Pray unceasingly for mercy over those who yet again betray the Son of Man into the hands of evil men…

Micah 2:8 But of late my people has risen up as an enemy.

“Beloved child, the spirit of Judas is once again loose in the Church. Pray much for the Holy Father, my servant Benedict, for he suffers much. Well do I know what he suffers at the hands of those who are plotting against him and against the truth—even those he called his friends! Child, pray unceasingly for mercy over those who yet again betray the Son of Man into the hands of evil men. There is much to come—even more than you have already seen. Indeed this is a very small introduction. The time of mercy draws to a close. Enter into my heart, dear child, through the streams of mercy. There you will be protected. But woe to those who rely on their own strength and intelligence. They will have no comfort in the time of trial. Pray much, my child, and do not stop!”

Jesus save us! We are perishing! Yet you are the Lord of the wind and the waves. Jesus I trust in you. Save souls, especially those most in need of your mercy. I enter into your heart through the streams of mercy, and I bring with me all those you have given me to pray for. Jesus I trust in you. Amen.


9 thoughts on “Pray unceasingly for mercy over those who yet again betray the Son of Man into the hands of evil men…

  1. gather your families together and over the next 40 days, say the novena to St. Joseph, the most chaste spouse of the Blessed Mother. Earlier this week it was mentioned how so few men are roll models for the family. Pray to St. Joseph for the strength and courage to be the same kind of father to our families as he was to his. The gathering of families can be kin, friends, or church families. But offer prayers for all, even those that would mock what you do. Jesus we trust in you.


  2. dear Lord, pour Your strength into our dear Holy Father. surround him with many holy angels and saints as he valiantly speaks and stands for the TRUTH. Confound his enemies.


  3. I posted this yesterday, but in case anyone missed it I will repeat it here:
    Our Lord to Saint Faustina “The pale ray stands for the Water which makes souls righteous; the red ray stands for the Blood which is the life of souls. These two rays issued forth from the depths of My most tender Mercy at that time when My agonizing Heart was opened by a lance on the Cross…Fortunate is the one who will dwell in their shelter, for the just hand of God shall not lay hold of him.”

    My tender and loving JESUS shelter us all, our families and friends, and draw us in deep into the recesses of Your Merciful heart that we may be purified, saved and protected.

    Mother MARY shelter us and those You put in our care under Your mantle and obtain that grace for us so we would truly say with “total” abandonement just like You at the foot of the Cross “JESUS I trust in You”!

    O Blood and Water which gushed forth from the Heart of JESUS, as a fountain of mercy for us we trust in You!


  4. Wow….what a message! On the last day of Retreat last week Friday, the mike was passed around our Church to offer different prayers in Mass. My prayer was for those who speak out against the Church, the Holy Father – the Pope and all those who follow those who denounce the Roman Catholic Faith! And now I see this message.

    The tide is turning…I feel it as well. In my silent heart and mind, there recently has been a quickening, an urgency, as though there is something that is imminent. I know there is. And I feel as though what is happening around our Pope is something that is also quite dreadful.

    Oh My Jesus: as we pray for the Mercy on the Souls of those who betray you through your Church here on earth, we pray also for those who sit by and see, but do not say! We also pray for those of us who will be called to identify ourselves with you, but, for fear of persecution and victimization, will deny three times.

    Have you ever left your people hungry, without shelter? Have you ever left your people alone? No. Let us not fear Satan and his soldiers in human form that we will be without food, clothing and shelter. You are above ALL and EVERYONE! We praise you and thank you for being our Leader and General in the Army.

    Thank you: Praise be to God! Hail Mary, Mother of God! St. Michael the Archangel, defend us!


  5. A strong confirmation aj, and an exhortation to enter into mercy–taking all our beloved with us–while there is still time. Jesus we trust in you to grant the grace of conversion to all those you have given us to pray for and to the whole world. Amen.


  6. I ask that the Immaculata interceed for the immersion of this world into the Ocean of Divine Mercy of Her Son; that she place us and the whole world under her Mantle of Protection; and that she give the entire world to the Gloriana to interceed that none would be lost. (By the entire world, I refer to all creatures past, present, and future of this earth.)
    Jesus, I trust in YOU!


  7. I believe that we as the mystical Body of Christ will undergo the same thing as Jesus did during His passion, death and resurrection …. each of us individually, as well as, on a worldwide scale as His Church, to varying degrees and levels …… so when I received Zechariah Ch 13 and 14 from the Lord during adoration a year ago, 13:7-9 ( the song of the sword) was really impressed upon my heart as an exhortation to pray for the Holy Father in a special way. I kept telling anyone who would listen to pray for the Holy Father!! I felt God preparing for something.

    Matthew 26:31-35 shows Our Lord as quoting Zech 13:7 just before Peter’s denial and His entry with the apostles into the Garden of Gethsemane … “I will strike the shepherd and the flock will be dispersed.” He is going to purify us …. “I will refine them as silver is refined, and I will test them as gold is tested. They shall call upon my name, and I will hear them. I will say, “They are my people,” and they shall say, “The Lord is my God.”

    Over the past several months I have felt sluggish spiritually, maybe sleepy would be a better word, like the sleepy apostles in the garden. Lord! Help us stay awake and pray with You! May our little prayers ease Your great sorrow!
    And now, Lord, does Judas and the crowd with swords and clubs approach in the darkness of the night? Are You, in the person of our dear Holy Father Benedict, about to be betrayed and handed over and with a kiss? Is confusion about to descend upon your little band of followers?

    We know this story!!! After years of praying the rosary with Our Mother Mary, we KNOW this story! It has a glorious ending, which is really a beginning 🙂 Praised be Jesus!! Let us keep our eyes on that! Let us look to Easter Morn!

    This past week, I have heard Him say “I thirst!” …. souls, souls, souls. Let us approach the fountain of mercy and with humility and confidence ask for a flood upon the whole world again, a flood of Mercy! Jesus, You are our strength, our rock of safety in this storm! Jesus we trust in You!


    1. Thank you Kay for this confirmation. Actually the Catechism states that the Body of Christ on earth will follow him into his death and resurrection. Thank you for your message of hope. Yes, we know how it ends! Thanks be to God!


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