A reader’s dream…

It is unusual for me to create a post based on another’s prophetic experience, but when this was sent to me I felt it held a message for all of us. The sender prefers to remain anonymous. I post it here for your discernment. (The conclusions drawn in this article are the opinions of the person who sent it to me, except where stated otherwise.)

Feb 13, 2010 4:09 AM

I had a powerful and vivid dream last night after which I woke suddenly and reflected for a while on it’s meaning. I could not sleep anymore so I got up to write down the dream and my own reflections on it.

I dreamed I was in a room that appeared to be a hotel room, only much larger. It was in a building similar to the brick buildings built in the early Twentieth Century and the building was in an older town like those in the hills of Pennsylvania. I went to a large plate glass window on the north side of the room where I could see a river stretching out beyond the town to the north. The river came directly through the center of the town, which was quietly nestled at the bottom between two steep hills to the east and west. The town sprawled out and advanced only partway up the hillsides where woods overtook the man-made structures and covered the upper slopes of these small mountains on both the east and west sides of town. As I gazed out beyond the town to the north, where the river wound through thick forest, I saw military tanks silently emerge from the western mountainside, cross over the river, and disappear into the trees on the eastern side of the river. They passed through like ants, in numbers too great to count, and I knew intuitively that they were spreading out into the forest area on the east side of the mountain and surrounding the town.

I turned around and cried out to my family, who were sitting peacefully on two beds in the room, but they did not believe me. So I ran to a window on the east wall, and looked up beyond the tree line where the top of the mountain was bare, so that I could see the whole mountaintop. A huge torrent of water was shooting down toward the tree line all along the slope of the mountain in front of me and toward all of us in the town below. It was as if the whole mountain were collapsing as large boulders, rock and debris were shaken loose and began to slide downward with the water. I ran away to the far wall of the room and turned to look at my husband, my daughter, and her children. At that very moment, the floor began to cave in under my feet and everything in the room slid away with a flood of water that had burst through the walls behind my family.

At that moment, I felt the pain of separation from my grandchildren and knew it was permanent. I knew intuitively, that it would be the last time I would see them until ‘the time of times’ was over. I felt myself being swept away in the current and cried out to God, immersing myself in His Mercy. I landed on a bench out on the street where my daughter appeared seconds later right beside me. The entire world was in chaos around us. Planes filled the sky as bombs and debris fell everywhere, explosions rocked the earth around us, buildings crumbled, and panicked people ran in every direction. On the south end of town, I saw a huge Ferris wheel collapse in a burning heap as fires ignited everywhere and flames spread out over the ground and hot embers and smoke filled the air.

We looked north and saw my husband across the street on a sidewalk, dazed and confused. We screamed out to him to run and he turned and started to run toward us. But at that very moment, a huge piece of machinery fell from the sky onto the pavement near him and other pedestrians who were caught up in the turmoil. The machine had a huge rotating rotor like the engine of a jet and it was sucking everything and everyone up into it. I saw my husband get pulled into it and disappear. All I could think was, “He never got Baptized!”. With a cry of grief and horror, my daughter and I turned to each other and with all our strength, tightly embraced one another as if we understood we would be left totally alone if we let go for one instant.

Just then, a young man who looked to be in his mid-thirties appeared on the sidewalk in front of us. He was sitting down, leaning on a lamppost with his feet stretched out, and was very calm. He was dressed like a vagrant, but his clothes were clean and he did not seem threatening at all. His eyes were gentle and kind. I did not recognize him. He began to talk to us softly, asking us questions to draw us away from the sights around us. Then, after awhile he said, “The night is coming. Would you like me to stay with you through the darkness?” We gave in easily and shook our heads “yes”, but I wondered whether he could be trusted. Immediately, he got up and led us to an out-of-the-way alley where three buildings were butted against one another, blocking us in on three sides. He walked behind a large cement stairway coming down from the building on the left and he gestured to the cement sidewalk in this hidden corner where we were apparently going to spend the night. Then he looked up at us and said, “Go then, and prepare yourselves for the night.” I took that to mean, ‘take care of personals’ before going to sleep so we went off to go to the bathroom in private and the dream ended.

I woke up suddenly, deeply disturbed by the dramatic and vivid dream. I lay in my bed and thought about the dream for a long time. I understood that the dream was filled with symbolism and I began to retrace every moment of it.

