Do not be surprised or alarmed if the world reviles you when you speak the truth in my name…

2 Corinthians: 15-16 For we are the aroma of Christ for God among those who are being saved and among those who are perishing, to the latter an odor of death that leads to death, to the former an odor of life that leads to life.

“My beloved, do not be surprised or alarmed if the world reviles you when you speak the truth in my name. Remember that the world first reviled me. If they persecuted me, they will persecute you as well. My child, my soldier, arm yourself with me. Let my cross be your shield and your banner. Let my Body and Blood sustain you in the battle, and let my love and mercy be your emblem. My Mother waits to train you as she trained me in the hidden years at Nazareth. Entrust yourself to her as I did. Child, be not afraid. Trust in me. The glory of the Resurrection awaits.”

Jesus, grant us grace upon grace, that we may fight the good fight and run the race to the end, for your glory and for the salvation of souls through the Immaculate Heart. Jesus we trust in you. Amen.


29 thoughts on “Do not be surprised or alarmed if the world reviles you when you speak the truth in my name…

  1. This is so powerful. It’s getting more and more evident the disdain and resentment towards Jesus and Mary and the Catholic Church on the whole. Sometimes, I’m so hesitant to talk the ‘Truth” as it is for fear of warding away friends.

    The Gospel yesterday actually spoke about that Faith that we need to have, that Simon Peter showed to Jesus, in trusting Him to catch the necessary fish. Isn’t it wonderful the General we have in our Army? Who better to lead than Jesus Christ? Can you imagine the presence of His Mother, as well? I’m so excited.

    It’s really a spiritual warfare we’re fighting. As Fr. Corapi said: we are soldiers whether we like it or not. God calls us to be soldiers, but he certainly doesn’t force us to do His Will. We know the consequences. We have to make that choice. I choose to serve Him. My husband does as well. My children will do the same, as we promise to teach them that there’s no other way to save our souls and those of others.

    Praise be to God, Immortal One, Holy Mighty One!!!

    If only the world can see…


  2. Thank you, Danielle,
    For your courage to speak out and say the words that we all need to repeat. When others speak here, I try to repeat their holy thoughts and embrace them as my own. When I speak, I then reread those words and try to do the same… The Holy Spirit is encouraging us all through each other. We don’t need to be afraid and we are told that fear is the greatest obstacle to doing the Will of God. We are not to indulge in this and so we march forward together, embracing the Shield and the Banner of Christ–His Holy Cross…


  3. I read this post this morning – and as usual – the words echo what is in my heart. The words just strike me so personally – as if they are just for me – realizing, of course, that they are meant for us all – at least those of us who strive to have eyes that see and ears that hear.
    Then, went to noon Mass and looking up at the arch above the altar there is a depiction of the lamb, with an angel on each side. Just behind the lamb is a white banner with a red cross – waving behind it (a familiar theme, but poignant). VERY much a sign of Eucharist and of resurrection…
    I consecrated myself to Our Lady on Dec. 12th – (St. Louis De Montfort’s) Celebration of Our Lady of Guadalupe!!! I am “on the path to holiness” – and take so much encouragement from these posts. Thank you SO much. God Bless!


    1. Praise God, Bonnie! Welcome to the blog and thank you for your comment.

      BTW I made my consecration on the same date in 2005 and renew it each year according to the same formula. May Jesus in Mary bless you always dear sister.


  4. I ask that you all keep me and my loved ones in your prayers as we go through a very dangerous ordeal within the very near future. Thank you.


  5. Prayers are with you, Mary Therese…this may be a dumb question, but what do you mean by consecrating yourself to Mary? Can you do this as a lay person? Is it something official or is it done privately?

    Secondly, I’m still trying to find a Saint for the my family. I’m actually looking at St. Joseph – something is telling me quietly that he is the one. What do you think? And what do I do to bring St. Joseph into the family (incidentally I attended St. Joseph’s Convent as a student).

    Thanks. God Bless!


  6. If GOD the Almighty, Creator of Heaven and earth, in His infinite Wisdom saw it fit to humble Himself and submit to the training of His created Mother, Mary; then who am I, not to do the same!

    O Immaculata, I am “Totus Tuus” “totally yours”!!! Please train Your un-trainable student.

    Father for the sake of HIS sorrowful passion, have mercy on us and on the whole world. JESUS, we Trust in You.


