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Dear friends in Christ,

About a year ago, I felt called to send out a message in a personal email to people I know. I thought it might be helpful to others who may want to tell others about the coming illumination of conscience but can’t quite find the words.I have posted this email message as a new page on the bottom left.

When I showed the message to a priest I know asking if I should send it out, he said this was a message that should be sent out. Pray for discernment and ask for guidance as to whom to send it to—if God is calling you to do so.

May God’s kingdom come and his will alone be done!


6 thoughts on “A new page…

  1. Pelianito, thank you for sharing this….it is very helpful! So many times you just don’t know what to say, yet you want to say something. The words just don’t come! This is good!
    Jeanne’s blog is great too! So many good things coming up now…rising up it feels like.
    A thought came to me a couple weeks ago while praying about the Illumination, which we need so badly…all of us. It was the verse in the Bible:
    “and you yourself a sword will pierce, so that the thoughts of many hearts may be revealed.”
    This illumination is a gift. Did Mary’s tremendous suffering win us this gift?


  2. Pelianito, I have an Autistic five year old son and I long for the Illumination. I am 42 and when I first heard of it in my 20s I was scared to experience it but now I wish that it would happen soon so that the cures and miracles that will accompanying it will take place and cure my son and those like him. A weary world awaits it’s Savior. Please pray for my Mike. God bless you and yours.



  3. Jason, I also have an autistic son and am myself 44 yrs old. I am possibly the most foolish father of an autistic son on the planet!! Now my confession… it helps me a lot when I tell people about it so thankyou for continuing to be patient with me. I myself was not trusting Jesus (still in progress)for years and was doing a lot of foolish (financial ) things that really hurt me and my family. I waisted time and a lot of money trying to pay for my son’s therapy. Then I became greedy and materialistic, out of control! Then when it all collapsed for me I was crushed in a way that words cannot describe. It rivalled my own cancer experience in 2002 and my sons diagnosis in 2000. Yes I went to reconcilliation regularly, and mass every Sunday with my family but I wasn’t trusting in Jesus to take care of me and my family. Jesus saved me from cancer completely but I didn’t trust him to take care of our material needs. It will take us many years to recover…but that doesn’t matter. I now have a peace that I didn’t have before..a contentment with little rather than stife with much. I have a great wife who has been patient with my sin. I think I may have had an illumination of sorts when I was made aware of my sin last winter. I was a “basket case”. I wept bitterly many times!! I wrote out onto sheet after sheet of paper my lamentation to God. I saw my sin and all its consequences. This was the turning point for me. I still struggle with my self sinfull tendencies and self will but doing better. It is only in the last months that I first discovered MarkMallet and then this blog and realize that peoples intercesion/prayer have helped me to change. The struggle continues but I have been tring to live a penitent life that Pelianito informed of several weeks ago. My life and penitence is so flawed and sinful but I trust Jesus in Mary to take it as he wishes. I realize now that the totally crushing experiences of the last 9 years and particularly last winter have gradually led me to this place which is a far safer and secure place, in the will of God.
    Jason, I am possibly the most foolish father of an autistic son that there is on the planet. Thankyou for being patient with my confesion. Your son is a saint and will participate in your own salvation!!! Patrick


    1. Jason, you have taken some great leaps on the path of holiness, thanks be to God! As for the life of penance, it is better to begin by taking small steps–when training for a marathon you don’t run 26 miles the first day! As St. Louis-Marie de Montfort says, “If even a pin is given in homage it will be enough for God who sees only the heart.” God be with you and your family dear brother.


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