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Dear brothers and sisters…for your discernment I draw your attention to Spirit Daily to this article. While many of the quotes on the page are from this blog, I ask you to read all the way to the end of the article for a very interesting message from a 19-year old (daily communicant)…again for your discernment. Watch and pray!

Let us prepare our hearts this Advent as never before. Let us prepare our homes as the Spirit leads. Lord keep us from all anxiety as we wait in joyful hope for the coming of our Savior Jesus Christ. Come Lord Jesus, come and be born in our hearts.

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  1. The Lord repeatedly exhorts us to watch, and pray, and pray, and pray.

    Well, I think a great many have taken the prayer seriously, and have a good idea of what that should consist of. But what does it mean to properly “watch”?

    I had a dream a while back where I was intently looking at a bunch of small colored tiles up close, much like the tiles of a mosaic, although there were a bunch of tiles missing. I remember thinking that I didn’t understand what I was looking at although I was trying really hard. Suddenly I was pulled back, away from the tiles, until I could take in the whole mosaic. I said, “Ah, now I can see,” and suddenly had the notion that it all made sense.

    I pondered that dream for a long time and came up with various thoughts about it. After reading this article and meditating a bit, I think I finally just figured it out. Initially, I thought the little tiles represented ‘events’. Now, I think the little tiles actually represented ‘souls’ and the mosaic, ‘the Kingdom of Heaven’. Or to put it another way, another case of my focusing on the wrong things. Jesus always gets to the heart of the matter which is our salvation for His Kingdom.

    I have generally held back when it comes to talking about events. However, I’m not totally blind, and the fact is I’ve asked Jesus often for clear vision, insight and direction. Further, we have scripture, the saints, approved apparitions, and many obvious ‘lights’ at present who are clearly provided to us by our Father. One needs only approach authentic Revelation with the spirit of a trusting child and all becomes very clear.

    Back to ‘watch’. Created in the likeness and image of our Father, I think we must ‘watch’ after our own individual soul with the greatest of care. As apostles (and I mean this with a great degree of humility), we feel called to help ‘watch’ after the souls of our dear brethren with prayer, fasting, sacrifices, etc. As children of God, I think we must ‘watch’ His good actions, especially as manifested in His Son Jesus Christ, and do as He does. Always.

    Yes, there are life-altering ‘events’ happening and more coming with great speed. I see the raging storm build from my lonely little watch tower. But here’s what gives me comfort. I am not alone, because Jesus is with me. Further, I believe that once again, He asks the Father that we become one as They are One. I’m certain that our Father replies, and we continue to connect, scattered as we are over great earthly distances, to watch, and pray, and hope with great joy, for the coming of Our Savior’s Kingdom.

    Thank you, my dear friends, for giving me strength and joy as I endeavor to fulfill God’s will for me as far as I’m able. I pray the same for you, as you have all given so much.

    Come, Lord Jesus!


    1. God bless you Michael Patrick. The image of a mosaic helps me too. If I only had my own journal to consult, I would seriously doubt the messages as being too “out there”. But when you stand back and see the Lord speaking the same messages through many sources, the picture clears. Each one confirms the whole and the whole confirms each one.

      Mark Mallett’s book is an amazing source of confirmation and comfort. He draws on saints, Popes, Scripture, church documents, and approved apparitions. The message is the same. If any of you don’t have it yet, you should seriously consider getting it. His website is http://www.markmallett.com.

      God bless.


  2. Your comments remind me of the story of the tower of Babel, Pelianito, only this time the story in reverse. Those people had wicked intentions. As a result they were scattered and could no longer speak the same language. Here we are in these times, where the Lord is revealing to us His good intentions in many ways and helping us to act on them. The result is that we are slowly coming back together and learning to speak a common language again: love, the language of the Kingdom of Heaven. I’m really thankful for all the lights; all the saints and inspired souls who are with us, tasked with helping to teach us this language. God restores.

