There is no place I will not go if it means I can unite with a humble soul in love…

My dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

Tonight I wanted to write a personal note to you, to tell you how much your prayers and your presence, seen or unseen, means to me. I wanted to thank all who have shared the wisdom of the Spirit through comments, but also those who simply take what they read here and use it to transform the world one soul at a time. I had chosen the Scripture passage below, but as I sat down to write, I felt the Lord wished eagerly to speak to you himself.  And so the message below is addressed in a more personal way to you. If you are inspired to comment on this message, please address your comments to the Lord in a spirit of prayer.

May you have a holy Christmas. May the Infant King come to dwell in you in ever new ways, now and forever. Amen.

Philemon vs 4-7 I give thanks to my God always, remembering you in my prayers, as I hear of the love and the faith you have in the Lord Jesus and for all the holy ones, so that your partnership in the faith may become effective in recognizing every good there is in us that leads to Christ. For I have experienced much joy and encouragement from your love, because the hearts of the holy ones have been refreshed by you.

“Beloved children of my heart, it is with special joy that I greet you on behalf of my servant. I look on you with love as you await my coming with joyful hearts. Little ones fear not! I am with you always, in ever newer ways as your hearts allow. Be one with me, for I desire it so much! Do not turn away, but welcome me into your lowly mangers. There is no place I will not go if it means I can unite with a humble soul in love. This is my message for you my children: Come to me and do not delay! Welcome me and do not hold back! The hour grows late and the darkness is upon you. Enter into the glowing warmth of my Sacred Heart where our Mother will tend to your needs in the tenderest way. Children! How I love you!”

Jesus, beloved Infant King, how humble you are to stoop to the ash heap and raise up the lowly creatures you find there, those who look to you in love and trust. Jesus I have nothing to give in return but my poor love, coarse bands of swaddling clothes that chafe your tender skin. Blessed Mother, intercede on our behalf and give Jesus a gift of love and gratitude worthy of the King of Kings. We are so poor! But in you we have everything and can give Jesus everything through you. Then sweet Mother, magnify everything we can offer in your love and present it to our Infant King wrapped in the gratitude of the Gloriana*. Jesus in Mary we love you! Come Lord Jesus!

(*Gloriana: The angels and saints in perfect communion with the Blessed Trinity; the perfect unity of heaven.)


2 thoughts on “There is no place I will not go if it means I can unite with a humble soul in love…

  1. Dear Jesus,
    What were you thinking? You were born in a cold, smelly stable far from home and placed in a food trough. You died on a cross with thieves on either side of You and few loved ones near by. What more could You have done to show us how much You love us. You began and ended life in the lowliest of ways to make it clear to us that no one is too small, too sinful, too far from Your loving, Sacred Heart.

    Thank you Jesus for calling us to You as the hour grows late. May we ready our hearts so there is room for you and those you would send to us.

    Have mercy on us and the holy souls in purgatory this Christmas.


  2. Thou art the King of Kings, Lord of Lords, nothing was created without Thee. Have mercy on us Lord and save poor sinners from the fires of hell. I recommend to Thee the souls of all those for whom I pray, my husband, our children and lastly do Thou bless my poor soul. I beg Thee Lord, do Thou accept my vow and look kindly upon my requests.

    I ask for the gift of humility, love of penance, fasting and a spirit of detachment from worldly things. I give my poor soul to Your Sacred Heart through the Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart of Mary in time and in eternity. Amen+

    Though my soul be crushed in sorrow and ground down with dryness, still will trust in Thee!

    Mary be for us the Narrow Gate which leads to Heaven! Amen+


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