete fabrications. What a waste of energy and time to engage in this fruitless activity. Better to stay in the present and pray unceasingly. Jesus we trust in you.


  10. I’m sorry about your son Pelianito…a very difficult loss. I’m glad to hear the Blessed Mother was preparing you. She is a good mother.
    I should have noted in my above post that I have suffered from fear my entire life. And yes..always imagining tragedy. It has only been by the grace of God and much purification and suffering that the fear has decreased as my trust in God increased. I am not without fears, that’s for sure. Fear was actually my security…a way to control. When I decided to give that to God, and allow Him to control and guide and be my security,fear subsided. It never helped when people would quote the “Jesus said do not be afraid 365 times in the Bible”…He could have said it 2,365 times and it didn’t make a difference to me. I was still living with fear. It really is in letting go and trusting…we will not have to face any of this alone and on our own strength.


  11. Pelianito, thank you for sharing your story of your little one. To lose a child is truly a huge cross. Praise You Lord for the graces you poured and poured. From that suffering much has been borne and we on the blog are the grateful recipients of so much. dear Mary, thank you for being such a delicately, strong and faithfulfilled woman and Mother to us.


  12. my father used to tell me that fear was a natural human emotion. But Bravery and Courage were when humans are given the graces by God to do what needs to be done in the face of fear. These graces allow us to trust totally in Gods plan and they will come when it is time. I always loved the quote from Mother Teresa who said that “she knows God will never give her a task that would be so daunting that she cannot handle it, but sometimes she wishes he didn’t trust her so much”.


    1. Wise words Steve.

      There is a saying that God will not give us more than we can handle, but I have come to believe that he will not give us more than HE can handle, for if we trust in him he will handle everything for us, and our biggest problems are mere pebbles on the road to him. I have lived this and it is true. Be comforted.


  13. This dream has the savour of heaven for me. Like ‘real’ dreams and visions, they stay vivid in the mind for years, so that you can go back later and see the details, but I’ve never had someone else’s do that for me! Thanks, Christiana, for taking the risk to share and Pelianito for recognizing the real thing.

    I would suggest another possible interpretation for the snow. Check out Ps. 68 – read it all to set the stage, but v. 14 says, ‘When the Almighty scattered the kings in the land, it was like snow fallen on Zalmon’.

    Jesus has tasks set by His Father before He can actually come to scoop up His beloved, as we can see in Revelation and even in His own discourses on the End in the Gospels. There are things that ‘must’ happen first.

    That remnant wasn’t in the desert because nothing was going on in the world!! I love Michael Brown’s paintings, and his books, although they are hard reading. He wrote ‘Father Elijah’, ‘Strangers and Sojourners’, etc. Well worth dipping into, but know that this isn’t light reading. There is a more realistic portrayal of the Antichrist in ‘Fr. Elijah’ than I’ve seen in any prophetic novel, and all the books are very clear on the price for following the Lord in these last days.

    I wonder where Jesus was coming FROM when He was plunging through the snow! Perhaps scattering His enemies?

    I, also, have sometimes had a sense of Jesus’ great longing to be with His Bride at last. He’s waited a long time, agonized over her, wooed her, loved her, protected her. To me all this shows how very much He wants to be with the one he ransomed with His own blood. The big thing is to be ready no matter when or what’s going on – watching perhaps throughout the night. Not giving up when He is so long delayed. One day we may marvel at all that had to be done before the moment was right, when He shares with his Bride all the preparations He was making. And why wouldn’t he? What bridegroom, so long delayed, maybe at war, would not come back to take her to the place he’s prepared and not want her to see everything in the house, every bush planted in the yard, each story of how the thing was planned and gotten with just her in mind?

    ‘When I am afraid, I will put my trust in the Lord’ says a Ps. recently in the Breviary. I personally feel that this Lent the Lord is calling me to a higher standard. Things that used to be ‘borderline’ aren’t within the borders anymore; things that are good and useful are still among those I’m called to do without, or less of.

    Worrying, of course, is something we’re commanded not to do, but I come from a long line of worriers! My mother and grandmother didn’t think they were showing love if they didn’t worry every minute when a loved one was away, or in possible danger. My Dad had a light plane and loved to take chances. He also had a bad heart. The whole family expected him to die in an accident or another massive heart attack. But it didn’t happen that way. He died of cancer, peacefully, on his own couch. Those scenarios we envision – so much energy is wasted on them. It’s sheer disobedience, and as C.S. Lewis pointed out in Screwtape, the Lord doesn’t greatly help the person who is trying to have faith in a future possibility.

    I’ve done this so long that not doing it seems strange. Also, I was only able to make progress when I was willing to hand everything over to the Lord, especially loved ones I didn’t want to lose. It took a very long time not to hold out, and I don’t know that I’m completely free of holdouts on some level.

    One thing that has helped (I know this sounds funny) is watching the chickens on my farm. Keep in mind that I provide housing for them, clean water, food, all kinds of care and even table scraps for treats. But let me forget to open the door that lets them into their yard one morning! Hear the squawking and complaining! I come out and say, ‘Did you really think I’d forgotten you when you’re surrounded by evidence of my care?’ and then I feel convicted, because that’s exactly what I do with God.

    O sweet Jesus, come quickly! Holy Spirit, fill me with the mind of Christ that I might not worry, fear, or disobey. Jesus, I trust in You.


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