Have great confidence in me and none in yourself…

Galatians 6:9 Let us not grow tired of doing good, for in due time we shall reap our harvest, if we do not give up.

“My child, the challenges of this age are many. But always remember that to me, these obstacles are mere pebbles, grains of sand to be trampled underfoot. Have great confidence in me and none in yourself. This is not the message the world would have you believe, but it is the truth and the path to true joy and hope. Place all of your cares in the wound at my side, where I will tenderly see to your every need. Child I love you. Trust in me.”

Jesus I trust in you. You are righteous, holy, good, and just. I place all my cares in your Sacred Heart. Lord have mercy! Amen.


15 thoughts on “Have great confidence in me and none in yourself…

  1. Dear Jesus,
    Last night “I trust in You” was said as “I do trust in You, but how long will this take?!!! The stress is too high and the issues too great!” And then in the middle of the night I read this message, and I knew that you were speaking to me. It still did take a very long time to calm down…

    But this morning prayer was answered beautifully. Thank You, Dear Lord and Savior…

    Jesus, I trust in YOU!


  2. I also felt this message speak to my heart, but in a different way. My husband and I have struggled with the loss of 4 babies in just 2 years, including our stillborn daughter last February. I have been struggling with trying to “control” conceiving a healthy baby as we try to get pregnant again, of course knowing that ultimately only the Lord can choose to bless us with new life again. Truly Jesus, I put my worries, anxieties and sorrows over this issue into your side! Your words spoke straight to my heart! Amen!


  3. My goodness, how timely this message is for me as well. I’m going through a very traumatic time in my life (but nothing to compare with losing 4 babies). Essentially, my life situation seems impossible every moment of every day and becomes more worrisome as time passes. Today, I was crying on someone’s shoulder about my struggles and how desperate I feel. But, somehow things fall into place every day without the catastrophe I expect ever occurring. It is truly miraculous and can only be because God is holding me in His loving arms. This morning on the way to work, I was contemplating the latest lesson He taught me through recent events in my life. That lesson is that without Him, I am nothing but dust and so everything I am, everything I have, and everything I do or ‘can do’ comes from Him as a free gift each day. Then I mindlessly went onto work and fretted all day about the impossibility of my situation there, only to come home to this message from Jesus telling me once again to trust Him. Thank you Jesus for being so patient as I apparently am very slow to learn.


    1. Well, Jean, if I were not ” slow to learn” , our Lord would not have to give me repeated messages to trust in him! 🙂 And then I would have fewer messages to share. So I glory in my weakness for the sake of this blog, while I ask to be delivered from it for the sake of my soul!

      Thank you all for opening your hearts here. Jesus we trust in YOU!

      (BTW there are 67 messages on trust, in case you need to stay after school! Just go to the subject list on the right.)


  4. How much safer can we be than in Jesus’ side?

    “O Blood and Water, that gushed forth from the side of Christ, like a fountain of mercy: I trust in You.” From St. Faustina’s Diary

    I have been taking my cares and placing them in Jesus’ side where His precious Blood can make them clean and healed.

    Thank you Lord!

    And lastly, dear ones, Jesus tells Anne, a lay apostle in Vol 2 on Sept 4, 2003:
    “Talk to Me and listen to others. In that way you will not fall into sins of the tongue, which do great damage in this world. I am here, waiting to listen to your every complaint.”

    I wish I could highlight that last line. I have to smile to think of the Lord’s sense of humor in dealing with me, his beloved worm!


  5. It is the ‘courtesy of high heaven’ that in the Lord’s prayer He chooses once we have acknowledged his sovereignty and prayed for his Will, that we ask for daily bread. You’d think he’d demand repentance or something first, but no…it is ‘tell me your sorrows.’ I, too, have had severe struggles, physically and spiritually. I love His Prayer, because it is there I can ask for everything I need, honestly and desperately, and it seems that afterwards my sinful lack of trust skillfully morphs into ‘forgive me my sins/trespasses…’ and so the poison of that, too, is drawn, gently and naturally. Then to forgive those who have often been the cause of the distress by then seems almost easy. He choreographs the journey from one to the next in His Prayer.

    Angela, once, when I was desperately sick, I saw a vision of Jesus as the King of Sorrows. I’ve never seen anything so beautiful in my life. His crown was a delicate tracery made of something like silver, but the jewels were tears, delicate and catching the light as though they were somehow in stasis…and His face below the crown cannot be described. Understand that He suffers with you at every loss and will bring something truly transformed out of it, as only He can. As David the psalmist said, ‘All my tears are in your bottle.’

    Jeanne, you made me laugh, thinking of Lowly Worm, the children’s book character. (I have a private fantasy that Lowly grew up to be a Benedictine Abbot at Compost(pile)-ella, and his brave worms journeyed to nearby farms to spread the Gospel. This is an occupational hazard of living on a farm.) Even worms can be a strong witness. They renew the soil without even being seen. ‘Just’ worms.


  6. Is there are way that I could overide my will and put my trust 100% in Jesus? I only managed to do that once in my life and everything was brilliant.Since then I’m trying to do that again but I can’t let go 100%. I’m thinking some sort of signed contract that would put me in jail if I don’t stick with it.I know for a fact that if I would put my life in Jesus’s hand without a shadow of a doubt,He would pull me out of this missery. Praised be Jesus


    1. Marius, the Lord is showing you that it is not possible for human beings to live in his will 100%. If you could accomplish it in your own power, it would be an occasion for pride and that our Lord will not allow. Instead try praying this prayer:

      Father, I love You! I enter into Your Will; rather, give me Your hand and put me Yourself into the immensity of Your Will, so I can do nothing that is not an effect of Your Most Holy Will. Jesus I trust in you.

      The only way to live in his will is through grace, and it will not happen overnight, so that we may know whose power it is that has accomplished it. He has given you a taste so you will desire it. Now you must pray and wait. Jesus I trust in you.

      God be with you dear brother.


    1. Praised be Jesus! When I am answering in my own power I hear it go “thud” on the floor. Whatever uplifts is from him. Alleluia!

      The other thought I had is the book “Abandonment to Divine Providence” by Fr. JP de Caussade (available free online here). It is a spiritual classic. God be with you dear brother. Praised be Jesus!

      BTW the prayer I quoted comes from the Divine Will devotion and I pray it every day.


      1. And speaking of living in the will of God, dear friends, how’s this for a Lenten challenge: taking every reasonable opportunity to set aside your own will? Obviously there are times when you need to assert your will, say if you are in a position of authority, or have to make decisions. But there are times, in my own life I know, when I assert my will when it is certainly not a necessity, and may even be considered uncharitable to do so. Hmmm…worth a ponder I think…


  7. I cannot recommend highly enough Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich’s “Dolorous Passion of Christ” . Whenever I’m at Perpetual Adoration lately, I read a bit from it. Her works are so enlightening! Although she has an incredibly awful scenerio to speak about in this book, her gentle descriptions make it easy to take in and ponder.

    What struck me today was when Jesus gave Mary to John and John to Mary at the Cross, he called his mother “Woman”. Bl. Anne tells us that just as Mary gave her immediate “Fiat” to God the Father when asked to be the Mother of God, she again gave her immediate “Fiat” to Jesus when asked to be the Mother of John/all of God’s Children. Bl. Anne says that it was at this moment–upon her “Fiat” to Jesus and the loss of her Son, that she became the “Woman” of Relevation.


  8. Pelianito, that is an interesting challenge, and one that can be carried well beyond Lent.
    ‘Thy will be done” is what it’s all about.
    Lent is a great blessing.


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