Do not think that in this hour of darkness, my children will be abandoned…

Wisdom 2:24 But by the envy of the devil, death entered the world, and they who are in his possession experience it.

“My child, the more sin reigns, the more death follows, for the wages of sin is death—and now, sin is ready to reap what it has sown. My child, do not stop praying , for what has happened to this point is but a sample of what is to come. Pray for mercy, pray for miracles, for where sin abounds, grace abounds all the more. Do not think that in this hour of darkness, my children will be abandoned. On the contrary, I will be with them in a special way as the days darken, and the angels and saints are ready to assist those who call upon them. Child, know that I am near and that the joy of the kingdom is within you.”

Jesus I trust in you. For the sake of your sorrowful passion, have mercy on us and and the whole world. May the Gloriana* come to our aid now and in all our moments of darkness and may the joy of the kingdom never leave us. Amen.

(*Gloriana: The angels and saints in perfect communion with the Blessed Trinity; the perfect unity of heaven.)

17 thoughts on “Do not think that in this hour of darkness, my children will be abandoned…

  1. What comfort! Things are happening…I am so hungry to evangelize and tell people the Good News. I hope that I am called by Mother Mary and Jesus to help in the Ministry.


    1. The Lord needs willing workers. Thank you for having responded to His call, Danielle. Surrender to the Spirit; be humble and obedient. The harvest is great; the laborers are few. Follow Jesus and he will make you a fisher of people.


  2. Bishop Leo O’Reilly, Anne’s local ordinary, has assigned a priest from his diocese to work full time with Direction For Our Times. Fr. Darragh Connolly works both as the bishop’s representative to the organization, as well as its Chaplain.

    Some special insights from the approved messages of Anne:

    1. “Please do not fall into the trap of thinking that He (Jesus) cannot possibly mean for you to reach high levels of holiness. As I say somewhere in my writings, the greatest sign of the times is Jesus having to make do with the likes of me as His secretary. I consider myself the B team, dear friends. Join me and together we will do our little bit for Him.” Anne

    2. “Dear servants of the returning King, you will not be sorry you sacrificed for Me. During the whole of your eternity, you will reap the rewards for having done so. In a time when few understand the concept of sacrifice, you are giving of yourselves, day after day, to bring about My goals. You are serving Me and you are serving your fellow man. How many can say that during these days?”
    Jesus, Volume Ten, Page 39

    3. “Do not ask if you are called to serve. Assume you are called to serve. The fruits of this mission are magnificent and will increase daily. Serve, My beloved apostles, serve.”
    Jesus, May 24, 2005

    4.”Dear souls of the Kingdom, you are called to service. You know this. You have heard My call and rested in My anguish. I want to talk to you about your duty.” Jesus, Vol. Ten, Pg.13


  3. Pelianito, we really do not have much time, do we?? I know our concept of Time is different from the Father’s, but
    I have a feeling that the days are shortening for us.


    1. Indications from many different sources are that the time is very short indeed Danielle. What that means, exaclty, is difficult to say. All we can say is, “Jesus I trust in you.”


  4. God bless you for your thirst and desire Dani! I can say for certain that we are all called to evangelize, and as St. Francis of Assisi said “preach the Gospel at all times and when necessary use words.” In other words by our lives they will know we are Christians; by feeding the poor, clothing the naked, visiting the lonely and giving hope to the hopeless.

    Mother Mary never preached on a pulpit (at least to our knowledge) or gave the feature address in a rally, but in deep humility brought Jesus to all she encountered one on one. This is where our deep challenge lies…preaching the Good news to our close family and friends. Just as they commented “is not that JESUS, Joseph the carpenter’s son?”, or as we would say in this age “who does he/she thinks he/she is?”

    You have been called…trust in JESUS and MARY and they ‘will’ guide you.


    1. In my experience aj, it works best to do what our Lord puts in front of you every day and not try to run ahead. Also it is important not to look for results. For instance I posted to this blog for 5 years with barely a comment posted in reply. I don’t use a site counter, so I have no idea how many (or how few) visitors there were or are. I felt the Lord wished me to post my journal entries here, and if no one was reading, well that was his concern, not mine. Sometimes, I was discouraged, and wondered why bother. But I persisted. Then, when the time was perfect, he sent all of you! From the bottom of my heart I say WELCOME!

