The more they submit to my will, the more souls they will attract to me, even without trying…

2 Corinthians 2:14 But thanks be to God, who always leads us in triumph in Christ and manifests through us the odor of the knowledge of him in every place.

“My beloved, the world is thirsting for me but so few know it. How am I to enter into hearts of those who are so adamant that I do not exist? The answer, my child, is—you. My humility is such that I do not risk having souls reject me outright. No, first I send my ambassadors ahead of me to prepare the way. Their love and humility, self-sacrifice and integrity, are the odor of me that they carry. The more they submit to my will, the more souls they will attract to me, even without trying. For the odor of God attracts the creature made in his image. It must. Therefore, my child, my ambassador, for the sake of the souls I died to save, submit humbly to my will. Embrace the cross and I will make you a fisher of people; your nets will be filled almost to breaking.”

Jesus, by your grace alone am I able to submit to your will in the way that you desire. For you, all things are possible, so I believe you will do this since it is a desire of your will. Jesus I trust in you. Here I am Lord, I come to live in your will. Amen.


12 thoughts on “The more they submit to my will, the more souls they will attract to me, even without trying…

  1. Praise YOU LORD for such an encouragement. POUR YOUR graces over myself and ALL here that we may submit to YOUR WILL and truly turn hearts and souls to YOU. We know time is late so thank YOu for such a message. FUll nets please LORD. !!!


  2. Lord only by Your grace can I say yes. So my prayer is for the grace to embrace all suffering and abandon myself “totally” to You.

    Lord may Your odor consume and overwhelm me, that poor lost souls may return to you by this scent that was once so familiar and attractive to us at creation.

    Oh JESUS we trust in You!!!


  3. As I think about what I will say to my Spiritual Director tomorrow, I really pray for the Wisdom to be able to know when Jesus is handing me the net to catch fish, and the Grace to able to carry the Cross. I STILL don’t know what He has planned for me, but I want to be ready.

    Co-Ambassadors for Christ: get ready!


    1. Dani, in my experience, we rarely see farther ahead than the next step. I felt him telling me this some time ago:

      “You are right to trust me. You will never see further ahead than the next step. But trust–always trust. I am leading you . The path you are following is the path I have chosen for you, the path chosen for you before you were born. Surrender to me.

      “Draw strength from me like water from an eternal well. Draw it and drink as much as you want. Quench your thirst in me so that I will fill your every pore.

      “Have every confidence in me and none in yourself since without me you are nothing.”

      Lord I give you my nothingness.

      “And I will use it for my purpose. Do not let apparent failure deter you. Give your failures to me as a gift of humility—humiliation. These gifts are precious to me because they ease me of the humiliation I suffered at the hands of my beloved children. So trust me, lean on me, let everything you do be a reflection of my perfect love. I love you so much!

      Jesus wants us to trust in him and to do everything in his timing. Sometimes we would be frightened by what we would see, but as we walk step by step in trust, growing in strength, then, when we get to that point that might have been frightening or intimidating, we are ready. To have known about it before we were ready would have likely sent us running the other way. So just do what he puts in front of you each day and be at peace. Jesus I trust in YOU.


  4. How timely to receive and share this message on only the second day of our Lenten journey.
    Lent is multiplied in its sweetness by this encouragement!
    Praised be Jesus!
    Thank you Pelianito!


  5. Thank you, my Jesus, for this timely message on submission and (the second one on) trust. One step at a time, our dear Lord leads his little stumbling children! I have so much to learn, why is it that I can never get out of kindergarten class?

    Pelianito, thank you for posting this message on trust again. These words: “The path you are following is the path I have chosen for you, the path chosen for you before you were born. Surrender to me. (…) Give your failures to me as a gift of humility—humiliation.” mean a lot to me at this time.

    Your last few postings (plus all the comments from readers) have given me much to ponder on deeply. Very serious stuff indeed!
    The night may be upon us but the Lord still calls out to all in His great mercy… Yes, Jesus, I trust in You, I do!


  6. M.T. – I saw the image of the heavenly body as well but didn’t know what to make of it. The fleurs-de-lis connection is brilliant! That’s what it appears to be. Every night I take a little time outside and look at the heavens from my patio. Truly our Creator is awesome, and the universe is merely the sparkling dust at His feet. And yet, every little facet has its purpose, guided by the will of the Father. Praise God!

    The heavenly signs are everywhere. If only everyone would just look ‘up’. Jesus, we trust in You. Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us.


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