I will lead my sheep through the raging waters to the restful waters…

Isaiah 51:11 Those whom the LORD has ransomed will return and enter Zion singing, crowned with everlasting joy;they will meet with joy and gladness, sorrow and mourning will flee.

“My child, be consoled. If for a time you suffer trials—even great trials—know that your Lord is the God of all consolation. I have prepared a banquet for my people, a Sunday feast, a Sabbath rest. Believe in my goodness always. Trust that I will lead my sheep through the raging waters to the restful waters. I have promised and I will do it, says the Lord. My child, the time is very near when the faith of many will be tested. Cling to my Mother for she will not let her children be devoured by the dragon.”

Jesus in Mary I trust in you. I believe, hope, and trust in you and ask pardon for all who do not believe, hope, and trust in you. Blessed Mother, keep us safe under your mantle. I cling to you and bring with me all those you have given me to pray for. Amen.

6 thoughts on “I will lead my sheep through the raging waters to the restful waters…

  1. we cling to our Mother Mary. We cling to Jesus Her Son. We ask the Holy Spirit to guide us gently in the coming time so we may reach the Banquet our dear Eternal Father has waiting for us. Please pour YOur Light on those who are confused, hurt, in bitterness, and need extra Mercy so all may enjoy the great Feast of the New Sunday Sabbath.


  2. This resonates with Mark Mallett’s most recent blog post on “homecoming” Goodness is woven in the very fabric of our lives…it is the Presence of Father, Son and Holy Spirit…our true home. And here: believe in my goodness always. A Sunday feast, a Sabbath rest! A banquet! I teach Catechesis of the Good Shepherd to children and we often speak with them about Parousia the Greek word found in the New Testament 23 times which means the time when God will be All in All. As the children say, “no more crying, no more dying, no more pain. And Parousia is here among us now in the presence of His Precious Body and Blood!
    I receive such comfort from your blog, Pelianito! Thank you!


  3. Let’s always remember that Peter literally walked on water when he kept his eyes on Jesus… We just need to afix our eyes on the Lord and hold onto His Mother–Our Mother!


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