The town I was in represents cities and villages throughout the world where modern man dwells without any sense that the enemy is surrounding him and is about to strike a mortal blow. The tanks represent the “sneak-attack” tactic that is used against unsuspecting inhabitants as hidden enemies are arrayed all around them in ‘forests’ of material distractions. The collapsing mountain reflects the modern world as the river of water and debris coming down the mountain’s side washes everything we treasure away. The fallen machinery signifies the sudden pouncing of a terrible enemy upon the people and the rotor the power with which it has to suck everything and everyone up into its merciless engines, where they will perish without hope of escape.

In the chaos, we will be separated from loved ones and our children, or our children’s children, will be lost to us. The moment of separation will be one filled with pain and sorrow, but also full of hope for those who embrace with faith a belief in the new world to come. We will find ourselves washed away in a torrent of debris, but will land safely in a place away from the danger around us, if we only call out God’s name as we fall. We will then find ourselves among familiar companions or a family member, but will not be left completely alone. It will be someone with whom we will walk through this journey of transition until the night of terror is over. We will experience separation from loved ones and witness terrible deaths of both good and bad people; some of those will be those whom we love, and some will be those who waited too long to decide.

But even though we tremble before the sight of a crumbling and panic-stricken world, we will remain unharmed, as the Lord soon comes in a form we will not recognize to offer to us a route to safety. Once again, we can choose to follow, or not. For those of us who say yes, He will lead us away to a hidden place in preparation for the darkness to come. It will not be a place of comfort and it will not be of our own choosing. It will be hard and cold and will be a place of suffering. But, it will also be a place of safety and it will be the means through which He will save us until the end. Afterwards, a day will dawn which was hoped for and anticipated in my dream even as the chaos began. I believe, it will be the “Age of Mary”.

After this understanding of the dream came into my head, I could not get back to sleep and felt compelled to get up immediately and write it down, lest I forget quickly. I thought about how, just prior to falling suddenly into a deep sleep, I read a concise explanation about prophecies in the Church that opened my eyes and helped me to understand this charism of the Holy Spirit. Interiorly, I had yearned for this gift last night; though, not really thinking I would ever receive it, I still desired anything the Spirit had to offer. I wondered if the dream could be prophetic and if I was meant to receive it to pass it along to the world. But, I have no means to do so and can only pass it along to those I know. All must decide for themselves what to make of the information I give. Is it just a scary dream with no meaning, or is it prophecy? Scripture says we must discern all spirits and keep what is good. So, you decide.

Note: The next morning on Mark Mallet’s website, I read his latest posting more carefully today since last night I barely breezed through it. It is called “Hope is Dawning”. It corresponds exactly with my interpretation of the dream and my understanding of the era in which we find ourselves.

From Pelianito: When I read the above I felt there were more symbols that bore exploration. The three “three buildings” in the last paragraph are like a “strong wall”, representing the Holy Trinity. And as the reader and I discussed, the stairway is symbolic of the “Way” to heaven or Christ.

Then there are the words of the Man: “The night is coming. Would you like me to stay with you through the darkness?” and “Go then, and prepare yourselves for the night.” These are very comforting words. How do we prepare for the coming darkness? Through fasting and prayer, especially the prayer, “Jesus I trust in you.” We need to beg him to stay with us through the darkness. He is waiting for an invitation.

Very powerful…much to ponder. As confirmation for me, the Office of Readings today had Proverbs 1:1-7,20-33, which speaks very strongly to this post and message. Jesus we trust in YOU!


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  1. P.S.

    “At that very moment, the floor began to cave in under my feet and everything in the room slid away with a flood of water that had burst through the walls behind my family.”

    Johnstown is know for its three great floods. In fact, it is named “Flood City, USA.” The big one in 1889 killed 3,000 people, the other two were in 1936 and 1977. The last one sounded the economic death-knell of a once mighty industrial center.

    “I could see a river stretching out beyond the town to the north. The river came directly through the center of the town, which was quietly nestled at the bottom between two steep hills to the east and west. ”

    This could describe Johnstown. The hill to the west in fact is called “Westmont,” and the one to the east, “Eastmont” (duh). The east one is more sparsely populated than the west one.