    I didn’t get Mark’s book yet, but have read all the posts on his blog. I’m thankful for that as well because it helped me when I felt “way out there” too. I’m especially thankful for this blog because I really needed an outlet to share my thoughts. Really, I was getting ready to explode because no one was listening. Pray for me that I learn this language of love soon so I can express my self more simply, with much more brevity. I appreciate everyone putting up with my lengthy thoughts.


    1. Don’t worry about brevity Michael Patrick, unless the Lord is asking for it. This sharing of faith is happening according to his timing. He delayed the timing in order to increase your longing. Now he has finally given you a voice, and he wants you to use it! He has opened the floodgates! What you share is very anointed, which means that it is not up to you whether you share it or not. There is a time for silence and a time to speak. This is the time for you to speak. Be at peace dear brother, and seek only to do his will.

      God bless.


  3. You know, the Lord promised that in the ‘latter days’ he would pour out His Spirit on all flesh and ‘even on my servants, both men and women, I will pour out my Spirit in those days.’ (Joel 2:28, 29). I figure that when even simple folk like me are hearing what the Lord is warning, the warning must be strong and the time close. In Is. 52, the watchmen lift up their voices ‘together’, and in chapter 62 the Lord says He has posted them.

    So much ‘watching’ during Advent! Watching for His coming. Watching like the wise and foolish virgins, hoping to be one of the wise. Watching over others as Patrick pointed out so eloquently. But there’s also the watchmen on the walls crying, ‘Awake, awake!’ as we sang in one of the hymns last Sunday (Wake, awake a voice is calling, the watchmen very high on the walls are crying: Awake, O city, Jerusalem!’ (my translation from the German) and calling out the word that they see.

    I don’t know a single, reliable prophetic voice, whether Protestant or Catholic, who hasn’t had the same kinds of dreams or visions as described in the Spirit Daily piece, who isn’t deeply concerned that judgment is coming on America and perhaps the entire West – sometimes even the images are the same, as Pelianito pointed out, storms, toronados and tsunamis, the most destructive forces in nature to paint the picture. It can be overwhelming.

    When I pondered Patrick’s mosaic, I first thought of how pointillist paintings make no sense up close, but distance gives perspective when all those dots and lines come together. Perhaps the prophetic world is also like this – as we put together the words of many who are listening to the voice of God’s Spirit, we get a fuller picture. Confirmation comes when we see people like Mark Mallet, who have the fruit in their lives, saying the same thing I hear in my livingroom. (I thank God I don’t have a public ministry, by the way. It has to be one of the most dangerous platforms in the Christian life, but God calls some to get the word out.)

    I don’t find that these kinds of warnings are very well received, on the whole. People either think we’re weird, or religious nuts, or raising things they don’t want to think about. Even pastors aren’t too happy about having prophetic types in their congregations, as even a Pentecostal friend of mine recently found out when she submitted everything to him, dreams that could be on Spirit Daily, in a denomination that has always prided itself on listening to the Spirit and welcoming His gifts. Yet, if the church can’t sort through the mosaic and make sense of it, who can?

    I found Mark Mallet’s book astonishing in that he traced the thread through the writings of many of the Holy Fathers. It’s neither weird nor alarmist. But it is coming.


  4. I just looked more intently at Michael’s comment because I just heard the same words he used in his opening sentence, “watch, and pray,” on a Christian radio station on my way home from work. The song kept repeating those same words (until I became weary of them) but it brought my attention to them….then I come upon Michael’s entries which leads me to believe He is directing my attention to the comments in his entry. This is how Christ is speaking to his children today, as Pelianito aludes to it, the repetition of messages across many public venues (and private ones as well). Recently, I told a popular news website that their comment section had become a tower of babel because it was full of attacks against the Church but little of the truth was being posted. In Pelianito’s post on Nov 30th, the Lord explained that the gifts he gave her were the gifts of strength and of weakness, which precisely answered the same question I had been asking of him in the days prior to that blog entry because I heard a movie character say that everyone is born with a gift. So I was pondering this question and asking the Lord what my gift was. I think His answer to Pelianito also was meant for me because I also feel very weak and powerless without Him. There are other recent entries from Pelianito that coincided with some very odd dreams I had. I will post them after this comment


