I have conquered death; it has no power over me or those who cling to me in trust…

Zephaniah 1:14 Near is the great day of the LORD, near and very swiftly coming, Hark, the day of the LORD! bitter, then, the warrior’s cry.

“My child, do not fear, but rejoice, for I come to make all things new. The old will have passed away—behold new things have come. I have conquered death; it has no power over me or those who cling to me in trust. My child, fear not when you see the day of the Lord approaching. Wash your face, put oil on your head,* prepare the way of the Lord. O my child, if you knew how I have longed for this day! When that day comes, all that has been before will be forgotten, as a dream dies at the opening of day. Fear not! I am near. Rejoice and be glad, my people, for I come to rule the world with justice and the peoples with fairness.”

Jesus, maranatha! Come in glory! Save us from this culture of death and this world of sin. Save your children who trust in you. Draw all souls to yourself through our small payers and sacrifices magnified in the Immaculate Heart of your Mother. Jesus in Mary we trust in you. Amen.

(* “Wash your face, put oil on your head”: This phrase is, I believe, meant to be symbolic of Baptism. We prepare the way of the Lord by living our Baptism, rejecting sin and walking in the newness of life to which we have been called.)


23 thoughts on “I have conquered death; it has no power over me or those who cling to me in trust…

  1. I saw a Bluebird the other day, as I thought about the Era of Peace, that I was able to experience (a bit) years ago. It is only the 3rd Bluebird that I can remember seeing in my life. I took it as a sign that maybe I should share a little more about what I experienced with my friends here. I ran to get my camera to photograph the Bluebird, but was quite sure it would be gone when I returned. Instead, when I returned, there were 3 Bluebirds! And so I will try to share a little more with you about what I believe was revealed to me, years ago, about the Era of Peace…

    I got to the Era of Peace one time with my dad. He and I were sitting in the front of what appeared to be a roller coaster. We were just about to go over the final drop before riding smoothly to an Island (which represented a part of the Era of Peace). Interestingly, my dad and I were on a huge ferris wheel just months ago; and I knew that God was telling me that the time for the fulfillment of this dream was short. When we arrived at the Island, we entered what was like a huge castle where all sorts of priests, from all denominations and ages–past and present, were in charge.

    Another time, I was walking on thin ice with a friend. We were traversing very carefully across a wide, swiftly moving river, toward the same “castle on the Island”.

    And the last time, I was running from a world that was ablaze with my husband. We crossed over what looked like a country road, and then were walking on the most emerald and lush rolling lawn–totally forgetting what we had just left.
    And this is exactly what happened:
    “When that day comes, all that has been before will be forgotten, as a dream dies at the opening of day.”

    Then I walked up to my family tree, literally. I was alone at my family tree; and I believe that it is how the journey will begin in the Era of Peace. And what a fantastic experience I had! I was swinging on a swing hanging from my family tree–and my thought was that I love to swing–who would know such a thing as that?! And my dress was from the 50’s and I was youthful. And my feet kept dipping in this most wonderful little pond (reminiscent of the Holy Spirit) as my swing went to and fro. The temperature of the water was exquisite! And this pond was surrounded by delicate blue flowers–reminiscent of Mary’s rosary.

    There is no description for the phenomenal feeling I experienced…


  2. Pelianito, did you intentionally quote from ‘O God, Our Help in Ages Past’? If not, check out this hymn for some more confirmation.

    I think the old testament people washed and anointed themselves after a period of fasting or mourning. Interesting.

    And while I am a very minor lover of the Lord, the least among His spouses, I know that He is waiting with great eagerness for the Day, at last, when He can come to reign, to take His Bride and to rule with justice.

    Years ago I was in a church with a converted Jewish scholar. He described how the 1st Century betrothal and wedding customs worked. The bridegroom to be would build a honeymoon house under his father’s supervision. It wasn’t done until Dad said it was done, lest he throw something up in a hurry to get to the bride! Meanwhile, she was supposed to be ready, not go out of town or act in any way that would keep her from receiving the messenger, ‘the bridegroom’s friend’, who would come to warn her in time to get into her bridal outfit and be ready. The connexions with things Jesus said are obvious. ‘A thousand ages in Thy sight are like an evening gone/Short as the watch that ends the night, before the rising sun.’ Then, finally, the Father gives the word. The cry, ‘The bridegroom comes!’ and those who have taken it all seriously are (by His Mercy may it be so!) ready…finally…at last…O come, Lord Jesus!

    Mary Therese, are you familiar with the C.S. Lewis ‘Narnia’ books? The very last one is about the End and heaven – there are scenes likes yours. I personally think Lewis was a prophet but he put his visions into novels and books and let people make what they would out of them. More and more I remember things from his novels (there’s a trilogy for adults, too) and see them coming true. Out of the mouths of many messengers….


    1. No, Columbkille, I did not intentionally quote from the hymn, but as I was recording the words, I knew they were familiar. When that happens it is often Scriptural, but this time it was “hymn-al”!