    I offer all that as curiosities and coincidences.



  2. And it appears that He is also “gathering us in” to be together…

    Those loved ones who are taken, I believe, are among those the Lord wishes to spare the coming trauma. I have found that this has been happening for a while.

    And the angels are in the most significant combat– way beyond our comprehension–according to Fr. Gobbi’s messages from Our Lady.


    1. Theo, whatever the Lord means with this dream, we must continue to fast and pray, for he would not tell us these things if our prayers did no good. Let us place all our trust in the Lord whose mercy is our hope. Jesus we trust in YOU.


  3. M.T. i agree He seems to be preparing and gathering us in. i truly believe that as much as possible we should go to Adoration and not even count the time there. just go. pray, listen. constant trust. We truly need to pray our loved ones and all decide for the LORD. i truly believe so much is falling apart rapidly in many, many ways. Only eyes on GOd can help us. relativism that Pope Benedict has talked about has led us and is leading us to chaos. everyone wants their own rules. 10 people , ten rules. We have not placed God and His laws as our centre. We all want our little kingdoms with our own set of rules which we change and do with whenever we like. THIS has to lead to chaos. lots of little human wills screaming for what each one wants. so pray, fast, trust.


  4. There’s something vaguely familiar about this, but I can’t quite put my thumb on it. Much to pray and meditate about.

    I read TDJ’s comments and was immediately thinking that we need to be careful about attaching too much literal significance, since the dream imagery is surely allegorical. Still, something tugged at me until I followed the suggested thread of Johnstown, PA to this link:
    It seemed apropos to say the least. The historical “A Roar of Thunder” recounting seems like an apt metaphor for what’s going on in the U.S. (and beyond) at this time. History repeats, but with grander repercussions.

    I know the night approaches, but today I’m consoled by the Eucharist which elevates my spiritual gaze beyond to the approaching dawn. Come, Lord Jesus!


  5. I am the daughter of the woman who had this dream. My mom told me about this dream over the weekend and I really have been unsure what to make of it. However, last Sunday I was at a retreat and as I was sitting in the chapel I couldn’t concentrate at all on the materials given to me to read so I randomly opened my bible and immediately came upon the first chapter of Proverbs and read it closely. Coincidence maybe? I don’t know but I guess it’s something to reflect upon.


  6. Very powerful….God appears to be letting us know in no uncertain terms that procrastination is no longer an option.

    I sense this dream ties in with this, as Mary Therese mentioned the “gather us in” theme. It appeared on Spirit Daily on December 2. The girl that received it is my daughter. At the time, she thought it meant something would happen at Christmas, due to the manger scene, etc. I believe what it meant was the Scourging would begin and we had three weeks notice to begin “gathering”. The “Season of Scourging” would begin so to speak. I think we will be dealing with much chaos on many levels….Church, world, personal. Hence the need for full lamps and sober minds. God truly does take care of His own, this I have witnessed and experienced first hand. I also sense that God uses “seasons”….this Lenten Season appears to be very important for us. I feel very grateful to God for being so patient with us, and for His allowing us time to prepare. He is all good and loving.

    Vision on December 1, 2009:

    “‘I saw Mary with the baby Jesus in the manger in Bethlehem. She picked Him up out of the crib and looked at me. Then she stood and as she did her robes swept down so that her entire mantle could be seen. Her mantle was deep blue with 12 stars on one side. She was wearing a beautiful crown with a crucifix on top of it. It was made of gold. She reached out her hand and her robe opened and there were red and white stripes on the garments underneath. She said to me, “The Scourging is near. Prepare.” She sounded very urgent. The stripes looked slanted like red and white candy cane stripes. She was still holding the baby Jesus and I could see her breath because it was cold, like winter. She said “The winter is harsh but there will be no other winter like this one. Prepare Now! The autumn will turn to winter and the seasons will change and it will be like a spiritual winter for what God has planned for the world is harsh! You will see His justice!” She stopped talking and seemed to be urging me to come and gather in with her and Jesus under her mantle, inside and away from the cold. After I came in under the mantle and we were together, she said “Now gather your family in!” which was urgent. In the background I kept hearing a faint voice say “three weeks notice” repeatedly.’


