They revile and defile my Bride in the same way my torturers reviled and defiled me…

Jude 1:17-18 But you, beloved, remember the words spoken beforehand by the apostles of our Lord Jesus Christ, for they told you, “In (the) last time there will be scoffers who will live according to their own godless desires.”

“My child, can you see around you the fulfillment of this prophecy? They scoff at my laws to which nature itself testifies, and they exalt their perversions. They revile and defile my Bride in the same way my torturers reviled and defiled me. Oh my child! What hardship is coming on account of these sins! Pray very hard for conversions and do not stop—even as you work*. Let each moment of your day be consecrated to the Immaculate for the sake of souls. In this way, not a moment is wasted. Then offer the prayers I have brought to your mind when duties allow. Child pray! I am with all my children in this late hour.”

Jesus be near! Mary, please do not leave us! I pray and pray for conversions through the Divine Mercy and St. Gertrude’s prayer and through the consecration of my day to the Immaculate. Mercy O Lord! Have mercy! Amen.

(*I do not take this to mean that our prayer should in any way distract us from our duties, but that in consecrating our day to the Immaculate, our duties become prayer. Then when it is possible, we add the prayers our Lord has highlighted on these pages.)


30 thoughts on “They revile and defile my Bride in the same way my torturers reviled and defiled me…

  1. And who do they follow but the scoffer of all scoffers who assails the faithful in countless ways in this time. They go further and make gods of themselves, poor gods of lifeless dust devoid of the vital Life that only comes from God through His only Son Jesus Christ, our Savior.

    I’ve been relatively quiet through the tempest lately. I could barely call to mind any meditation or prayer lately, other than clinging in spirit to the Cross and alternately reaching out for Our Mother’s hand. Somewhere along the line I remembered some of the past words here and offered the trial up to our Lord for the salvation of souls. That did it.

    The words and comments here provided me assistance in the dark. A lighthouse here. A foghorn there. Now that I’m safely back on shore, I am revisiting the words with joy and gratitude for my brothers in sisters in Christ.

    Lord, I consecrate what remains of this day to the Immaculate for the sake of souls. Protect us from the phantasms and myriad distractions that seek to thwart our constant prayer and obedience to Your will. Thank You for your love and mercy. We especially ask for Your love and mercy to penetrate and take root in those who are in the gravest need.


    1. God bless you dear Brother. We have missed your meditations! Thanks be to God for shining his light once again into your heart and for showing you in some way the pain Our Lord’s absence brings.


  2. My friends last night’s message takes on new meaning this morning as there is news that a “Secular Calendar” put out by homosexual groups in Spain, is being openly promoted. It features holy images vandalized in scandalous ways to promote the homosexual agenda. Many of the pages, I understand, defile and revile the Blessed Virgin, who is the image of the Bride.

    The persecution of the Church is escalating. How long before she must descend to the catacombs once more? Lord have mercy! Christ have mercy! Lord have mercy on us and on the whole world.


  3. I have noticed that the Lord is filling my cupboards yet again. He has been having me do intense cleaning, and necessary repairs have been plentiful.

    Loved ones are near.

    I am on the verge of getting jewelry parts to convert much of what I have to rosaries, etc. I am ordering and gathering much holy material–prayer cards, books, a tape of at least one Mass… I have ordered an exterior hard drive to keep important items off of my online computer, if necessary.

    My days have been circulating around the agenda Jesus puts into them for years, as I have a business that belongs to Him… It has not done well this year, but the focus really has been on getting my home and loved ones in order, I believe.

    As I awoke one morning about 2 summers ago, I felt I was told to prepare for 40 days… That “40 days” was a very important number to God. Not that the time would be 40 days, but not that it wouldn’t either…

    Our Lord mentioned to Mary Reilly that we need to fill our pantry with food, gather wood for fuel, blankets for warmth, medicine and water. But, whatever God’s people have will be sufficient…

    Our Lord is able to multiply goods in the time to come for His people. We just need to be obedient and prepare the best we can…


  4. And my heart is filled with hope once again~

    Last week, in the middle of the night, the Lord awakened me many times. And we went searching in the depths of the oceans for the “bottom dwellers”. (The Lord and I had already gone through this with the saving of a friend of mine from eternal damnation…)

    It just came to me that Pelianito has discovered some people who are very much in need of prayer. And so let us surround them and all who would torture the “Bride” with our new prayers, so that all may be saved…

    Once again: Praise be to God!


  5. I am hoping it suffices to consecrate every moment of every day as opposed to each day offering every moment. I know this is a technicality, but with the whirl of life and work I do not remember every day. Lord have mercy and accept my faulty offering!


