The way of truth is being reviled and denied by those who walk the path of destruction…

2 Peter 2:2 Many will follow their licentious ways, and because of them the way of truth will be reviled.

“O my child, how many in this age have succumbed to the lies of the enemy of their souls! The way of truth is being reviled and denied by those who walk the path of destruction. Yet all is not lost, for the day of mercy is not yet past. Learn from the saints the way of penance. Let fasting and prayer be your adornment. Do not avoid suffering, but when it comes, embrace it as Christ embraced the cross. In this world you will have trouble, but fear not! I have conquered the world.”

Beloved Jesus, help me to accept with joy all that comes from you, so that you may be glorified in me at all times. Jesus I trust in you. Amen.


13 thoughts on “The way of truth is being reviled and denied by those who walk the path of destruction…

  1. Thank you Dear Lord, for the Day of Mercy.

    Oh, Lord, have mercy on us and on the whole world. Help us to pray and fast as you wish and to embrace your Divine Will as it unfolds…


  2. This is pretty straight forward and it seems like this theme of suffering has been spoken of with increasing regularity here. One has to admit that Jesus has gone to great lengths in our preparation and we can take comfort in the fact that He only gives to us what is good. Lord Jesus, give us the strength to endure.

    I popped over to Mark Mallet’s blog and noticed something I didn’t expect to see: a posting entitled 11:11. I just noticed after coming back that Pelianito chose 2 Peter 2:2 (1+1 Peter 1+1:1+1, same kind of multiple). Perhaps an odd coincidence, or not. I have to admit that I’ve experienced this odd 11:11 phenomenon for about the past 12 years. Frankly I got so used to it, I just filed it away in the curiosity category. Now this post from Mark on this date: 01-11-10. Worse, I got done reading it and glanced at the clock. You guessed it: 11:11. What’s going on with this stuff? What would our Jesus tell us?
    Can we test the spirit with this? If anyone has an answer I’d like to hear it, otherwise I’m filing it away again under “things to forget” and I’m getting back to scripture and prayer.

    I’ll pray about it tonight.

    Lord Jesus, guide your children safely to Truth. Saint Michael, protect us from evil.


  3. “embrace it as Christ embraced the cross”

    When reading some of the “Dolorous Passion of Christ”, Blessed Anne Catherine Emerich says that when the Cross was given to Christ, He literally embraced — hugged it.


  4. I have been, “reading God” for about 25 years–since I gave my life to Him when I was led, through a devotion His Sacred Heart. He then led me (once again) to His Mother…

    I noticed the 11:11 about a half a year ago–a number of times. I felt the Lord tell me that it meant we were in the 11th hour of the 11th hour–the 12th hour being the Era of Peace.

    Recently–last week–I saw 3:33 a number of times. I felt that He was telling me that we were entering the time of the Lord… (Father, Son, Holy Spirit)


  5. Interesting to note that Jesus said “for the day of mercy is not yet past”,
    that means we are in the day(s) of mercy right now!!!!!
    If these are the days of mercy, what follows but the Day of Judgement.
    God is so good!!
    Recently He has enlightened me as to a mini, mini, mini prejudgement where I have gotten to understand my own sin and error. 4 different times in the last few days.
    I am praying for you all!


  6. i do know what you are saying M. P. i noticed 11.11 a lot since about 2003. but not in the last year.
    what i have noticed is how time slips. i really mean slips. i have very strong memories over the last 4 or 5 years of when i look at the clock turn away for what seems a few seconds and over half an hour has gone. it happened to me last night. i feed mum in a nursing home most nights. it iwas 5.00 and it SEEMED 5 minutes had gone and it was nearly 5.25. i was truly shocked.
    perhaps it is a personal thing. telling us to wake up. dont waste time but focus on GOD.
    who knows. but i have definately experienced these things.


  7. Friends, very recently I have been getting subtle promptings to pray for strangers as I pass by in the streets, while in the payment line of the cable company, the office etc. And the prayer is simply prepare that soul Lord that they may be receptive to your Mercy (day of Mercy).