    1. Carla, I remember this prophecy. The winter certainly has been harsh. I read that on Friday, Feb 13, there was snow on the ground in 49 of the 50 States (all but Hawaii). And in Vancouver, they have to truck in snow. If we do not see the Lord’s hand in this, we are willfully blind!

      As for the season of the scourging, we can only say, “Jesus I trust in you!”


  7. I tend to approach the imagery presented in prophecy in the same way that I do scripture, in that the many levels of meaning need to be unpacked through prayer. This dream has so much!!

    The first one to really grab me was the words the young man spoke to the woman and her daughter ……. “The night is coming. Would you like me to stay with you through the darkness?” …… reminded me of the conversation between Jesus and the two disciples as they walked along the road to Emmaus ……. ‘But they urged him, “Stay with us, for it is nearly evening and the day is almost over.” So he went in to stay with them.’ (Luke 24:29)

    The disciples invited Jesus to stay with them and their eyes were opened as they shared a meal… they realized who was with them. The young man in the dream seems to be seeking an invitation from the woman and her daughter… Our Lord always mindful of our free will.

    I take great comfort in this image, that Our Lord is in the midst of all this turmoil and sadness. He is calm and unafraid.
    He (Our Merciful Eucharistic Lord) comes to lead us to a place of safety (the red brick building … His Heart) when it becomes necessary, right on time. But I must call out to Him, I must invite Him.

    My next visit to the tabernacle (the “out-of-the-way” place in “a hidden corner” where His Heart waits for me) will be all the richer. Jesus, I trust in you!


  8. This might sound unrelated, but my prayer group, lead by a “charismatic” told our group that she was asked to have the prayer group, for 40 days – fast from noon to 3, attend daily Mass, pray 10 (yes, 10!!!) rosaries a day, 10 St. Gertrude prayers for the holy souls & 15 minutes of reading the Bible. I have tried to do this – but couldn’t do all the rosaries (but found it much easier to do my formerly difficult 4)

    Anyway, the St. Gertrude prayer – it is an amazing prayer – when you recite this prayer, you offer Jesus’ most precious blood to the Father, “in union with the Masses said throughout the world today” for the holy souls in purgatory. It is said to release 1,000 souls every time it is offered. Our prayer group leader said she was skeptical about this – but the response she got was “GUARANTEED!” A benefit of praying for the holy souls, they pray for you! So, after saying the 10 requested, I have begun saying many, many, many more. First, because after I say, “for the holy souls in purgatory, I add a family member – or whomever comes to mind – because I can get 1000 souls to pray for that person!!! Imagine saying this little prayer for the same person for just a month!

    Then, in saying this prayer, the only word I can come up with is “binding” – we are binding the evil in this world by uniting our prayers with the Masses. I read or heard (probably on EWTN) that there are 300,000 Masses said throughout the world a day. You can probably double that on Saturdays and Sundays. In my mind I see a binding of the earth or covering the earth with these prayers and a string or line connecting each Mass or tabernacle – like a soccer ball design – or a ball of string. I think this “binding” is very important. Also, taking the idea further, I also unite every Mass that I go to and all of the peoples prayers to the Masses said that day. I just somehow KNOW this is important.

    Then, last night, I heard these words – and I am not absolutely sure about them, because like the person whose dream this was, I didn’t get up and write them down, but, I thought the words meant, or had something to do with the word “little” – because of the prefix – it sounded like subito. It was three different words, starting with sub – they sounded similar.

    Sorry to stretch this out, Pelianito, but I would love to know what you think – anyway – I went to a Latin dictionary website and these are the words I THINK that I heard. 1) subito… adv. suddenly, unexpectedly; 2) subligo… to bind below, bind on; and, 3) substringo… to bind together, to bind.

    Today’s post is amazing and huge. I DO greatly trust Jesus, but I need His grace and Our Lady’s to help keep this ever before me! I beg for the grace to take all suffering in the way Our Lady did, in prayer, without anger, without questioning, but with TOTAL TRUST. We all know the great fear of losing loved ones, and also losing those near and dear to us who just ignore and/or seem to resent any warnings or pleadings. Yes, Mark Mallet’s message of hope soothes my heart.

    When I read and watch the horrors that have take place over the past 100+ years, how could we be surprised at anything mankind does to one another.

    Bind. Bind. Bind your prayers – in union with the Masses said throughout the world today. St. Gertrude, pray for us!

