Those who lean on their own strength will be like the branch that tries to resist the hurricane…

Joel: 2: 1 Blow the trumpet in Zion, sound the alarm on my holy mountain! Let all who dwell in the land tremble, for the day of the LORD is coming.

“My child, these are hard words, a difficult message. For the day of the Lord is terrible to behold. That is why I have prepared my faithful ones. What is coming will terrify many, even those who thought their faith was strong. But, my child, those who lean on their own strength will be like the branch that tries to resist the hurricane. It will be snapped off and blown away. But the one who is humble before God, and says, ‘Lord I am too weak to withstand all this, but you are God! My Father, my Abba, hold me!’ that one I will carry through every trial, and even if he suffers, he will not be defeated or put to shame. Child, do not lean on your own strength, but lean on me, for I am your strength. Be joyful, even in the midst of trial, for your Savior comes to rule the nations with justice and the peoples with fairness.”

Come Lord Jesus! My Father, my Abba, hold me and never let me stray through sin. Let my heart rejoice in knowing your nearness, O beloved Father of my heart. Blessed Trinity of love, I love you!


27 thoughts on “Those who lean on their own strength will be like the branch that tries to resist the hurricane…

  1. interesting to note the past tense used.”That is why i HAVE prepared my faithful ones”
    Dear Lord, Please be OUR STRENGTH because of ourselves we truly are nothing. Hold us tight in whatever is to come and draw many, many souls in NOW to YOU.


  2. Daddy GOD, let not my pride or anything else cause me to be snapped by the hurricane. Hold me tightly under Your arm as a loving father holds his only child during a storm.

    JESUS I trust in You! May the faith, trust and strength You give me be a shelter for those without. Lord we must save as many souls as we can.

    Father, for the sake of His sorrowful passion, have mercy on us and on the whole world!


    1. Yes aj, we are meant to participate in the saving power of Christ. Let us imitate Mary with our humility and in boldness let us ask for Divine Mercy on all souls, especially those most in need.


  3. Sounds daunting, sounds terrible – and yet, there is so much hope to hold on to. My husband and I are attending Retreat – today’s the last day after a week long session.

    I feel – different. More aware of what I say, what I do, what I think…like my senses have been heightened. Which is a good thing, and a not-so-goo thing because you analyse everything. For example, today, I ordered a chicken caesar’s salad. After buying it, and as I was about to eat, I gasped because I’m not supposed to be eating meat today (Friday).

    I sat down for about 10 minutes wondering what to do. I actually thought that i would be punished for it. After some time, I resolved to eat it. I felt really guilty but a voice told me that the Lord is Love, not Punishment.

    All this to say that we dwell on the immaterial when such an event is at hand, that is, the day that our Lord comes again. In the scheme of things, the regimen under which we place our bodies cannot compare with the preparation our spirits need to have.

    Dear God, please give me the wisdom to prioritise what I need to prepare and focus on. Help my husband, relatives and friends and all people to put the world behind them and the Cross before them, now and always.


    1. Dani, I don’t know if this is the case where you are, but in my Archdiocese, we are permitted to substitute an act of piety or charity if we are unable to abstain from meat on a Friday in Lent. Of course, that would be the minimum. It’s best to do all three! 🙂


  4. What strikes me about this message is the last line. It reminds me of the prayer during Mass saying that we “wait in joyful hope for the coming of our Savior Jesus Christ”.

    If this world is to be healed of her terminal condition, she has to take her medicine. We have been given assurance that the medicine will not only restore her to health, but give her an abundant new life. So let’s not focus on how bad the medicine tastes, but on the abundant new life that will be ours when it has completed its course. Jesus we trust in you.


  5. Oh God, please help us in our preparation for what is to come. For my household, family, our church here and throughout the world, bloggers here and the whole world that we will trust you Jesus!
    I have recently been studying the apparitions at Garabandal, Spain and decided to ask our parish priest this morning about what he knew. He said he had never heard of it. He seemed a little down on Marian apparitions that had not been approved by the church. Does anyone have any thoughts regarding Garabandal ( my wife and I are quite impressed and think they are true) here is the website


  6. I was telling the little Divine Mercy prayer group I belong to, (all three of us, today) that the other morning – and it is always in the waking – where I guess is the only truly quiet time in my head – I “heard” these words, “spiritual tsunami”. Now, like the beautiful and awful message above, it is about the same thing – beautiful and terrible.