    1. AJ, “un-trainable” made me smile. The beauty of it is we don’t even have to be willing. We just have to be willing to be MADE willing. It is all the work of Jesus in Mary. Thanks be to God! Alleluia!


  7. About the consecration to Jesus through Mary – St. Louis De Montfort’s total consecration – the whole 33 day program – including St. Louis’ Treatise on True Devotion and the day by day preparation including instruction, scripture,prayers and contemplation – go to (you will LOVE this site) I read Fr. Lance W. Harlow’s “The Echo of God” – and in-depth teaching on St. Louis’ work. He was on Johnette Benkovich’s show on EWTN – and right before that, she had Fr. John Corapi on, and they had read from St. Louis’ book. That was the “hook” so-to-speak. EWTN also has St. Louis’ book on their website – but everything is on the ageofmary website – plus. It has a table of when to start the preparation and the Marian feast days that you can make your consecration on. I cannot recommend this devotion enough. God bless.


    1. Thank you Bonnie. You are right, I love the site!

      The site I mentioned has an apostolate to give away copies of True Devotion, so far they have given out over 35,000 booklets with a goal to giving out 100,000. Praise God!

      Thank you Bonnie, for all you are doing to spread this devotion.


  8. This weekend I went to a retreat for my parish RCIA. The one in charge is having difficulty accepting me and she was disturbed about an opinion I offered (to the volunteer staff only) with regards to woman’s roles in the Church. I also spoke briefly with someone at lunch about my opposition to abortion. I am very orthodox and believe firmly that woman and men have different callings in society, families and the Church and though equal in dignity before God, His plans for us differ vastly. I didn’t say all this but alluded to it in comments to the staff when the subject of woman leading liturgies came up. I was immediately the subject of hostile glares and opposition and I backed down and went silent. For two days I agonized over it because I felt guilty for the disturbance my comments made but felt compelled to stand my ground on what I believed to be the truth. I expected this woman would confront me again so I prepared a speech in my head, declaring myself to be a soldier of Christ, enrobed in battle attire, laying down my temporal concerns at his feet for the battle ahead in our Church and the world with regard to abortion and women in the Church, with the intent to declare that I won’t be silenced anymore on the truth. Then later in the day (yesterday), I became convinced it was wrong to think as myself as a soldier of Christ in this manner and I asked God for help and light to know the path I should take. Then I opened and discovered Pelianito’s entry above which specifically addressed everything I had experienced and planned to say to that director. So yesterday went down in my book as a day of miracles.


  9. Funny this comes up! When I prayed last week, asking the Blessed Mother what we should do as a family for Lent, the immediate answer was The Consecration..Your comments confirmed it for me! I know they give dates to make the Consecration, but feel that due to the urgency of the times we are living, just do it. I made the Consecration also a few years ago but the rest of the family has never done the 33 Day..just the daily consecration prayer. I am looking forward to it, as a family!
    I believe the Blessed Mother desires as many as possible to be FIRMLY anchored, and this Lent is the perfect time to do just that!


  10. Oh my goodness, Jean! Have you seen Fr. Corapi’s show that has been on EWTN just recently about being a soldier for Christ?? You should see if you can find it! I’ve only seen 2 parts of it so far, but the first two parts were directed toward women, and he really made the case that we have to stand up for the truth and be soldiers! I couldn’t believe when I read your post that it was almost exactly what he had said on the show! I think it was called “surrender is not an option”….did anyone see it??


  11. I’ve been following along and meditating quite a bit about ‘confrontation’, one of the underlying themes in some of the personal experiences we share here. I can certainly relate.

    Repeatedly, my thoughts keep returning to the summit on Golgotha where our Lord was crucified and Redemption was accomplished. Can we possibly fathom the scathing, mocking, hate-filled insults hurled from the crowd at our Jesus? And yet, Jesus was still able to love and pray for us as he died. What love is greater than the one able to love those who torture it?

    “Love one another as I have loved you.” Of course we know that hatred extinguishes the light. Even the whiff of resentment extinguishes our peace. God is peace and light. God is love. From His Sacred Heart, from His Cross, from the tabernacles of the world emerge only words of humility, light and peace. He humbly asks and invites, “come to Me, that I may heal you.”

