Call upon his name and the enemy will be powerless against you…

Nahum 1:12-13 For, says the LORD, be they ever so many and so vigorous, still they shall be mown down and disappear. Though I have humbled you, I will humble you no more. Now will I break his yoke from off you, and burst asunder your bonds.

“My beloved child, well do I know how numerous and vigorous are those who would destroy the souls of my children. They plan their attacks and launch offensives without rest. My children grow tired—the fight is too much for mere mortals. That is why, my child, I sent my beloved Son to die for your sins. The yoke has been broken; all you need do is call upon his name and the enemy will be powerless against you. Child remember this always. Practice in small temptations so that when the bigger ones come your faith will not fail you. Stand firm. Let not the great gift of Jesus Christ go unclaimed by you, especially in time of temptation. Cast off the yoke of sin, for in the time so soon to come, the yoke of sin will weigh you down. Enter into the perfect love of Christ and be free.”

Jesus, Savior, I claim your perfect sacrifice with unending gratitude. May your perfect love protect me and mine from all temptation. Deliver us from evil, O merciful Jesus. Amen.


19 thoughts on “Call upon his name and the enemy will be powerless against you…

  1. These are very comforting words from Our Father. I was reminded in the section “Live in His Love” at left, to believe that we are the “beloved child” that is being intimately addressed here.

    We are His “beloved children”, and yes, we grow tired of the countless assaults on our souls.

    Jesus! Jesus! Jesus!

    The prophetic voices. How much they always remind me of one another. And so, I share this from another “little word” from earlier in these times:

    “Write, because there is someone wishing for it and thinking about it…”

    “I, to that Perfection of God’s Perfection –– remember, O people, that God is Charity, and the quintessence and perfection of Charity is found in Christ who took flesh to give you Life –– I, to that Perfection that came down to act in your midst, have given a name. A holy Name willed by Me because in His Name there is the epitome of His Perfection and of His outstanding mission. A Name whose real meaning is known to God alone. A Name before which the Godhead pulsates more ardently, before which Heaven with all it processions of angels and saints shines happier and brighter, before which the abyss shakes, and before which the forces of the Universe subject their might, because they recognize the name of the King through whom all things were made.”

    “The splendor and glory of the One and Triune God are in the thrice holy and powerful name of Jesus, because He is the Holy of holies in whom, as in God’s Temple, the living, true, perfect God is, as He is in Heaven, eternal and acting like a wheel that knows no welded joint and does not cease its motion for ever and ever before mankind and for ever and ever after mankind. Therefore, it is well put in the Book: ‘You shall not build Me a house, but your Son, that shall come forth out of your loins, He shall build a house to My Name.'”

    “How could you have contained God in a temple so infinite and holy as the Godhead implies? Only God Himself could have been a temple to God and bear His Name without being irony and insult. Only God could dwell within Himself and make man-made temples alive with Himself, temples on which the name affixed by man is no longer untruthful because I Myself gave you that Name.”

    “Only God, O Christians, could have given you His Name as a sign of salvation over all the reaches of the Earth, that Name which the angels will read on the foreheads of those who shall not die forever and will preserve them, by that Name, from the scourges of the last hour, just as it has already preserved from the second death the elect who in the heavenly abode sing the holiness of My Son’s Name.”

    “Oh! Children of My Son! He brought His Name to turn purple with divine Blood on the steep slope of Calvary and to shine, the one and only light of the darkened world, in the darkness of Good Friday, so that it might be the warning which from the top of a Cross points to Heaven for which you were made. It has been shining for hundreds of years to continue reminding you of Heaven. And it has never flashed as much as now to call you to Itself…”

    “The Name of the Just One, of the Holy One, of the strong One, of the Ruler, of the Conqueror. The Name of the One before whom the Father does not resist and through whom the Spirit pours out His streams of sanctifying grace. The Name of the Merciful One who loves you so much that He wanted to experience earth’s life and death, and wanted to become Food to nourish your weakness, and wanted to become Sacrament in order to remain in your midst after His return to Heaven and in order to bring God within you.”

    “I swear to you by My Holiness: there is not, there has not been, there never shall be a name greater than This One. In It I Myself, One and Triune, am with My supreme manifestation of power and love.”


    1. Thank you for this beautiful word, Michael Patrick, and for reminding everyone to think of themselves as the “Beloved child.” It is so important for everyone to know that our Lord is speaking these messages to all, not to one.