    We so badly NEED the Holy Spirit, we NEED to be wakened from our deaf slumber. I pray for the sleeping giant, the holy Catholic Church – that is, the sleeping giant – to WAKE UP.

    “Who is she that cometh forth as the glorious dawn, as fair and luminous as the moon, as brilliant and resplendent as the sun, as TERRIBLE as an army set in battle array???”

    Come Holy Ghost! We wait in joyful hope, trembling with anticipation – praying for fortitude, strength and perseverance. Fill our lamps to overflowing with oil to share with the unwise.

    3rd Luminous Mystery: Proclaiming the Kingdom.

    Rejoice, the Kingdom of God is at hand!


  7. From Direction for Our Times,

    This just makes sense here:

    February 1, 2010

    My dear apostles, I am directing you. I am giving you guidance. I am prompting you, again and again. Do you hear Me? Are you learning to separate My voice from the voices of the world? Do you hear Me when I urge you to greater and greater abandonment? You are suffering, I know. I am listening to your prayers and I am with you in your pain. Please do not think that you are experiencing suffering simply because you are serving Me. Look at those who do not serve Me or even those who do not know Me. Are their lives free from suffering? I am helping you to reject the temptation to believe that if you were not walking this path with Me you would be freed from suffering. It is not true. It would be true to say that if you were not united to Me, you would be suffering without the benefit of My companionship. Such lonely suffering. Such hopeless pain. Instead, I offer you the widest variety of consolations. I offer you understanding of the relationship between sacrifice and holiness. I offer you soothing graces to assist you in preparing your soul for heaven and bringing others comfort and grace. Dearest apostles, you are surrounded by heaven. You are surrounded by grace which supports you, even when you feel you are unsupported. If you feel you cannot stand, allow yourself to fall back and rest in My arms. I will care for you and give you all that you need to continue. Your life is changing, it is true. This should not alarm you. You should expect your life to change as I draw you more and more fully into the plan that I have for your time of service to heaven. It is always the way that I bring you forward, never backward. There is always movement and change. If you were to reject service to Me, your life would still change. Change comes in life whether you are serving heaven or not serving heaven. You may wonder why I am telling you these things. I am helping you to resist the temptation to attach your commitment to Me to suffering. If you are suffering, it is because suffering is part of My plan for you. Each life will include suffering. Beloved apostles, you are trying so hard to serve heaven. Please believe that heaven is serving you, too. You are protected and loved. You need only remain on the course I have laid out for you and all will be well.


  8. I have been staying in the background and just absorbing the meditations and writings, but tonite it is my turn to come out of the shadows.

    Tonite’s message strikes a cord since my area has come through a tremendous storm last night with hurricane strength winds. A five alarm fire occurred at the beach in the middle of it all which spread to the whole block burning down a hotel, arcade, shops and food places…there were 125 firemen fighting the fire from three states (NH, ME and MA).

    I was awoken somewhere between 11pm and midnight with my bed shaking and my bedroom literally shaking with the winds battering against the house. My son slept through it all in his room across the hall… I went downstairs and looked out the windows to see the tall pine trees lining the yard blowing in the wind and bending almost in half. I knew that the storm was way beyond my strength and totally out of my control…there was nothing that I could do that would make any difference; I saw fire trucks heading down towards the beach but didn’t know about the fire that was in progress…I just prayed for them and their safety and the people they were going to assist. I had a 3 foot resin angel on my deck still from Christmas that had blown over (and I thought had to be broken, yet when I went to right her in the morning found she was still all intact…wings and everything!)

    I went back upstairs and tried to fall asleep again with my bed and bedroom still shaking. I tried to keep my fear at bay and just kept praying “Jesus, I trust in You…I place all my trust in You”. I trust You, Jesus…stay with us. I asked Mary and the holy angels and saints for their intercession and realized I didn’t have a rosary in my bedroom with me… I will bring one upstairs with me tonite. I started to pray the rosary using my fingers and eventually the bed stopped shaking and I fell asleep.

    My morning prayer time was delayed to survey the damage on the house and in the yard and the neighbors’ yards, and then it was distracted as I prayed and asked God to help me with my roof which had shingles blown off and was down to the bare plywood in spots….I knew I had to get that taken care of but financially could not afford it…and who would I call. There were trees down in my yard and in my neighbor’s yards on both sides of me, but we had electricity and so my main concern was the roof. God bless one of the men from my parish who I called and who was willing to get up on my roof to reshingle what was torn off in the wind with the cost to me being only that of the shingles and the nails.