      Just be a feather on the breath of God, and you will see miracles! 🙂


  5. Our priest gave an awesome homily Sunday. To be brief, he said Our Blessed Mother is calling us to be obedient to Her Son, our precious and most merciful Jesus. She is calling us to pray, listen, and to do what He says. (Jesus says so Himself, “My child, do not stop praying…”) With the guidance of Momma Mary, our heavenly saints and angels I cry out, Speak Lord, your humble servants are listening.

    Jesus, be our source of strength and love as we pray and bring souls to the heart of your mercy — most especially for those souls whose hearts are hard and filled with bitterness.

    God bless & thank you Pelianito for this beautiful site. Blessings!


  6. Some seemingly disjointed meditations…

    I’ve had various and repeated promptings in the past two weeks urging me to focus on the Holy Spirit. This all seemed to culminate during the consecration at Sunday’s Mass while my eyes were closed and I was at prayer. In the peace of my prayer, a great white light penetrated the darkness and the Holy Spirit issued forth from the center of this light in the form of a white dove. The Dove swept through the expanse of my Church stopping briefly above the priest and a few other individuals, including my wretched self. I had been praying earlier throughout the liturgy for a powerful release of the Holy Spirit. Also, on the way to Mass I had been thinking about a letter from a Catholic Cardinal who was lamenting about the need for priests to prepare better homilies for their congregations. It seems that homilies have become rather basic and uninspiring at many Churches (including mine), and this has become a concern in the Catholic Church. Well, when I arrived at Mass I was delighted to see a new priest. Prior to the Gospel, I had been praying to the Holy Spirit and also for St. Paul’s intercession to aid this new priest. Perhaps this priest didn’t need my added prayers. Perhaps he did. Either way, his homily was truly inspired and I’ll consider it a mission accomplished.

    I am also delighted that many of you have found “Anne’s” inspired words at Anyone who doubts that they are called will find abundant confirmation there (as well as here). Believe it. You are called by Divine Love at this time, at this specific hour, in this moment. As Pelianito points out, it’s best to take each moment of Grace one at a time.

    I too, have found myself prompted to pray for random people I’m seeing in a crowd. This signal Grace seems to convey to me a real sense of urgency, although I am usually calm and at peace while I go about this work. Sometimes I feel like this mission is a very small way to go about the Lord’s work, but I can’t give any serious consideration to this temptation.

    I was watching some football this weekend on TV (my Cardinals were playing). I’ve seen many games in our enormous stadium and I can assure you that one generally feels pretty insignificant when they’re cheering on the team from the stands. The crowd is usually on the edge of a riot, loud, boisterous and a sea of red. They refer to it as the home field advantage. Well, I did not go to the game because it was in New Orleans, so I watched it in the comfort of my home on tv. Naturally, New Orleans had home field advantage. If you saw the game, you know my team (Arizona) lost.

    Towards the end of the rout, I had an interesting thought pop into my head. I was noticing the crowd as the camera panned past a handful of some of the only Arizona fans at the game, a couple of little dots of red amidst a sea of black and gold. Then I was wondering: what if I had attended the game and had added one more tiny speck of Arizona red to the crowd? Surely this would not have impacted the game in the least. I couldn’t seem to shake that thought since then and I’ve settled on an answer having just read the posts above. As small and insignificant as I would have been in that crowd, something would have changed, maybe not dramatically or even measurable, but I believe that something would have changed. Perhaps through a complex web of interaction and possibilities… one little act rippling outward prompting many possible outcomes… moving along some paths and snuffing out on others. Yes, I think it possible that the outcome could have changed – even dramatically. I also think it would have definitely helped to have a lot more red in that stadium. Just a thought.

    Of course we’re not talking about football here, we’re talking about the most important things which include the unfathomable Love and Mercy of God and the salvation of souls for His Kingdom. Our Lord doesn’t leave us as little orphans, little insignificant specks in the crowd. When we empty ourselves and open ourselves up to receive His Grace, we are provided with abundance flowing over for each moment.

    Come Holy Spirit, and renew the face of the earth! I pray for everyone here. May we always find the strength and inspiration to act in unison with Our Heavenly Father’s will for His Glory. Trust, believe. Our good Lord has allotted each of us exactly the perfect amount of time in accordance with His will.


    1. Thank you MP for this thoughtful reflection. It reminded me of a quote of Pius XII: “The salvation of the many depends on the faithfulness of the few.” We are all called to make a difference for good. The Lord has called us and equipped us; we are born in these times to fulfill his purpose, to make up for what is lacking in our place and time. Let’s not let false humility keep us from our part in God’s plan. Onward Christian soldiers!