      Where did you find this word? It is good to have the source if possible. I know what you mean about the words sort of converging. There are some similarities between Mark Mallett’s last two posts and my last two posts. The Holy Spirit teaching in themes again! What beauty! May his name be praised forever!


  2. I just saw this and thought it most appropriate under this passage:

    “Entrust yourself entirely to God. He is a Father, and a most loving Father at that, who would rather let Heaven and earth collapse than abandon anyone who trusted in Him.”” –St. Paul of the Cross


  3. Here is a beautiful prayer that is in line with Michael Patrick’s eloquent words :
    Father all Merciful, let those who hear and hear again yet never understand, hear Your Voice this time and understand that it is You, the Holy of Holies; open the eyes of those who see and see, yet never perceive, to see with their eyes this time Your Holy Face and Your Glory. Place Your finger on their heart so that their heart may open and understand Your Faithfulness. I pray and ask You all these things,Righteous Father, so that all the nations be converted and be healed through the Wounds of Your Beloved Son, Jesus Christ. Amen,


  4. Very beautiful words, Giovanni. I can’t take credit for the words I shared, because they came from a suffering soul and mystical writer who passed in 1961. This little Italian woman, unremarkable and unknown to the world, but truly remarkable from the immense body of work she left –– nearly 15,000 handwritten pages containing “dictations” from Christ, His Mother, various Saints, personal meditations, etc. Nearly two thirds of the work concerns the Life of Jesus with commentaries on biblical texts, doctrinal lessons, histories of the first Christians and martyrs, and pious compositions. Her name is Maria Valtorta. Not terribly educated and bedridden due to a vicious attack from a delinquent youth, Maria produced a body of work that is among the most extraordinary I have ever read, and personally, I do not doubt the authenticity of her experiences and the work.

    There is no doubt plenty of information on the web, positive and deriding, and as always, we defer to the Church on these matters and discern with great care. At a certain time in my life I found myself turning back to God, reading the Bible, praying etc. In prayer one day, I mentioned to Jesus, quite candidly, that I had a lot of questions. Wouldn’t it be nice, I thought, if we could just sit down together for a nice long talk. Well, that first volume from Valtorta dropped in my lap one day shortly thereafter and the conversation has been going on ever since, though much less irreverent on my part. That said, I consider myself nothing more than a poor beggar, who occasionally finds a morsel of bread and I’m all to happy to point it out to anyone else who is hungry.

    I was thinking about Pelianito’s comments about the Holy Spirit teaching in themes and the various “words” from all over the globe seeming to resound with the same messages and same timing. Should any of us be surprised? Clearly not. God’s tireless, unending conversation has been going on with His children since the day He made Adam and Eve. We just keep forgetting how to listen. Every once in while, someone remembers. Some better than others. Sometimes he just knocks us off our horse, like He did with Paul. Whispers gently. Sends us a trial. Many, many, many ways, but always Mercy because we couldn’t possibly merit this great love on our own.

    Clearly Our Father is using extraordinary means to wake us up and teach us how to listen in this present time. I have no doubt that what we are experiencing is a foreshadowing of the Kingdom to come on earth. Truly a time for the spirit. A renewed love and intimate dialog between God and his children. Oh, come Lord Jesus, and renew the face of the earth!


    1. According to this Wikipedia article, the Holy See has not yet ruled on Maria Valtorta’s writings. However, many priests, bishops and cardinals have affirmed it as being of supernatural origin. Pope John XXIII put it on the list of forbidden books, but he also put St. Faustina’s diary on that list.

      Prayer and discernment is needed. What builds us up and does not contradict Scripture or Church teaching is probably ok. Certainly what Michael Patrick shared was edifying.

      May God’s kingdom come quickly and remove all errors and deceptions! May the kingdom of truth reign in our hearts and in the whole world! Amen.


  5. I couldn’t agree more, Pelianito. And let’s not forget in how many places the Holy Bible has been placed on a forbidden list and derided. Let’s hope that the faithful don’t wake up one day to find sacred scripture banned from our lives. Perhaps this is why the Word is preparing us in special way at present. I have no doubt that we must fuse every facet of our lives to the Word so that His light may always shine in the darkness.


  6. I had personally been pretty much alone on my journey for about 25 years–with the Lord as my guide–as Michael Patrick has described…

    What a great joy for me to hear so much from “sharing friends”–with such wonderful insights and prayers from Our God! Thank you so very much to all!!!