    Maranatha! Lord, have mercy on us and on the WHOLE WORLD! (in union with the Masses said throughout the world today!)


    1. There is so much here Bonnie! Thanks for your comment.

      Actually we had a discussion on this blog about the St. Gertrude prayer not that long ago. You can find it here. Very much a confirmation, one of the other. I pray the St. Gertrude prayer in the car on the way to and from work. You can pray a lot of these short prayers in that amount of time.

      I, too, have been called to increased prayer over the past several months. It is necessary for all of us to do whatever we can. If that group is asked to pray that much, then they must discern that for themselves. Each of us must do what the Lord is asking of us individually, and what he is giving us the grace to accomplish as long as it does not interfere with our normal daily duties. Also let us remember that the most powerful moment of prayer is during the Eucharist at the elevation when our Lord comes down to us physically. This is a wonderful moment to ask for souls, or anything else for that matter.

      As for the word “subito”, it reminded me of the death of Pope John Paul II. At the moment of his death, the crowd began to shout, “Santo subito!” meaning “Sainthood now!” Perhaps we are meant to invoke the aid of JPII in these days, whose cause for beatification and canonization is underway, and to entrust ourselves to Mary as he did: Totus Tuus!


  9. I read this last night……………and was spiritually attacked with sorrow and despair. I did not understand why I was feeling the way I was. In the morning I cried and prayed to the Lord, “Jesus, I trust in You!”, and He graciously took this burden from me.
    Whatever the future holds………..we know WHO holds the future!!

    Whoever would want to pit themself against the Lord? Yet many do not even realize they do so. Lord have mercy on us all! For we know that these are days of mercy though most of the world thinks it is Monday, Feb. 15, just another day. But we sense great movement in Heaven toward Earth, and we wait, and we pray, and we anticipate with hope.
    Yes, our Hope is Jesus.

    You are all good people to be journeying with. Bless You!


    1. A perfect illustration of how we are to act in these days and the days to come. Thank you Jeanne. We may be tempted to despair. But Jesus is waiting for an invitation to be with us in the darkness. His light easily dispels the darkness. Jesus we trust in you.


  10. From the friend who sent me the dream:

    The buildings in the photo are the same type of buildings in my dream and the view is eerily similar, except that my view would have been from within one of the buildings, since I was positioned at a lower elevation in mid-town and could see the river beyond the town more than within the town. Also, from my vantage point at the window, the mountains seemed to be closer and steeper but otherwise it is exactly the same. This is not to say that it is a snapshot of my dream but I’m quite surprised at how strikingly similar the town is to the one in my dream.

    Also, I want to call attention to Anne’s comment about Adoration. Adoration is vital to our spiritual formation. I cannot emphasis enough how it has changed me in the last 11 years since I began to attend regularly. I work and live close to a Chapel, so I can go at lunch and in the evening and so have made it the center of my life, giving up television and other pleasures to run up there every time I am free to do so. In so doing, I’ve experienced a spiritual joy and intimacy with Jesus that I never knew was possible. He wants the same and more for every human person.

    Something to note as well. A little more than a week ago, I was called into deep prayer by the Spirit during which my soul was prostrate before the Majesty of the King. This came about suddenly when a large image in my house of Our Lady of Guadalupe seemed to come alive. My eyes were looking at a flat, motionless picture on cardboard but my soul experienced the full essence of a living, breathing human being whose humility and peacefulness poured out of Her and filled my senses like the beautiful fragrance of a flower. I could not take my eyes from Her as I stood in awe at her humility, which was at that moment Her greatest attribute. As I stared, I understood She wanted me to say the Rosary so I knelt before Her and prayed. In this prayer, where my soul lay prostrate before the Lord, I gave everything in my life over to His Will and brought my own will into alignment with His. I knew from experience what the cost would be. Afterward, normalcy returned until I had this dream. It was only during this weekend following the dream that I finally was able to read all of the prophecies posted on that website. As I read them, I realized that my soul had received a great deal of grace during the dream and this grace was empowering me in a supernatural way to accept God’s Will for my life, as I came to understand it through these prophecies I read. So, I learned that God waits for us to freely align ourselves with His Will with full knowledge of all it entails, and then He gives us the grace to do it. Also, it has confirmed for me at least that this dream did come from God and is relevant to my life, at least if not to the lives of others who read about it.