  6. In regards to the gay calendar, or to so called “comedian” Larry David who urinated on a picture of our Lord in the latest episode of “Curb your enthusiasm”; one cannot exactly pray, “forgive them, Father, they know not what they do” because they DO know exactly what they do!

    Nevertheless, one should pray that they may be convicted of their behavior. Tis a hard prayer to make tho….


  7. What a sad world, Heather! My prayer is that when their conscience is illuminated that they will come back to the Lord with all their hearts. Our prayers have the effect of softening hearts in some way. However, our Lady says that many will not be converted. Still, our job is to pray!

    Jesus, may your kingdom come, and come quickly. I offer you the sweet entreaties of the Blessed Mother to call you down to earth. Jesus hear us, Jesus graciously hear us!


  8. Mary Therese, I have also felt compelled to gather Holy items such as artwork and books. I’ve even gathered together the best stuff on my hard drive, printed it out, and put it all together in binders. Sort of a Liturgical Year, with Feast Days and such. It’s comforting to know others are doing likewise, that’s why I love this blog.


  9. This is an interesting interview with Alice von Hildebrand. I think we have to be on guard also about some of the innovations that have taken place within the Church.
    A couple of snips from the interview.
    Modernism itself was the fruit of the calamity of the Renaissance and the Protestant Revolt, and it took a long historical process to unfold. If you were to ask a typical Catholic in the Middle Ages to name a hero or heroine, he would answer with the name of a saint. The Renaissance began to change that. Instead of a saint, people would think of geniuses as persons to emulate, and with the oncoming of the industrial age, they would answer with the name of a great scientist. Today, they would answer with a sports figure or cinema personality. In other words, the loss of the sense of the supernatural has brought an inversion of the hierarchy of values.
    With the loss of a sense of the supernatural, there is a loss of the sense of a need for sacrifice today. The closer one comes to God, the greater should be one’s sense of sinfulness. The further one gets from God, as today, the more we hear the philosophy of the new age: “I’m OK, You’re OK.” This loss of the inclination to sacrifice has led to the obscuring of the Church’s redemptive mission. Where the Cross is downplayed, our need for redemption is given hardly a thought.
    The aversion to sacrifice and redemption has assisted the secularization of the Church from within. We have been hearing for many years from priests and bishops about the need for the Church to adapt herself to the world. Great popes like St. Pius X said just the opposite: the world must adapt itself to the Church.
    There have been two books published in Italy in recent years that confirm what my husband had been suspecting for some time; namely, that there has been a systematic infiltration of the Church by diabolical enemies for much of this century. My husband was a very sanguine man and optimistic by nature. During the last ten years of his life, however, I witnessed him many times in moments of great sorrow, and frequently repeating, “They have desecrated the Holy Bride of Christ.” He was referring to the “abomination of desolation” of which the prophet Daniel speaks.


  10. A truly sad world. I was just on a business call attempting to get a bunch of unreasonable, angry people to focus their limited energy on the opportunities they could positively impact rather than chain themselves to all the problems and indifference.

    I mention this because I was nearly overwhelmed this past week by the rapid accumulation of anti-christian horrors as reported across a wide array of media outlets. Because it made me feel small and helpless at the time, I suddenly found myself tossing around on the waves in a little boat in the dark. Surely it is because of the Mercy using the prayers and sacrifices of the faithful that we recover from these attacks. (see my other post above and in the previous posting). I feel that there is a pertinent and timely message in two gospel stories: The multiplication of the loaves and Jesus walks on the water.

    I also mention this because we are confronted by so many lost souls choosing the path of destruction which manifests itself in countless blasphemies and crimes against the Sacred Heart and the Bride of Christ. Unfortunately, we are not spared some of the horrific onslaught directed at all that is Holy. Often, it is directed at us. Always we suffer because of it, but take heart. Salvation is accomplished through suffering… even our little offering.

    Because of the Word here and elsewhere, I am more focused on some key points today:
    – The world’s actions, even if truly horrific, are definitely limited.
    – Our actions when united to God’s good will are not, because His Grace will multiply their impact beyond our understanding. We must want, we must ask, and we must act. Pray always. Further, be prepared to get out of that boat and walk across the water to our Savior, contrary to every human thought and voice that say it is not possible. Jesus is the eternal victor.

    “Come.” – Mt 14:29


  11. This is a beautiful reminder, Michael Patrick, that we are on the winning team and that she WILL crush the enemy’s head with her heel, which is the lowly ones who follow her and do as she asks in the name of Jesus her Son. Thanks be to God! Alleluia!


  12. For the past several years I, too, have been collecting religious items with a feeling that they would be needed and unavailable at some time. I’ve built up a good Catholic library. I’ve got a rubbermaid box full of Catholic articles, brochures, prayer cards and the rosaries, medals, and scapulars. I’ve stocked up on food and dry goods but not as much as I’ve stocked up on Catholic goods. It’s interesting to hear that others are doing the same.


