There can be no end to the destruction and darkness until truth is enthroned in men’s hearts…

Wisdom 1:16 It was the wicked who with hands and words invited death, considered it a friend, and pined for it, and made a covenant with it, because they deserve to be in its possession.

“My child, the wages of sin is death. And death begets death—it cannot beget life. So you see the downward spiral begun at the Fall of man but magnified exponentially in this age. The evil one, the prince of death, knows how short his time is on earth. Do you feel the frenzy with which he and his minions are going about their destructive business in this age?”

Lord the weight of darkness and the looming chaos are hard to miss.

“Yet my child, so few are aware. Many walk in the darkness oblivious to the danger. Pray for light my child, pray for true illumination and the illumination that comes from truth. There can be no end to the destruction and darkness until truth is enthroned in men’s hearts.”

O my Jesus, Lord of Truth, Light, and Life, I implore your mercy to let the brilliant light of truth shine for all to see. Let it illumine the darkest places so that those imprisoned by sin and death may walk in the light of life and truth. Fulfill your word O Lord: “The people who walked in darkness have seen a great light.”* Come Lord Jesus—maranatha! Come!

(*Isaiah 9:1)


7 thoughts on “There can be no end to the destruction and darkness until truth is enthroned in men’s hearts…

  1. I think this means to pray for the Illumination to come!

    Thank you, Dear Lord. Lord, I pray for all hearts to turn to You and remain with You forever…

    And come oh so quickly, Dear Lord…


  2. Amen,amen,amen. Dear Lord, we open our hearts to You and ask You to pour graces into our hearts so we see clearly. We also ask that You pour extraordinarly graces into the hearts of those dear to us that they may be struck by the Light and TRuth so they may convert their hearts to You. we ask in the DIVINE WILL that our prayers for these graces be multiplied to all so the world is absolutely flooded and drenched in graces for all. May the hounds of heaven pursue and pursue all at this present moment and each day to come. Amen


    1. Thank you for this powerful prayer Anne. I add my AMEN!

      I must say I am amazed at what a powerful Word this passage from Wisdom is and how apt a description of our age. Lord of Life come!


  3. Dear and wise Fr. Groeschel, from the Franciscans of the Renewal and EWTN, calls the people such as those described in the scripture passage, “stupid wicked”…

    Dear Lord, in your Brilliant Wisdom, apply Your Graces and Blessings superfluously upon our “stupid wicked” brothers and sisters in this world, that they may not only see Truth and Light, but that they may welcome the Truth and Light–You– into their hearts, now and eternally…


  4. It came to me, when I awoke this morning, that the Lord is always appreciative when we prostrate ourselves before Him. We can do this figuratively–in our mind and spirit. It can also be done–even if only for a moment–physically. I have found that it is an extremely powerful form of prayer. I believe that the more we do this–in the Power of the Spirit, attached to the Cross, wrapped in the Mantle of Our Mother and in worship of the Father–the more powerfully we can influence what is to come in a positive way…


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