  11. Kay’s reference to the story of the Road to Emmaus is very important. In it the Lord seems to be pointing to the Eucharist as the means with which He will ‘stay with us’. At Emmaus, the disciples recognized Jesus in the breaking of the bread, where we will recognize His own plan for us. Also, it is interesting that Father Gobbi is mentioned in the same commentary as the word bind. I believe it was to him that the Blessed Mother said to say these words at the beginning of each Rosary, “With this Rosary I do bind…” followed with your childrens’ names. So, here we are being pointed to the Eucharist and to the Rosary, the 2 pillars of the Church in St. John Bosco’s dream.


  12. In my last comment, I mistakenly did not complete the prayer to say with the Rosary. It is “With this Rosary, I do bind …. to the Immaculate Heart of Mary”. For instance, “With this Rosary, I do bind Angela to the Immaculate Heart of Mary”


  13. And as Carla mentioned, the “season” of Lent is upon us …. a time when we increase our attempts to come closer to the Lord and imitate Him more, stripping ourselves of all that is not of Him, with our faces turned towards the joy that awaits us at Easter. The young man in the dream said “Go then, and prepare yourselves for the night.” Our lenten prayers and penances could be likened to the “personals” that we take care of at the end of the day … washing, brushing, changing garments for the night. We lock the doors to keep unwanted things out and tuck-in and bless those we love inside. Blessed Mother, wrap us in your mantle and keep us safe!


  14. two points. interesting that the Office of Readings mentioned at top by Pelianito is PRoverbs1.
    then the daughter of “dream lady” opens bible and gets Proverbs 1.

    other point. i agree with M. P. about allegorical and not too literal . AND for me i see that the whole world is falling, falling into chaos becuase we have taken God from the centre and so the world simply cannot hold.


  15. I was meditating and looking for something that might console and give us strength:

    “Besides, you know ‘the time’ has come: you must wake up now: our salvation is nearer than it was when we were converted. The night is almost over, it will be daylight soon –– let us give up all the things we prefer to do under cover of the dark; let us arm ourselves and appear in the light. Let us live decently as people do in the daytime… Let your armor be the Lord Jesus Christ; forget about satisfying your bodies with all their cravings. Romans 13: 11-14. Well, that seemed like a nice passage to give us strength going into the Lenten season. A nice meditation.

    I considered at length the references to ‘night’ and know that we must not fear the ‘darkness’. The world uses the ‘night’ to act in all of their illicit ways, and unless they repent and convert, they will not find true rest, but eternal darkness. The children of God must not fear the night because our loving and merciful Lord comes to us with this: “Would you like me to stay with you through the darkness?” Oh, unfathomable Mercy! The Love from our Father! Further, He gives us time to prepare and ready ourselves, and I am convinced that if we only had a fraction of an instant available to us, that would be sufficient to prepare (but of course I am not saying to procrastinate or hold one thing back since we would be hurting ourselves and God). Mercy! I could fall into this ocean to contemplate its immeasurable dimensions and repeatedly have been overwhelmed in joy by the first little drop hitting my face.

    As I prepare to retire for the night, I start clearing away all the useless clutter of the day. Practical, human matters. I’m left with a few little nuggets that give me joy, then gently hand those over as well. Thank you, Lord, for these instances of Your light. The darkness is nearly complete outside and I’ll soon crawl into bed and fall asleep. Jesus, I trust in You! Tonight I rest, confident in the peace of your watchful gaze. No worries about the human future of tomorrow, of which I may, or may not be a part of. No matter what, I am assured that the dawn will come and the Son will be there to greet me.

    Peace, my brothers and sisters.


  16. For the last week or two, the words, ‘nox praecessit’ have been ringing in my ears – ‘night comes’. In fact, I almost posted here about it and looked up the place in Scripture where Jesus says, ‘night comes, when no man can work’. I’m extremely grateful to Michael Patrick for his post, as it offers comfort to balance the terrifying dream earlier. It’s terrifying because it is probably a true foretelling of what is soon to come.