  5. I had trouble finding the vision from the 19 year old on Spirit Daily and hadn’t read it before my last post. When I found it I felt strongly that it is true, and I remembered a vision the Lord had given to the leaders of Intercessors for America, a very godly group that has been around for some time, fasting and praying on the first Friday of each month for our country. Gary Bergel, a Catholic and the founder, was president of it at that time. As they waited on the Lord at a Board meeting in October of 2008, they received the following: ‘The United States is presently in a season of Autumn- characterized by a street filled with swirling bright-colored leaves. The season that lies ahead is Winter – a season that will involve realignments in the midst of judgments. We are to seek the Lord’s mercy even as we might experience His wrath. Postmodernism is cracking: people are ready to hear and learn. Light and warmth are more welcome in the dark and cold of winter. Be prepared to prune…it is critical to pray for the Church and the preparation of the Bride…’


  6. I had 2 dreams recently. In the morning after each dream, I opened Pelianito’s website to find the entries mentioned below. Please refer to her postings for the entire content of those entries.

    On the first night, I dreamed I was with a group of people who were on the move (in hiding) and we were constructing and deconstructing an altar of natural material (outdoors) so that there was no evidence remaining of its presence after we took it down. The only thing that stood out in the dream was the altar and the fact that we were concealing it and were on the move. The next morning, I read the words of Jesus to Pelianito below from Nov 18th (it was posted several days before I read it).

    “[Ezekiel 9:3-4] Then he called to the man dressed in linen with the writer’s case at his waist, saying to him: Pass through the city (through Jerusalem) and mark an X on the foreheads of those who moan and groan over all the abominations that are practiced within it. “My child, the time is near. My angels are ready to carry out all that I have commanded. Are my faithful ones ready?….””

    Then the very next night in a dream, I was vaguely aware of objects floating past my eyes but could not make out what the objects were. In the dream I was uninterested but conscious of the objects and made no effort to discern what the objects were. But, one indiscernible object kept coming back past my eyes. Suddenly, it came into clear focus and I could see that it was a badge or stamp with numbers similar to those worn by the Jews in the concentration camps. (In both dreams, the altar and badge were the only things that stood out and all that I remembered about the dreams). The next morning, I read a new entry in Pelianito’s blog which she posted on November 21st. The contents of her posts were striking after these dreams and also because the Mass readings were about Daniel’s dreams (Dn 7:13-14). I recommend you read those verses in Daniel again.

    Here is the post I read after the 2nd dream: ““Keep the light of faith burning brightly so that in the darkness the lost will find their way home…” Amos 5:16-17 Therefore, thus says the LORD, the God of hosts, the Lord: In every square there shall be lamentation, and in every street they shall cry, Alas! Alas! They shall summon the farmers to wail and professional mourners to lament, and in every vineyard there shall be lamentation when I pass through your midst, says the LORD.…””

    Lamentation was also mentioned that day in the Mass reading: Rv 1:5-8. “All the peoples of the earth will lament him” I think we should pay close attention to that reading too.


  7. The Lord seems to be taking pains to warn us, but I believe the main message is that he is with us always, to the end of the age–however near or far that may be! Thank you all for sharing your wisdom and insight.


  8. Very very true words Pelianito! More than ever we must say in complete abandonment JESUS I trust in You! As much as these warnings may be true, for some of us, our judgement may be tonight, tomorrow or next week. The good Lord may call us to Himself before any of these events…and for that we must be very ready. My prayer tonight for us and our families is that we be prepared and purified before we meet our JESUS who is pure love!