  13. Dear Pelianito, In addition to the article from Catholic Online, Archbishop Dolan has blasted the NY Times for its own anti-Catholic bias:—the-gospel-in-the-digital-age/index.cfm?i=14042.

    I must add, I have had a very difficult time concentrating on prayer lately, and have been distracted even at Mass, as well as giving up on fasting. I know this means to pray harder — I wish there were more hours in the day.


    1. Thanks Mary-Louise. The great persecution is being set up.

      As for prayer and fasting, I find that having a rule of life is most helpful. I don’t have to decide what I will do as it is laid out in the rule. I fpllow the rule of the BSP (, but there is a Rule for the Laity here, if anyone wishes one on their own. My Spiritual Director had a hand in putting it together.

      Regarding your prayers, don’t pass judgment on their worth. Give everything to God. Think of the value he gave to the widow’s two small coins. If it’s all you have that day, and you give it all to him, he will give it a value far beyond your efforts. He is so generous! Even our best efforts are worthless, really, in the infinite scheme of things. It is what our Lord can do with all we give him that matters. Pray and be at peace.


  14. Pelianito, thank you for sharing the Rule for Laity. fantastic actually to have a clear outline and check. i will down load a copy and always good to share with others.


  15. just read the articles on the anti Catholic bias. i had no idea how blatant it has become in U.S.A i am from another part of the world.


    1. I think it is world-wide. There are horrid persecutions in India, it’s been going on for years in Sudan. This is a diabolical world-wide conspiracy. And now the mainstream media and Hollywood are vilifying the Church in North America and wherever their tentacles reach. I am beginning to understand why our Lord did not open his mouth to defend himself. It is as if we speak a different language from those who want to destroy us. Can you use the laws of God to defend yourself to someone who doesn’t believe in God? There is a time to speak and a time for silence. I think there will come a time when our silence will speak louder than words. Jesus lead us! We trust in you alone.


  16. yes i do realize India, Sudan and many other places are terrible in persecuation. but did not realize the verbal and “artistic” attack had grown so much more in USA. i see it is really stepping up over there compared to a couple of years ago. Here too but not quite so often.
    AND yes i too am beginning to realize through first hand experience why THE LORD did not open His mouth. everything said inflames the situation becuase one IS speaking a different language. Silence disarms more or at least calms and does not ADD to it. Sister Faustina was told this and i think i read it on Mark Mallett recently that she was told how to behave in the face of attack.
    i fully believe that the time is coming when silence will be the only way to be in time of spiritual attack.


  17. I was thinking today, on the way back from Mass and Adoration, that when we are confronted with a difficult situation, it is always appropriate to pray.

    Pray to make reparation for the sin. Pray for the sinner for whom Jesus died and who He loves so very much. Pray to calm our souls… If you pray “in the Spirit” it is especially powerful…

    When a difficult situation arose while I was teaching, I prayed in the spirit. It actually caused young people for whom I prayed, who were under the influence of a “different spirit”, to flee. One time a student all of a sudden had a tremendous headache and had to go see the school nurse. Another time a student periodically popped into a hallway full of students I was overseeing; and each time I prayed he disappeared! In one instance a young man started praying in demonic tongues– which freaked out his friends & me. Needless to say he asked for a pass to leave…

    It is a powerful way to pray, and it is great because you don’t need to figure out how to pray! Just give it to God!


  18. Mary Therese, do you mean “in tongues” when you say in the the spirit. did you teach High School?

    the other thing i have realized is that old Nick actually WANTS attention. so silence and calmness of spirit and quietly praying in the spirit as suggested by M.t. is best way to cope. quietly surrender it all to the LORD. of course because we are human when one is really hit and perhaps in shock this can be difficult but if one practices this as much as possible in little instances, then be easier in big situations.
    also Mark Mallett in last post made perceptive comments. abandonment. holiness and obedience for the Passion of the Church which is on its way. In our own situations apply these.


  19. Hi, anne,
    Yes, silently “in tongues”. And yes, I was teaching in high school at the time. I gave no sign of praying…

    A year ago, we were landing in a plane that had no breaking mechanisms–they had become inoperable. The pilot was young and air traffic control was unsure if the runway was long enough for us to land safely–we would have to taxi until the plane stopped on its own… The pilot used up some fuel and then discussed options with air traffic control–would we go to another airport or “try to land” at our intended destination?