    Timing God is always a tricky one…when we hear the story of Noah warning his people before the flood we may not realise that he took 100 years to build the ark. Hence the indifference by the people (their hearts were hardened and not receptive to God’s Mercy). The Lord’s day of Mercy may be 2years from now or even next week; we must fertilise our souls and those of the whole world, that when the day comes it would be as seeds falling on good soil and taking deep roots.

    Jesus and Mary we love You, save souls. Father for the sake of His sorrowful passion have Mercy on us and on the whole world!


    1. Blood and water which gushed forth from the heart of Jesus, we trust in you to grant the grace of conversion to all those you have placed on our hearts, and on the whole world. Amen.


  8. aj, you are not alone in feeling that way! I’ve been experiencing this quite often in the last year, when I was out shopping or visiting someone (family, friends, or strangers, like you said).
    I sometimes get this prompting or “sensitivity” (it’s like a buzz) to pray for a certain person or family. It’s as if someone is urging me, “Agnes, you’ve got to pray for this person. His/her conversion is important.” or “This family has issues to resolve. Pray for them!” This happened during the last Christmas gathering.

    Also, a little reflection on Pelianito’s last few meditations on the battle that is here (and to come):
    while running some errands at the local mall after Boxing Day, an image and a word suddenly and unexpectedly crossed my mind. The image was of a field of ripening wheat gently bending in the breeze, and the word(s): “The wheat and the darnel, they grow up together. Sadly, some of the wheat have already gone bad.”
    It was all rather strange.
    Yesterday, while praying the 2nd Sorrowful Mysteries (The Scourging at the Pillar), the same image repeated itself, but this time, I could “see” a storm gathering in the distance, very dark clouds, the wind growing stronger and stronger, the golden wheat bending almost horizontal as the wind kept building up.
    My initial thoughts are about the times or trials to come. Certainly, a lot more prayers and discernment are needed…

    God bless and protect us all this new year!


  9. I prayed about the issue I mentioned above and on Mark Mallet’s blog and believe I received an answer just before turning in last night. I was sitting outside reflecting on a number of things, mostly about my children. They had shared a number of important things with me throughout the day (e.g. – received a good conduct award at school, came home with the “share bag” for show-and-tell tomorrow, used a pump fake move I showed them in basketball to score a three point shot, additions to the football card collection, drew this little picture of a house, etc). All very important things to them and I’m pleased with them all, no matter what.

    I was turning off lights in one of the bedrooms when I noticed a small note laying next to one of my boys. He’s been sick for a couple of days, and apparently took the time to write a little note to my wife as follows: “Mom, I love you. Good night.”

    Well, I don’t have to tell you that little gesture warmed my heart in so many ways. Today I asked him if he had written that note because his mother had been taking care of him while he was sick. “Well,” he said, “she takes care of me every day. That’s why I wrote it.” Again, this was truly special to me.

    I notice frequently on other “Catholic” sites that the topics sometimes drift into to all sorts of mysterious terrain. I’m not saying there isn’t something to these subjects like 11:11, near death experiences, mysterious prophecies, etc., but compared with the Love of God, Faith, Hope, Charity, Prayer and the like, these other subjects appear to be ultra mundane.

    AJ makes some very good points, and in light of the recent tragedy in Haiti I feel strongly that I need to calmly stay focused on the Divine Mercy, so that I can be of use to our Lord. 11:11 is like looking at my kid’s football card collection. Telling your Mother that you love her… now that’s something I’m sure the Father truly finds special.

    Jesus we trust in You! Keep us all safely in your Sacred Heart.


  10. a.j.i have had same promptings for ages. i truly believe we must pray, suffer and offer so that souls will be receptive when the illumination comes.
    last night God showed my quite clearly that we all have choice. graces of repentence are given but we have free will and i sensed He was giving this so i would pray more that people would be able to make the correct choice when the day comes.


  11. As Saint Pio said “souls are not got, they are bought.”. By our sacrifices (small and big) we buy over souls from the enemy. Fasting and penance go a long way in reclaiming souls for the Lord.

    At Calvary our good Lord paid the huge downpayment on the salvation of souls and by our sacrifices and prayer we make the installments.

    Mother Mary, I pray that none of us on this blog and our family and loved ones be lost or become darnel before the harvest. In you we take refuge…oh Immaculata pray for us and hide us from damnation. St. Joseph protect all our families as you did yours.


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