    May the light of the HOLY SPIRIT open our eyes to what is true in these times of much darkness.

    JESUS I trust in You!


  9. i think all messages that are authentic are simply strong ways of urging us to prepare. Prepare our souls for whatever. our own deaths at any moment or are harsh time to come.
    Stay in the state of grace and pray that others will also run to Jesus and seek grace and deep relationship with Him.
    Prepare for Lord. All is in His Time and Way.


  10. This is just so beautiful and true. I have prayed this outstanding prayer to Our Lady, and situations that are confusing or nasty are undone and corrected efficiently and perfectly! It puts a giant smile on my face just thinking about this devotion to Our Lady, and our new Archbishop with his wit, courage and wisdom…



  11. I’ve pondered the message that was received…”now gather in your family”. I finally asked the Blessed Mother how we were to do this when they were not open to the truth? We can’t drag them, although I would like to! The answer was to pray the Consecration of the Family to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. I have done the DeMontfort consecration, but never did this. We have been praying it every night for our family, trusting the Blessed Mother will do the rest. Hope this helps others who may be wondering what to do. The prayer I found is very beautiful and includes renewing your Baptismal vows if you’re interested!


    1. Thank you Carla. As I’ve said before, the Lord has given your family the gift of YOUR faith. He has place his faithful ones strategically so that many may be saved by their prayers. We are a rag-tag army, but in Jesus we are invincible! Thank again for sharing this prayer, another weapon in the arsenal of the kingdom!


  12. Hello Pelianito! I agree. I like the “rag-tag” description…fits perfectly! Ha!! I often say we’re like the Keystone Cops. That’s probably what God sees, as He’s shaking His head!
    God Bless!


    1. I wrote this article for the newsletter of the Brothers and Sisters of Penance a couple of years ago. I kind of fits with a couple of themes on the blog lately so I feel led to post it here.

      From the First Reading on the 29th Sunday in Ordinary Time

      At Rephidim, Amalek came and waged war against Israel. Moses, therefore, said to Joshua, “Pick out certain men, and tomorrow go out and engage Amalek in battle. I will be standing on top of the hill with the staff of God in my hand.”[…] As long as Moses kept his hands raised up, Israel had the better of the fight, but when he let his hands rest, Amalek had the better of the fight. (Exodus 17:8-9, 11)

      There can be no doubt that we are engaged in a spiritual battle unique and quite likely unprecedented in human history. The Lord is choosing his warriors, training them with fasting and prayer, and making them lean through sacrifice. With various trials he is teaching them to persevere to the end. The time for ease and rest is past. The lines have been drawn. The battle has begun. Why else would God choose this time in history to put new emphasis on the penitential lifestyle for the laity? Is it not because it is absolutely necessary to the unfolding of his plan for the Kingdom?

      Mary has been calling the world to prayer and penance for more than a century. But relatively few have responded. The evil one has amassed a great army, proud and seemingly strong. The army of God is made up of a ragtag few most of whom lack earthly power or influence, many of whom suffer from various infirmities, some are even bedridden. There is nothing in the overall appearance of God’s army that would intimidate an enemy. If the enemy is quaking at this point it might be from derisive laughter; he scorns the army of God at every opportunity. But this is not yet the end of the story.

      We can see how God operates in the story of Gideon in Judges, Chapter Seven. The enemy of God’s people, the Midianites, Amalekites, and Kedemites, had amassed in the valley. They were “as numerous as locusts”. Meanwhile, God had whittled the army of Gideon down from 10,000 to a mere 300 men. The enemy had swords and spears. God armed his band with horns, jars and torches. God’s strategy was for the 300 men in Gideon’s army to encircle the camp, break their jars and blow their horns shouting, “For the Lord and for Gideon!” What courage and faith it must have taken for those 300 men to fall in with such a plan! God rewarded their faith with an unimaginable victory. The enemy soldiers were thrown into confusion, turned their swords on one another and fled. There was no doubt who had won the battle. It was God’s victory.