    All of a sudden you could tell that we were “trying to land” at our original destination. We were heading very fast towards the ground… (I’m sure you can imagine this!) So I prayed very loudly the “Hail Mary” repetetively until we safely landed on the ground and began slowing down… After using up every bit of the runway, we stopped perfectly at the last gate! We were greeted by 6 fire engines and a number of police cars, who got to go home early and without incident…

    So sometimes silent prayer and sometimes very loud prayer is appropriate!

    Praise God!!!


  20. My patron saint is Columba of Iona, who lived in a very turbulent time. Monasteries and homes were regularly ransacked by barbarians – hatred was open and deadly. Yet the inhospitable rock of Iona was a place of refuge, not only for those who needed food the monks grew and gave, but of rare and beautiful religious items, especially books of the Gospel. Should persecution become intense, or even if an ‘outside’ event limits travel and believers again must meet in homes, I find Columba’s model more and more appealing: a place of prayer, of protection, where the Word is known and copied, (not hurriedly, but beautifully), songs are sung; a place of refuge, of hospitality, a place to nurse the sick, a place where some can be sent out and establish more such places, a place to find comfort and prayer among believers…Friends, when you fear for the church and for your situations, may it comfort you to know that the Lord is quietly building the communities He will use to comfort the lost, bind up the wounded, challenge the darkness, keep the faith. Like Columba’s monks, we will certainly experience hardship, hatred, perhaps even martyrdom (although in our country this is often done with such a casual hand – the job lost because of faith, but presented as something else, such as a personality flaw or a vague failure of duty) but we will also surely experience the supernatural, too, the multiplied loaves, the healings, the mighty power of sacramentals, the dreams and visions that instruct and warn.

    Perhaps your tug to pray or lay food by is the first step. Still Waters Farm, our attempt to follow the model, does some of these things already in small ways, increasing tentatively each year. I do lay in the food, but also the books. Grow the food and herbs, but also offer hospitality to many, often priests these days, who need the quiet, a good meal and the knowledge that they are being prayed for and cared for. My own mother spent her last days being nursed here, in peace, and by a vision we knew when the Lord would take her. When we laid in medical supplies, we didn’t know a patient would be coming, but it was possible to be ready in a matter of hours and the nurses were impressed with our ‘hospital wing’. We were just doing our job as God lead us. I think perhaps God shows us in little ways what He can do, like showing what an ocean looks like in a drop of water. The tiny bit each does is like one drop…


  21. A great prompting for prayer from M.T., and a nice meditation for us. I was thinking about the efficacy of prayer and I am reminded of the need to have this firmly rooted in love and charity at all times. Well, this is why I periodically struggle. I have to admit that I am not yet a great lover and act charitably only with the most painstaking effort. Also, it is absolutely essential that we forgive all offenses against us to have God’s help to achieve the utmost through prayer.

    Yes, the miasma of sin covers the world and causes bewilderment and struggles. To help with this, I was prompted to meditate on our Lord’s passion and the struggles the apostles endured. I am reminded of Peter, all too human Peter, and his struggle to seek out the Love again after his denials. I am reminded of John and how quickly he recovered from the assault. He was sifted as well, but I would say that he was so well grounded in love and charity that it was far easier for him to recover.

    I am consoled on the eve of All Saints Day with this meditation on love, charity and forgiveness. My prayers can sometimes be overly complicated, but this evening it simply consisted of a quivering little speck of love expressed to our Father. Oh! It was met with the boundless Love of the Father and I cannot adequately express my joy. Sustain us all with the joy of Your Love, Father! Truly You created us out of an excess of Love. With Love. To Love. For Your Love!


  22. Hello, I am new to this site and am thrilled to read all your comments. I too have had a burden to put up food and by the audio bible and gather rosary Beads. I don’t know what is coming but I feel it isn’t good. I pray all day long as I am home on disability since April and that is strange too. I have had back problems for 15 yrs but just went to a level that has caused me to be home with no hope of returning to work and my daughter and her family have moved in with me, I use the time to pray and go to daily mass. I am glad I am not the only person that is putting things up as my family laughs at me and thinks the the cheese has fallen off the cracker but I know better. Thanks for your comments and inspiration.


    1. Welcome Irish! Who needs cheese on their cracker anyway? We’re all about penance here! LOL Please keep us all in your prayers. What a gracious gift our Lord has given you and given the world through your prayers and sacrifices. Listen to what St. Faustina says about a suffering soul (#1268, Divine Mercy in My Soul):

      In a suffering soul we should see Jesus Crucified, and not a loafer or burden on the community. A soul who suffers with submission to the will of God draws down more blessings on the whole convent than all the working sisters. Poor indeed is a convent where there are no sick sisters. God often grants many and great graces out of regard for the souls who are suffering, and He withholds many punishments solely because of the suffering souls.

      God bless you dear sister!


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