    As I prayed tonite at the evening Mass, I confessed my fear to Jesus that I had even as much as I knew He would protect us, and I asked Him to increase my trust and my faith. And I prayed for the grace to lean on Him and on God our Father…to trust in their protection and providence for that is the only way we are going to make it through what is to come. And then after we got home, and checking the online news in the area, I came here and saw tonite’s message. Confirmation of my prayers and my lesson this evening I think…

    I have been through many storms and hurricanes, but yet the one last night seemed different. The whole area seemed different tonite and the traffic all day has amazed me as people lined up to get gas and supplies, and were just out. Somehow it seemed off kilter and abnormal.

    Yes, the Lord is strengthening us for what is to come, and showing us that we need to stay close to Him…in His arms and the arms of God our Father, and with the intercession of Mary and the holy angels and saints to help us through the trials of the storms to come.

    I have no great words or mediations, just the realizations of how much we need Jesus to make it through.

    God bless you all, and may He continue to strengthen all of us for the trials to come…that we may have the grace, faith and trust to withstand them.


  9. Thank you all sincerely for your edifying comments.

    Patrick, Garbandal–I know a holy priest who believes it is likely authentic. The messages certainly resonate with other apparitions.

    Bonnie–the Third Luminous mystery has been highlighted for me for some time.

    MT–that DOT quote is very relevant. Thanks for posting it.

    Laura–welcome! Thanks for sharing that with us. Things are different–we are all feeling it. I have been trying to stay in the present as much as possible. Jesus I trust in you. Father hold me!


  10. the line from Joel: Let all who dwell in the land tremble, for the day of the LORD is coming.

    If people do not recognize Jesus as Lord and tremble on their own…………then the earth will tremble and bring them to their knees.

    Can we also pray for the Christians in Iraq as they are suffering anew in a horrid way. More at


  11. From Bonnie:

    “Who is she that cometh forth as the glorious dawn, as fair and luminous as the moon, as brilliant and resplendent as the sun, as TERRIBLE as an army set in battle array???”

    This is the bible quote used for Our Lady of America!

    Oh, if only our bishops would fulfill her requests quickly!


  12. In the little remnant locally of folks who are ‘awake’ to what is going on in the spiritual world there is a sense like the one described above…one day everything will not be normal, but now those who are detaching from the world and preparing for themselves and others (like Joseph, who was sent ahead that ‘many lives should be saved) feel strange and awkward. After all, right now where we live it’s like Laura’s town the day before. The stores are stocked, the infrastructure chugs on, people are at games and kids’ events and movies, the roads are plowed, the lights are on and everything looks as if there shouldn’t be more than normal worries.

    But the storm clouds gather, the prophetic words come thick and fast (Mark Mallet has hit it again, and his latest is free for the watching), we are deeply aware of how little we can do to survive physically or spiritually without the Lord’s constant help, we have this nagging sense of something coming, of being heightened to accountability… our sins stick out like neon, things most people wouldn’t even count as faults – a Caesar salad with chicken on Friday.

    It’s like living in two kingdoms at once, a sort of dual citizenship. But there really is no such thing. We are either in one kingdom or another, and there will only be one Kingdom left in the end.

    When we say, ‘Come Lord Jesus!’ we’re choosing a kingdom. ‘I saw heaven standing open and there before me was a white horse, whose rider is called Faithful and True. With justice he judges and makes war. His eves are like blazing fire, and on his head are many crowns. He has a name written on Him that no one knows but He himself. He is dressed in a robe dipped in blood, and his name is the Word of God…On His robe and on His thigh he has this name written: King of Kings and Lord of Lords’. (Rev. 19:11ff)

    Maranatha! Make me worthy to stand in the Day of Your return! O Jesus, may I be vigilant in the watches of the night, ready to quickly open the door to You! Jesus, I trust in You, fountain of every mercy, for You are my only hope.


  13. My uncle, who is a Marian priest knows the visionary Conchita. He met her years ago when he was assigned to a parish in New York and he went to visit her house. He lives in Africa now but has visited her a few times when he returns to the USA. He believes she is authentic and sincere and he has great confidence in the apparitions. I hope this helps.


  14. Columbkille, you are very correct; in the presence of the Lord our tiniest faults/sins stick out like neon on a pitch black night. The more we draw into JESUS the more our consciences become sensitive to not just wrong and right but the more we can do.