      We can see in this story and in the story of Moses against Amalek, that God never chooses the strong to fight for him. He uses the weak to shame the strong. When Moses could not hold up his own arms, he leaned on the power of those God had given him. We are not meant to fight in God’s army on our own power. God wants the weakest of the weak in his army so that there will be no doubt that it is his power alone that has won the battle. It follows then that God leads us to the BSP, not because we are stronger than everyone else, but because we are weaker. Weakness is what God is looking for in a recruit.

      Those of us who have been in the BSP for some time are ourselves the greatest proof of that. The Rule of 1221, as we are constantly being told, is impossible to live in today’s world. And humanly speaking, that is very true. But nothing is impossible for God. If he wants us in this army—and he does—he will surely equip us fully for the spiritual battles he wants us to fight. Again, we in the BSP are living proof of that, for we can only boast, like St. Paul, of our weakness. Anything accomplished through our prayer and fasting is solely God working in us and through us. Nothing but sin and weakness comes from us. This confounds the enemy. To him we seem to be of no account—a deadly miscalculation.

      God uses the formation process of the BSP as our Boot Camp. No earthly soldier would desire to go into battle without at least Basic Training. Through the four years of formation, God whittles away at all that will distract us from the battle, until we are transformed—often radically transformed—into the soldiers he needs, humble, docile, obedient, ready.

      We are outfitted in the camouflage of baptism; as St. Paul tells us, “Our life is hidden with Christ in God.” That is a great strategic advantage for us, for our prayers and sacrifices fly at the enemy like sniper’s bullets coming from all sides, “out of the blue” of Mary’s protective mantle, to fell him and throw his camp into confusion. In embracing the Rule of 1221, we become the clay jars broken for battle. We carry the torch of God’s Word and the horn of salvation. We shout the battle cry: “For the Lord and for Mary!” Against all odds, a few pitiful soldiers put to flight an army as numerous as locusts.

      John Paul II began his Papacy with these words: “Be not afraid!” He meant it, and he meant it for us. Archbishop Sheen put it this way: “We have already won, only the news has not yet leaked out.”

      Think you’re too weak for this lifestyle? Perfect! You’ve got the “right stuff”. Answer the call—”For God and for Mary!”


  13. I came at random to the story of Gideon in the Bible just a few of nights ago and read through it slowly for a change. My first impulse was to make some comments about it on the blog, but I couldn’t bring myself to do it. I guess it just didn’t feel right. For the next couple of nights I found myself sitting on the patio rummaging through various memories of my past, in particular a time long ago where my life suddenly took an odd and unexpected turn in my third year of my junior year in college. Well, to make a long story short, I went from a riotous life of fun in frivolity in college to a military boot camp with four years of service attached. Imagine, I worked through those thoughts over the past two nights and thought I had myself decent story to share, a little parable about our journey of faith, boot camp and such.

    My good Lord is always teaching. I have to say I’m LOL and enjoying the precious moment like others seem to be the last day or so. Thank you, Lord, for the levity and constant patience during our lessons.

    Whichever kind of boot camp we’re talking about here, I’d like to just share one small point. I’ll never forget the first day. One glance at all the other ragtag misfits and I couldn’t possibly imagine how we were ever going to be groomed for anything useful. Further, our drill instructors were a nightmare. I’ll also never forget the final day when our little company marched out onto that graduation field, every step and movement perfectly synchronized, polished, confident and in the best physical shape of our lives. Two weeks later, we we’re all deployed in the fleet.

    “I pray not only for them, but also for those who will believe in me through their word, so that they may all be one, as You, Father, are in me and I in you, that they may also be in Us, that the world may believe you sent Me.” John 17:20-21


  14. Pelianito. thank you for sharing this wonderfully clear picture. i smiled when i read A. Sheen’s comment. the touch of humour is wonderful…….in such a serious and honest article.


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