    A godly Protestant pastor, John Kilpatrick, received a dream in May of 2008 in which he saw many of the same things occurring, only in a different area of the country. He interpreted it as a major earthquake occurring in the San Madrid fault. I was much struck by the dream at the time, especially coming from him, as he seems to be a true man and not an alarmist, and kept a copy of it. Recently it returned to my mind, as I saw that there have been some tremors in that area that might be a prelude to the fulfillment. Two towns that were mentioned were Indianola and Europa, which are real names, but could clearly have symbolic meaning. I have no idea what they look like but the disaster described is similar.

    I’m so glad Lent begins tomorrow! It can’t be a coincidence that on the eve of destruction there is one more chance to spiritually prepare and by the grace of God, rid myself of habits and failings that will only be a drag when the trials begin and to intensify the relationship with the Lord in some ways. Praise God there is an Ocean of Mercy!

    I also want to share that in my parish there is a priest in residence who has lived though some very serious disasters as he has followed God’s call in ministry. Since he is often away on work with his Order it has taken some time for me to sense the depth of the man. I have been very impressed by his simple faith, very strong faith, and he’s not an intellectual lightweight.

    Recently I was able to get him to take a few minutes to talk to me, and I said, ‘How did you survive those terrible disasters you’ve occasional spoken of?’ He started to tell me what they had physically done, which was essentially to attend to the practical (boil the water – this would fall under ‘personals’!), work to alleviate suffering while living in community. Then I said, but spiritually, how did you survive? When he mentioned that mudslides and floods had been followed by a huge earthquake in the area he was ministering, I burst out, ‘And you didn’t ask God why?’ Very quietly, almost matter of factly, he said, ‘No.’

    His relationship with the Lord, the community, and the knowledge that he and his brothers could make a difference were enough. If you could meet this man, you’d never believe he’s been through the experiences he’s seen, offering Mass in horrific situations. He’s cheerful, joyful, strong.

    This conversation had a deep impact on me, and I feel that these two streams: the warning that disaster is coming, to prepare; and to have the relationship with Jesus, community and be ready to do all we can help at that time, are key.

    May this be a time to bathe in the simple, profound faith of the Church, the devotions…pray for me, my brothers and sisters, that I might be able to do all that is within my power to obey!
    And pray for the Church, bleeding from many wounds, under attack from all sides.


    1. Columbkille, we all have to learn to pray, “Jesus I trust in you,” until we mean it. Your priest friend means it. That is where his quiet strength comes from. His peace is not dependent on earthly circumstance but on the abiding presence of Jesus–whether he is visible or not. That is the true message of the dream. If you focus on the terror, of course you will be afraid. If you focus on Jesus, the one who will be with you in the darkness, then you will have the peace you saw in that holy priest. He IS with us, and nothing can separate us from his love, but sin.

      Oh dear Jesus, help us to trust in you completely, and in your mercy keep us free from sin, temptation, and anxiety. You are our strength, our hope, our joy. Jesus we trust in you. Jesus we trust in you. Jesus we trust in you.


  17. “Don’t give in to discouragement. If you are discouraged it is a sign of pride because it shows you trust in your own powers. Never bother about people’s opinions.  Be obedient to truth. For with humble obedience, you will never be disturbed.”

    — Bl. Mother Teresa of Calcutta

    My JESUS we Trust in You!


  18. Pelianito,
    I too had a dream very similar to that of the one we have been discussing except that, since I live in Nebraska, I interpreted events as disasters associated with weather and an earthquake.
    In a part of it, I tried to get the people around me to look at the sun which was beautiful and huge and easy to look at without hurting my eyes, but they ignored me.
    At the time of the dream, I was afraid that it was a result of an overactive imagination–Mark Mallett, Spirit Daily, etc.–or even worse. I decided to try to forget it, but it is still quite clear in my mind.
    For a long time now, I have had an interest in reparation and intercession especially for the dying, particularly those dying in the state of mortal sin, those dying a sudden unprepared for and unprovided for death, those contemplating suicide and those dying who have no one to pray for them. I bring them all to Mother Mary and place them in her Immaculate Heart and beg her to place them in the Sacred Heart of her Divine Son, Jesus.
    I think I could fill a library with all there is to know about intercession and reparation but I reason this way: there is no “time” with God–He is in the present now, past and future are all present to Him. That being the case, I can place all those that I pray for on the altars of every Mass ever said (from the first Mass to the last Mass) past, present and future. I beg that the most Precious Blood pulsating in the Sacred Heart wash their sins away along with sins’ effects on their souls and that the Holy Spirit so transforms their hearts and lives that when the Father sees them, He sees only Jesus. I offer them all through Him, with Him and in Him in the unity of the Holy Spirit to the glory of God the Father.
    St. Josemaria Escriva wrote: Our will, strengthened by grace, is all-powerful before God. If, for instance, as we travel in a bus, we are struck by the thought of so many offenses against God and say to Jesus, backing our words with our will ‘My God, I wish I could make an act of love and reparation for every turn of the wheels carrying me’, in that instant, in the eyes of Jesus, we really have loved him and atoned just as we desired.
    Such ‘nonsense’ is not pushing spiritual childhood too far: it is the eternal dialogue between the innocent child and the father doting on his son: ‘Tell me, how much do you love me?’…And the little lad pipes out: ‘A mil-lion mil-lion ti-mes!’