      Thank you for this lesson on the wedding feast. There is much to ponder here, for sure! Our Lord has not left us orphans but has given us so many indications of his nearness and his love. Jesus we trust in you. Maranatha!


  3. What wonderful confirmations! M.T.’s opening line is about seeing a bluebird (very rare, and then three no less) and I have to say that it is very significant for me because it ties to Our Lady of Medjugorje for special personal reasons. One day while praying and meditating in my backyard I suddenly heard some rather unusual birdsong. I was actually expecting to see a bluebird (a story for another time). In fact, it was a bright red cardinal (extremely rare in the Arizona desert and the only one of two that I’ve seen). Well, the appearance of this majestic little cardinal provided me with great joy and served as confirmation for me on a couple of fronts. I will tell you this, M.T., if I had seen a bluebird instead that day, I would have immediately booked a pilgrimage to Medjugorje. I had promised Our Mother I would.

    Columbkille’s comments provided added food for thought in pointing out that C.S. Lewis penned scenes similar to M.T.’s dreams. Perhaps Our Lord is prompting us to share our little morsels more freely. Remember what happened with the little fishes and loaves that fed 1000’s? We need not fear any scoffing or mocking here. This is a place for sharing and edifying out of love. Isn’t that what our Lord is showing us here?

    Columbkille, I had quoted from Tolkien’s L.O.T.R. series once or twice here and I’m a fan of C.S. Lewis as well. They were in fact friends (Tolkien helped convert Lewis to Christianity). I think their writings are great tools to help with certain conversion situations. It really depends on the people, as I realize that not everyone shares a love for that kind of literature, but there’s so little good substance to borrow from pop culture. We need every tool in the bag. I agree that their best stories had a prophetic air about them and they definitely wanted to witness their faith in LOTR and Chronicles of Narnia. It was a rather clever and endearing way to do it, don’t you think?

    The Pope has asked priests to get online and spread the Gospel using web sites, videos and blogs as tools. Great! Pelianito is already in compliance. Lord, help the rest of us to use our gifts to their fullest. To recycle one of my earliest quotes on this blog: “Release the river!” Treebeard, Lord of the Rings


  4. Your reply is inspired by the Holy Spirit. The whole time I was posting I was thinking about the type of conversations they had amongst the Apostles as they followed Our Lord around for three years. I guess my thinking was wrong as that seems like the wrong point of reference. We’re now confirmed in the Faith, guided by our risen Lord, and He sends us the Holy Spirit. Yes, the “virtual Upper Room” and the fire that is burning in us. Let us go. Let us act.


  5. Dear Columbkille and all,
    I never read the “Narnia” books by C.S. Lewis, although it was something I always wanted to do. Life passes so quickly for me with so much to do… I would definitely say that C.S. Lewis had visions, if this is what he wrote about. Also, I want to say thank you for letting me know of this, as my son and at least one of my other children read his Narnia series. I am delighted that they are thus very familiar with all that the Lord is passing on to us now!

    I love the discussions today! All of the information about the wedding preparations from the Jewish past is so extremely important to us to ponder, I’m thinking!


  6. Michael Patrick, my original conversion to (Protestant) Christianity as a teen began with the wish that the ‘real world’ was like the world I met and loved in LOTR. I didn’t know that Tolkien was a Christian and that he even said, (in an essay ‘On Fairy Tales’) that good stories should accurately mirror the truth about the way things really are. My Protestant, Baptist world contained no angels, saints and few heros. Tolkien introduced me to them, and when I was finally introduced to authentic Christianity, I dove into a world where I recognized all I’d hoped for when I met LOTR, only it was really real.

    I do agree that many don’t explore ultimate truths this way but it was true in my case. Yes! ‘A clever and endearing way to do it’ and one that has stood the test of time.


  7. both Narnia and LotR are so so rich in Christianity. I LOVE ASLAN the lion. YES, i agree this is like an upper room. PRAISE You Lord for pouring forth so many graces here. Keep pouring on all who visit here. Drown them all in Your Divine Mercy and dont stop. Allow us to be empty vessels for all especially others who might open the portal of this wonderful site. Invite many guests in dear LORD. Only You know who they are that You wish to invite. This place is open to all with an open heart. Welcome to all those who take up the invitation. !


  8. I have a little interesting nugget to add. When Harry Potter came out, it disturbed me greatly. I sensed there was an ulterior motive to it, but couldn’t put my finger on it. I just knew they were not good and did not let my children read them or have contact with them at school. I talked to our priest about having them at the book fair at church and he dismissed me as a nut. So, I took all the witchcraft books and Harry Potter books from Scholastic and put them all under the tables…my small part. Ha!
    Anyways, this same priest gave a sermon on Tolkien, Lewis, etc. and about their group that they named “The Inklings”. He told us their main purpose in writing was to “evangelize the minds of youth to Christianity.” That when these youth were then presented the message of the gospel, it would be familiar to them. Right then, I knew why Harry Potter bothered me so. It was evangelizing minds, but not for Christianity….for the dark side.