    I am humbled when I meditate on this, and peace returns. “Come, follow me.” Where are we going, Lord? “All the way. To the summit. Will you follow Me?” This is the course my meditations follow. What a task we have before us to imitate our Lord. Jesus, we trust in You! Not by my pride, strength and presumption, but by Your strength and holy Will alone. I am a mere nothing, an inept student and spiritual infant ‘watching’, trying to observe the acts of his Father in order to copy them and please Him. Of course I have failed frequently… about every time I let pride into the equation.

    Soldiers in Christ. The Church Militant. What does this mean? Well, I don’t know entirely but I do know that however we are called to live and act, it must have love… “as I have loved you.” Without pride, then. Love one another by wanting for others more good than we hope for as regards ourselves.

    How I have fallen short on so many occasions. I look at our Savior on the Cross, the true act of Love that was not a matter of words, and yet no greater Word was ever spoken.

    Lord, help us to not become tired in doing your will, even because of the frequent disappointments coming from our brothers and sisters. When we’re wounded, help us to rise again.


  12. m.P. your words are spot on!! wanting more good for others than ourselves. so true and i fail too often. Lord pour graces on us to keep on placing YOUR WILL first no matter what.


  13. To Angela: I have not seen Fr. Corapi’s show on this topic but I am thankful to you for directing me to it.

    To Michael Patrick, I agree with your reflections and have come to similar conclusions. That is why I struggled with the situation. I want to defend truth for the sake of truth, not because someone offended me or to prove a point. But, I struggle to find that balance and often reflect on my actions later with feelings of guilt. Often, this is because there was hostility present and I felt responsible for it even when the hostility came from the other person, not from me. I think that Jesus words to Pelianito has affirmed for me that I am thinking and acting in a way that pleases him and affirmed the image I had in my mind that I am a soldier for His Church. He took away my feelings of guilt but also led me to His Mother, where I will fight the battle ‘robed in Christ’, not in my own pride or glory.


  14. As a last comment for tonight, I read recently that one saint says sin reaches it’s fullness in contempt. A person goes through stages of sin. First there is consent to it, then weakness toward it, then slavery to it, then contempt that is manifested toward anyone or thing opposed to it. This is my own words. I will try to find the quote tomorrow. But, it tells me you can expect contempt and hostility when you speak up for the truth.


  15. Jean, I understand completely, and you’re right to refer to them as my “reflections” (really, a great deal of thinking out loud). I wish they could always be referred to as my “actions”, but I’m human of course and struggling with the same enemies as all my brothers and sisters.

    I’m also grappling with what it means to be a soldier in Christ. I know what my thinking has been over the years and I’d like to think I made some progress. Then I have some days where I’m so zealous I feel like I could be like the Maccabees –– literally –– and realize how far I have to go.

    If I refer back to the Word from Jesus: The Cross, The Eucharist, Love and Mercy. That’s how we clad ourselves, soldiers in Christ. Our Mother to train us. How can I get this less in my head, and more in my heart. Or, as you say, “find that balance.”

    Much to ponder and work on.

    Mother of Mercy, we want to do the will of the Father (or, as Pelianito mentioned, we want to want to do the will of the Father). For the salvation of all souls and the Glory of God, Mother of Victory, pray for us!


  16. Here is the quote: I’m quoting from “The Fullfillment of All Desire” by Ralph Martin, pg 34. The author is quoting St. Bernard. The entire quote from St. Bernard is quite extraordinary but I’ll include only a small part of it: Speaking about how we raise walls against ourselves (between us and the Bridegroom ‘Christ’) by yielding to sin, he says essentially that we consent to sensual desire, yielding to sin through our free choice. As repetition of sin becomes habit, it induces contempt (see Prov. 18:3). “If you die like this, will you not be devoured a thousand times by those that roar as they await their food, before you can reach the BrideGroom now shut off from you not merely by one, but a succession of walls? The first is sensual desire; the second, consent; the third, the action; the fourth, habit; the fifth, contempt. Take care then to resist with all your strength the first movements of the sensual desire lest they lure you to consent, and then the whole fabric of wickedness will vanish”. (I honestly don’t understand the last phrase).


    1. Thank you for this Jean. “The Fulfillment of All Desire” is a must-read in my opinion. Powerful! Ralph Martin condenses the wisdom of the ages and makes it understandable to the lay person leading all on a sure path of holiness. It is a true gift for our time.

      As for the phrase you don’t understand, I think it makes sense if you apply it to the first part of the sentence, meaning that if you resist in the beginning, the whole fabric of wickedness will vanish. It will have no opportunity to grow.


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