What seem to you to be enormous obstacles are tiny specs to me..

2 Corinthians 2: 9 For this is why I wrote, to know your proven character, whether you were obedient in everything.

“Beloved child, obedience to proper authority is very pleasing to me. Know that even if you disagree, if your are obedient, I will make all things work to your advantage. Do not be afraid. Do not be dismayed or despondent, but with great hope continue on the path chosen for you from all eternity. What seem to you to be enormous obstacles are tiny specs to me, barely noticeable. Then be at peace, dear one. I am with you and I love you.”

Heavenly Father, how unimaginable is your tender care for your beloved children! Lord, do not look upon our sins and failings, but in spite of them grant that your will may be accomplished in us to your glory in all ways and times, through Jesus your well-beloved Son who was obedient unto death, death on a cross. Jesus I trust in you! Amen.

8 thoughts on “What seem to you to be enormous obstacles are tiny specs to me..

  1. Immediately, what sprang to mind for me upon reading this, was when our church was literally “held hostage” by a priest that ran through $250,000 of the parish’s money within 6 weeks (and left almost nothing in the treasury).

    We were a very careful group of working lower to middle income parishoners and retirees, whose previous pastor had worked diligently to make sure that there was a “backup fund”, due to the expense of caring for a very beatiful but large, older church.

    Innumerable keepsakes that had been there through the ages were tossed out; and huge black candlesticks were placed on our delicate and intricately carved white marble altar–declaring to all of us that we had been captured…

    And we all mourned and prayed to be delivered from this nightmare.

    And so one day, I knelt in front of the statue of St. Joseph holding the Child Jesus and prayed that we would be released from this imprisonment. And Christ’s Words came so clearly to me:

    “It’s easy for me!”
    And I burst out laughing right then and there…

    And within 2 weeks we had a wonderful new interim priest who healed our parish and fell very much in love with it and us…!


  2. This post was great confirmation for me.

    Yesterday I was playing Masses since I have a vocation as a musician in the Church. A bad ice storm appeared without warning in our area when rain came in but the temperatures weren’t rising quickly enough on the ground. All hands were on deck to spread ice-melt, including me; the stone steps were quickly cloaking with ice. I later learned that a road nearby experienced a 150 car pileup. Due to everyone’s quick work, there were no accidents on the property, but it was clearly a dire situation. Normally I would have gone home for much needed rest between Masses but that was clearly out of the question.

    Instead, I was stranded at church, having been there since before the 7:30 Mass. I didn’t know if my husband had gotten home safely. I struggled to keep my mind on the Mass and the songs I was playing. Their message of trust seemed insane.

    One of our godly and faithful priests was preaching, ‘Do not be afraid. Trust God!’ Besides my immediate needs my personal response to Pelianito’s call for reparations has been starting to bite, as such things will, and I was seeing parts of myself in His light and not liking what I saw, had an appointment with a priest I didn’t know if I was going to get to and, worse, I had no sense of the Lord’s presence in worship.

    The Mass ended and I helped clean and lock up – I wasn’t going anywhere! My husband had gotten home safely, by the Mercy of God, but now I was facing several hours in some corner of the cooling plant, with no food.

    The Lord, however, already had an solution, and to him my problems were no problems at all! Providentially, a group that had never met at our church before was having a luncheon in the school Hall at that very time. I was invited to attend even though I had no ticket and didn’t belong to the group, which was made up of hearing-impaired people. That alone was quite an experience! They had gotten there before the ice formed and were going on as if nothing had happened, a picture of charity and trust.

    I was welcomed, given a warm place to wait, food that was both on my diet and on my list of items OK for the fast, (that’s a short list), had some wonderfully uplifting conversations with the interpreters, got my spiritual direction, and although I had to stay through to the 5pm Mass, the time slipped by and rather than exhausted, I was energized. The sense of abandonment was gone. The ice began to melt away outside.

    How real that fear and abandonment were! I can’t describe how silly the idea of trusting God and not being anxious seemed to be during those hours! It was like a lead weight on both body and soul. But the Lord was so faithful and responded so lovingly to my feeble attempts to trust, worship, and give my cares to Him. I counted up the miracles and thanksgivings this morning, and I was amazed. Other things I cannot share also were untangled, so I could see the way ahead.

    O, Israel, put your trust in the Lord! For with Him is plenteous redemption. O Pelianito, Michael Patrick, Mary Therese, aj, and all our little group, put your trust in the Lord, for He cares for us! When I was brought low, He saved me.


  3. i have been placed into being the breadwinner on casual work. this is the last week of school here before 8 weeks holidays. there is never any work in schools in last weeks of school. i have worked, totally unexpectadly, 14 days out of last 20. this is truly truly incredible.


  4. i had to finish quickly, my last comment. i want to shout from the rooftops, thank YOU LORD . YOur goodness to me is so wonderful. Lead us all to total trust and abandonment in YOU. Open all eyes to see Your wonders Lord. Re do , reorder and restore Your creation Lord.


  5. More on trust….
    I was given this little inspiration a few days ago when I was feeling increasingly flustered with the endless list of “things to do”.

    It started with the prayer, “Jesus, I trust in You.” Then somehow, it got expanded, “Jesus, (insert your appeals, complaints, desires, praise, hope, frustration, questions, opinions etc, and then end with) “and I trust in You.”
    I used this formula when I was feeling especially grumpy one day and it helped me to curb both my temper and my negative thoughts! It got me through the day with no mishaps (and no one was the wiser :-)).

    Besides formal prayers, this seems to be a nice way (for me) to have a running conversation with the Lord all day long – in a familiar, childlike and trusting manner.
    Thanks, St Faustina, for the original prayer!


    1. I love it Agnes! What a wonderful way to bring Jesus into every moment, to participate in “the sacrament of the present moment”. Jesus in Mary help me to remember to do this today.


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