    1. Carla here was my experience with Harry Potter…

      I was a school librarian for 17 years in a public school. When HP first came out, I heard some of the controversy and decided to read the book for myself. I took it home and was about half-way through when I dozed off and had this dream: I was in my school and there was a drug deal taking place in the hallway, but the two parties spoke different languages. I walked up to the two and acted as translator so that the deal could take place. Then I awoke. I felt that by having the book available I was enabling and evil influence.

      I wish I could say that I took a hard stand with my school and did not allow the books in the library, but I did not feel it was my decision. So I pray for all who will be exposed to these and other occult books. Lord have mercy on us all, especially the children.


  9. Lord, may all who have or have had any connection with the occult in any way be immersed in Your Ocean of Divine Mercy. I give this request through the Immaculata and ask for the intercession of the Gloriana for this…


  10. Isn’t it interesting…and of course, frightening…how deceptive Satan is? I am so scared for my children, who have the potential to swallow so much in this world because they are sponges. I guard everything, but I know I can’t be with them all the time.

    Harry Potter, Sponge Bob and some of these other ‘characters’ are just WRONG. I think even those that are ‘nonsensical’ are evil, because they fill your child with such rubbish! I am trying to find an inventive way of teaching my two year old about Jesus; I haven’t found it yet. If you have any tips, please, please please let me know.

    In my prayers, though, I offer my children up to Jesus and Mary, so that they can love them and know them above everything and everyone-else. Even above their father and me. This is my desire, and I pray that the Lord will help them to listen to Him much earlier than I started.

    To God Be the Glory: I pray to be a Lay Apostle someday!!


    1. Danielle, look at the CatChat website: http://www.catchat.ca/. They are Canadian, and oh, so Catholic. I happen to know the family that runs the program and I purchased the Vacation Bible School series for my parish. They have quite a few great products and you can be assured of orthodoxy. Fun too! I’m sure there are others out there, but this one I know is very good.

      And now that I look at their concert listings I see they will be at a school near where I live in March. They do travel to the US so check out their concert listings.


  11. I thought this went well here:

    The sign of Christ’s love for the Church is that He gave himself up for her. So, too, the sign that we love the Church will be that we give ourselves to her. “Ourselves” means our time, energy, prayers, sacrifice, affection–sacrificing our personal ambitions, projects and interests. The biblical image that expresses what we should be for the Church is friends of the bridegroom!

    Raniero Cantalamessa, O.F.M. Cap.
    Loving the Church, Servant Books


  12. Michael o Brien has written a couple of brilliant articles regarding literature for young people. i do casual teaching in a primary public school. i am speechless as to what the kids are reading now. so much of it coming in for young ones. quite often the books come from home and there is nothing i can do about it. when they speak of them i simply say that those type of books are not my interest. there are whole series of them so keep on going deeper into them.
    this is the website. he starts off with article on the tWILIGHT series.
    of course Harry Potter is still read but others are certainly entering the field now.


  13. Hi everyone. Pelianito, I’m sure if the Harry Potter books and other gruesome looking occult books couldn’t be removed from a Catholic book fair, you didn’t stand any chance of removing them from a public school! Best to pray for all the youth…it really should be taught at home anyways. I was fortunate that my girls went to a small charter school. I think they had my picture in the office with a red circle around it with a line through it. I was not shy about letting them know where I stood. When those books were read in the classrooms, I asked that my girls be removed and they did…they went to the library. My girls were told their mother was so controlling and mean! Ha!! I told them that wasn’t it at all…it was that I loved them so much that I did not want that garbage entering their souls or minds and neither did Jesus. That was my job as mom….my girls thought that was cool….so they felt special going to the library! If there is anything you can do as a parent, it is exercise your authority and homeschool if possible!


  14. Today’s Communion Prayer was very beautiful, and appropriate under the above bible passage and message from the Lord:

    Psalm 33:6
    Look up to the Lord with gladness and smile; your face will never be ashamed.


    1. Mary Therese, that reminds me of St. Stephen the martyr just before he was put to death.

      Acts 7: 55 But he, full of the Holy Spirit, gazed into heaven and saw the glory of God, and Jesus standing at the right hand of God; 56 and he said, “Behold, I see the heavens opened, and the Son of man standing at the right hand of God.” 57 But they cried out with a loud voice and stopped their ears and rushed together upon him. 58 Then they cast him out of the city and stoned him.

      His face was surely “not ashamed.” Alleluia!


  15. Great comments here from everyone….with respect to Harry Potter, our diocese not only wouldn’t condemn the Harry Potter books, but the Catholic Newspaper actually recommended each and every one, each time a new edition came out…and the movie reviews?…always “highly recommended” for children-my kids were never permitted to read the books or see the movies…but i “fought” with the bishops office for over a year about the position the diocese took concerning HP…given the fact that the bishops secretary, a catholic priest, told me he’d read all of the HP books to his nieces and nephews, i should have known i was talking to a brick wall…needless to say, i too am looked upon as a bit nutty…To God be the Glory!!!


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