  7. Dear friends, I found this in my computer files, an encouraging message given to Mark Mallett in August 2007. I thought it relevant to Pelianito’s meditation today. Also it is an exhortation to trust Jesus completely and not to be afraid:

    Beloved, do not be afraid.
    I am pruning you.
    It may feel as though the axe lies at the root — but I will never cut you off!
    No, I am pruning back those dead branches which cling to your heart,
    which prevent you from growing to your full potential in Me.
    You recognize the days, you see the signs of the times.

    Yes, I am preparing you. Trust in Me.

    When all seems hopeless, I who am Hope, am nearest.
    You will see and understand this pruning as you submit to it.
    As the Shears of Purification apply their painful pressure,
    at once the dead weight begins to fall, and the process of new life begins.

    I tell you again, do not be afraid,
    nor ever believe the Adversary’s lie that I have abandoned you.

    I will never leave you My beloved lambs!
    I will be with you unto the end of the age!

    Do not fret nor be saddened at what seems like a loss… what you gain, when you lose your life, is eternal life in Me.

    When you understand this, you will discover that this pruning is cause for joy!
    Blessed be God forever and ever!

    (6 August 2007)


    1. Thank you Agnes. This is so encouraging, as are all Mark’s posts. If you can, I encourage all to support him in his ministry. He is John the Baptist preparing the way of the Lord. But he has 8 children to feed! But even if you can’t financially support him, at least read his messages:

      (As I tested the link, I found Mark had posted a new message–touching on the mission of all the faithful! Alleluia!)


  8. Our Lady of America, Pray for us!

    This is a very important week for our Country-the USA–and for the world. Thirty-seven years ago abortion on demand was made legal when 7 of 9 men ruled that it be the law of the land. Now an estimated 50 Million children are dead. May God have mercy on these children and especially on those who then and have since conspired in their deaths.

    Now a larger group of men and women are working to widen the conspiracy to include all Americans through a state sponsored health plan that would cause our tax dollars to go toward funding these abortions. What started as a ruling by 7 men has grown into millions of deaths and guilt by association of millions of Americans. Passage of this bill would minimally extend complicit guilt to nearly all Americans.

    This Friday January 22, 2010 tens of thousands will gather in Washington D.C. (and other places) to object to this unjust and abhorrent law. They will witness for the millions of aborted children before our governmental officials and before Heaven; asking men to change and God for Grace.

    Today, the people of Massachusetts will be electing a Senator to replace the late Ted Kennedy. Depending upon the outcome of that election the further spread of abortion will either gain another milestone or it will be dealt a serious blow.

    Now is the time to call upon Our Lady of America. In the Song of Solomon she is described as:
    “Who is She who comes forth like the morning rising, fair as the Moon, bright as the Sun, terrible as an army set in battle array?” She comes like a new dawn, peaceful as the moon, radiant like the Sun and utterly instilling the fear of death in Her adversaries. She is the one, who through the power of Her Son, has come to reign as Queen and bring to us the graces needed to overcome evil.

    Now is the time to call upon Her!!!

    I ask all of us to pray for the defeat of pro-abortion health care, the election of a pro-life Senator in Massachusetts, all who will be participating in this year’s March(s)-for-Life and our governmental officials.

    This year Our Lady of America will be in Washington D.C. Numerous Our Lady of America banners will be carried this year during the March. Additionally, the Our Lady of America statue that was first displayed at the United States Conference of Catholic Bishop meeting in 2006 (and blessed by Archbishop Burke) is on display at the John Paul II Cultural Center (located just to the west of the National Basilica of the Immaculate Conception). There, she awaits Her children and Bishop sons to respond to Her requests.

    Dr. Hugh Dempsey, Deputy Director of the Pope John Paul II Cultural Center has asked me to extend his invitation to all those visiting Washington D.C. either for the March or at other times to come and pray before the statue of Our Lady of America and ask for Her intercession. (See Previous Story and Pope John Paul II Cultural Center)

    Our Lady of America, Pray for us!
    For more information and free holy cards visit


  9. Thank you, Our Lady of America, for moving in power to change the hearts of your people in the USA. And also thank you, Rose Kennedy–mother of two sons who held the Massachusetts senate seat– for your intercession in this election to replace Ted, with the candidate who most supports life and true freedom…


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