News article…

Our regional Catholic newspaper, the Western Catholic Reporter, ran an article about me in their November 16 issue. It may be found online here. If you live near Edmonton and want to attend the prayer breakfast mentioned at which I will be giving a witness talk, see the Catholic Renewal Services of Edmonton website here.

Please pray for me, that Mary’s Fiat! may always find a home in me.


8 thoughts on “News article…

  1. You will be in my prayers! A place before the world’s watching eye, whether for praise or criticism, is a hard and dangerous place to be. Stay hidden in His Wounded Side!


  2. thank you for sharing this article. it gives the little readers a clearer understanding. stand firm and only listen to the Holy Spirit who counsels and comforts.


    1. Thank you both for your kind words.

      It’s all about mission. Say yes and see what God does with your paltry efforts. Or say no, and answer for it later. Hmm… Fiat mihi. Secundum verbum tuum!


  3. What a great opportunity to share the Word. Jesus provides. I pray that the Holy Spirit provides you with Grace –– overflowing –– and I pray for all those souls who will hear the message. May it continue to find fertile ground and spread. God bless!


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