    These are tough times! The battle lines have been drawn; we can’t afford to self rationalise less sacrifice or “little sins”. If the Lord is telling us through the teaching of His bride not to eat meat on fridays then let’s just don’t eat it. I am just as guilty as the next person so this is also directed to me. I just don’t think we have the luxury of training drills…the war has started!

    I remember going to a priest for confession last year lent and after telling him my sins, his response was no deep psycological oneaj he just said “stop doing it!”. I laugh now evreytime I think of it because its so true, sometimes we look for some deep difficult respose and the answer is so simple.

    All that being said, I know it is grace that allows us to conquer the smallest fault or sin. The Lord wants us to set high standards for ourselves…instead of rationalising why we prefer to fly low and take baby steps all our lives. One of our greatest downfalls as Catholics is that many of us remain spiritual babies; as a priest puts it “if you’re saying the same prayers you did when you were young as an adult and no more, then you’re still a spiritual baby”. JESUS says “be holy as I am Holy”; there isn’t a higher standard than being holy as God and He commands us to do it (it wasn’t a question or suggestion). Friends maybe I’ve gone on too long but it’s because I truly care and want us all to be fully geared in the battlefield. We will be seriously hurt if wedont put on the armour of GOD before fighting the enemy.

    In Love, in Christ, Shalom. Mama Mary our Queen of all graces empty us and fill us with all the graces we need. We love You.


    1. AJ and Columbkille, your comments about the “little sins” reminded me of this from my journal”

      “Little one, your weakness keeps you humble, but strive always to overcome even the smallest weakness. You will be surprised at the gains you will make. Each small triumph becomes a building block in the great wall of spiritual fortitude. Let each small brick bear the weight of its own importance, and do not discount it. Each brick serves a purpose and you do not know what the lack of even the smallest one will do. So take special care. Work and pray for your growth in virtue. Ask our Mother to help you, she who practiced virtue even by opening an eye.”


  15. I hadn’t viewed Mallet’s new segment, but after reading Columbkille’s post I hastened over there to watch. Very good. This is a subject I have spent quite a bit of time studying. Lately I had distanced myself from this topic because I was getting my ire up every time I considered their insidious assault on the Church. Instead I thought it a better idea to focus on the basics: Jesus, I trust in You.

    While watching tonight I started to get angry again, so I turned to Jesus and ended up opening the Bible for some meditation and peace.

    I opened at random to Isaiah 29:1 and read all the way to Isaiah 30:5, and found it very pertinent and consoling. We’re in Good Hands. Thank God we don’t have to rely on ourselves. Thank You, Jesus, for assuring us that we will not be defeated or put to shame if we humble ourselves and trust in You.


  16. It is true that God’s power triumphs over everything, but humble and suffering prayer prevails over God Himself.

    — St. Padre Pio of Pietrelcina


  17. The scripture quotation from Revelation reminds me – I have a beautiful picture of Our Lady of Guadalupe. I love contemplating this image – and there is much to see. I had wondered at the extra length of Our Lady’s gown, just flowing over St. Michael’s head, then one morning, I looked at the image, and when I looked I saw that in that bundle is an infant – that is – the Precious Infant all wrapped up. I was so surprised! I am no student of the Guadalupe image, but I have read about this image and have never read anything about this. You can see his precious face above St. Michael’s right hand (left side on the image).

    In Rev. 12.3-6 it says, “And another sign appeared in heaven; behold, a great red dragon, with seven heads and ten horns, and seven diadems upon his heads. His tail swept down a third of the stars of heaven, and cast them to the earth. And the dragon stood before the woman who was about to bear a child, that he might devour her child when she brought it forth; she brought forth a male child, one who is to rule all the nations with a rod of iron, but her child was caught up to God and to his throne, and the woman fled into the wilderness…”


    1. Bonnie interesting observation about OL of Guadalupe. Funny, as I was beginning to read your comment, I looked at the picture I have above my computer, and right away noticed the Infant’s face there–I had never noticed it before. Then I read the rest of your comment. I don’t remember reading about it either. Thanks for sharing that!


  18. And speaking of St. Padre Pio, I have a pamphlet that describes the Garabandal scenerio. Apparently St. Padre Pio had met with Conchita, saw the miracle before he died, and made sure that the veil which covered his face in his casket was given to her. He felt certain that the apparitions were true.


  19. pelianito. thank you for comment on ‘ little sins’ . It is very encouraging. true cleaning and paying attention to little detail is such a great focus. Prayer etc yes, ……..but awareness of my need for constant confession too. close house cleaning and asking the Holy Spirit to show what is needed to be purified of and cleansed. thank you.


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