    And to those from whom we don’t hear–thank you so very much for your intercession and prayers for us and the whole world…


    1. There are a lot of us “alone” out there. For about 5 years I posted to this blog without any feedback, speaking the Word to a virtually empty virtual stadium. Of the few who did visit my blog probably half were people who knew me–the other half were spammers (Kidding! There were a few visitors, but very few.) You have no idea how heartwarming it is to finally have comments! 🙂 Thank you Jesus!

      But God’s timing is everything. Sometimes we are asked to work out our salvation, our mission in faith and trust. At other times we have the consolation of companions on the journey. I don’t think it is a coincidence that we are finding one another at this time.

      Ephesians 4:15-16 Rather, living the truth in love, we should grow in every way into him who is the head, Christ, from whom the whole body, joined and held together by every supporting ligament, with the proper functioning of each part, brings about the body’s growth and builds itself up in love.


  7. Hello everyone,
    I am new to this site and look forward to reading all of your comments. I just bought an audio Bible in hope of knowing our Lord’s word better. God Bless all of you. Irish


  8. Welcome Irish! God’s word is alive! If only more Catholics and indeed the whole world would immerse themselves in it. The comments you will find here will encourage you on the path. I thank all who contribute, and those who do not, I thank you for your silent presence. Let us all continue to pray for one another and for the whole world.


  9. As a former Protestant who learned the Bible very well, I can say that my worst mistakes have come from ignoring, or rationalizing what the Bible says. This is very easy to do in our culture. At one point, ‘The borrower is slave to the lender’ (Proverbs 22:7) would have saved me a lot of grief, and could have, if I had applied it the mortgage I was about to acquire to the wisdom from Scripture! (But everyone has a mortgage, right? that’s not really debt!) It took almost a year of sacrifice and the loss of some equity to get out of what I learned to call ‘the fowler’s snare’. This is just one, small example. When God says anything, no matter how small, the verse so short, we should listen.

    I liked your meditation on the Our Father, Pelianito.

    Speaking of following the Lord and His word, a friend and I were recently talking about how pervasive the undertow of the culture is, and the toll it is taking on families, even godly families working hard to raise their children to love and obey the Lord. As a result, we’ve both become quite different than those around us (this happens naturally – if you decide to stay home with the kids, for example, then you have to live on one income and that involves a whole lot of old-fashioned skills and a lot of people who say, ‘but what do you DO? Don’t you have a job?)

    The next morning I had a dream that I was watching foreigners planting something in my garden. They had on those funnel-shaped hats that you see on rural Chinese peasants in pictures and bags slung over their shoulders into which they reached for seed. But it wasn’t seed at all. They were planting little chips of rock. And, of course, there would be no crop, no matter how diligently they planted.

    During prayer I remembered this picture again, and felt the Lord was calling it a ‘parable’. I remembered Scripture to help interpret it (‘the field is the world’), and while I don’t think I’m at the bottom of it yet, the lens of Scripture is the one I turned to because I thought, ‘If Jesus has already likened some things to others in His parables, then that makes the interpretation easy as I should always follow His lead.


    1. Thank you for sharing this Columbkille. One interpretation that came to mind is as follows. However, symbols can have many meanings so it doesn’t mean this is the “right” interpretation, just the one that came to my mind.

      Chinese workers could represent the eastern religious influence. They are planting rocks or dead seeds in your garden which is the church. It speaks to me of the futile way of life of those who follow New Age practices, especially those in our church.

      I once felt the Lord telling me: “I speak to you in dreams because the symbols are more powerful than words alone.” Symbols are certainly more memorable.

      Joel 1:1 Then afterward I will pour out my spirit upon all mankind. Your sons and daughters shall prophesy, your old men shall dream dreams, your young men shall see visions…


  10. I think that Pelianito is “right on” with her idea about the dream that Columbkille had:

    The planting was throughout “the world” and probably throughout “time on earth”…

    The New Age Movement, while it sounds “new”, is really run by all sorts and types of demons that have been around long before we were planted on this earth–the likes of which were thrown out of the heavens… These characters have been involved with all of the religions that are not “of God” throughout the centuries. Right now they are enjoying leading the “New Age Movement”. It is a spirituality which leads one’s heart to be “like a stone”!

    And if you think about it, so many other forms of spirituality are intermixed with these “New Age” ideas, at this time in history; including the Catholic Faith–wherever its Truths are not being protected…

    Jesus we trust in YOU!


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