A new page…

My friends I have added a new page on the left, titled, “Jesus I trust in you…” May it help us all to grow in trust, for the time is short and we are in great need.


One thought on “A new page…

  1. Amen. I read your words here about trust and humility, then flipped open at random to another Catholic mystic who had these words from her guardian angel:

    “Trust must not cancel out humility, nor should the recognition of your weaknesses cancel out trust in the goodness of the Lord. A soul which possessed one of these two elements, but lacked the other, would be imperfect and proceed with difficulty on the ways of perfection.”

    “Peter had sinned as a man and as an apostle. But his sins as a man, before his being chosen as an apostle, were no obstacle to his becoming the Apostle, for, indeed, through them his humility was strengthened, and his trust in Divine Justice, which was choosing him as an apostle, was manifested.”

    Oh, the pitfalls of false humility or weak trust. Let us root it out at all costs from this point forward. Yes, we know what we have made of ourselves up to now, but that’s not the issue. Jesus has called us. Make no mistake about it. So let us give our Savior joy, which He deserves so much, and trust completely.

    I have been quiet lately, but not absent. In this current vein of battle references posted here, you might say I was doing some special ops, which proved to be very difficult and not without some pain. The thing is, it should have been very easy, however, this issue of false humility and weak trust as discussed here was hindering the mission.

    I wanted to share another story, but will have to post later.

    Gold bless everyone!


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