    I have a devotion to Our Lady of Ransom also known as Our Lady of Mercy. I ask for her intercession for the graces of conversion for these souls even at the moment of death for they are not beyond the reach of Divine Mercy.
    I feel that now is the time to bring as many souls to her as we can. This Lent is crucial. For a while now, I have been like the apostles in Gethsemane, tired and sleeping. Monday, I seemed to receive the word to “Begin again. Watch and pray.”
    This is long enough. Just some thoughts. Thank you for listening.


  19. This morning, the first day of Lent 2010, I read this:

    In Volume 7 of Direction for Our Times, St. Gertrude tells Anne (July 13, 2004) “Dear Brothers and Sisters, along with detachment you must practice humility………………This is a time of the greatest grace but it is very much the calm before the storm. The storm will come, my friends. Of that you must be certain. Jesus, in all of His mercy, is prepared to act. We in Heaven are also prepared. You might say we are all poised. I know that many of you sense this and you are correct. Do not become complacent. Also, do not be fearful. Why would you be? You are at risk of dying on each and every day you rise from your rest. This is how we think and when you come to heaven, and you will, you will also think like this. Serve during this time of calm……………Practice humility. The battle is won in the silence of your soul, my dearest friend. Remember to use us to help you.”


    1. “The battle is won in the silence of your soul…” This is golden! Thank you for posting this Jeanne. St. Gertrude has been mentioned a lot lately. That’s the Holy Spirit teaching in themes again. 🙂


  20. “The battle is won in the silence of your soul”. i actually felt i experienced this in Adoration recently. i sensed that as i sat there praying and interceding, the battle was being fought by the Holy Angels, Our Lady, St Joseph and saints.

    and thank you so much Nancy for your words. Intercede, intercede, intercede. i truly believe we are being called for constant prayer and intercession. If we place all our prayers in the DIVINE WILL they are multiplied.


  21. Thank you so much for this site. It has helped me endure much suffering. 2 years ago, My daughter revealed to me that she was sexually molested by my father. As time went on, my sister, my other daughter, nieces and a nephew also had memories. This is beyond anything that is comprehensible. But I want to share this with everyone because of the workings and healings that are occurring because of trust in Jesus.
    There were and still are times where we are in the mire in the bottom of the pit and can only call out and say Jesus, Jesus, Jesus. He has NEVER and I repeat NEVER left us or failed us. We would not have been able to endure what we have without turning our entire lives over to Him. My co-workers are in amazment at how I must endure, as a single mother. Praise God, I give all of the glory to Him. Now everyone talks about God and prays for each other. We all must have the faith that God will not put us through anything that He will not restore to us also, for the Lord will restore the years that the locust have eaten.
    His Divine Will has become a very tangible and living part of our lives. And fasting…..The results are absolutely incredible. I am doing a Daniel Fast, and have been keeping a log of the almost daily miracles that are occurring. Huge ones? no. Daily thank you Jesus for that revelation, strength, or word, oh yes. The fasting has taken me out of this world and into the spiritual.
    I believe the “time” is here. But no fear or worry occurs because Jesus, we trust in You!!!!!!!


    1. Thank you Diane for this powerful testimony of the heart. May God continue to pour his love into your heart as you witness to those around you.

      Can you tell us what a Daniel Fast is?


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