It is offered free because only my Son can afford the cost of your salvation…

Luke 1:46-47 And Mary said: “My soul proclaims the greatness of the Lord; my spirit rejoices in God my savior. . . .”

BVM: “My child, listen to my Son who only wishes that his children would return his love and live with him forever. Sadly, tragically, many today reject his free gift, grossly underestimating the value of the gift. This is the pearl of great price. Sell all you have, but you will never have enough to purchase it, for its value is far beyond any created thing, and indeed beyond all created things together. It is offered free because only my Son can afford the cost of your salvation. He alone is worthy to purchase souls. The only value souls have is found in Jesus. And yet so few realize what minuscule particles they are apart from him. But in him—oh, my child! If you could see the soul that loves my Son and accepts the gift of salvation with humble gratitude—my child, you would die a thousand happy deaths! There is no beauty in creation to compare with it! So count as nothing all that hinders you, all that distracts you, all that bars your way to Christ. Love him alone, and all shall be more perfect than you ever dreamed possible.”

Blessed Mother I thank you for this beautiful reminder of all that I am not—apart from Christ I am nothing! Jesus I thank you with the love and gratitude of your mother for the free gift of my salvation. Words cannot express it; I leave it to her to do so. Alleluia!


9 thoughts on “It is offered free because only my Son can afford the cost of your salvation…

  1. Thanks for this link, Guy. Our Lady has some strong messages for our time. And I like what this priest says about “bumping up our prayer time”, quoting Pius XII: “The salvation of the many depends on the faithfulness of the few.” Pray! Pray! Pray!


  2. I was out on my business this morning and later was drawn to our Adoration Chapel on the way home. Like dull metal to a powerful magnet. Thank you, Jesus, for redirecting me to Your business!

    First, I felt His Peace. Real Peace, as opposed to the usual mix of nonsense we sometimes experience during the day. Second, I was almost floored at the troops assembled there in front of the Eucharist. For years I have seen only a small handful, if any, and today there were dozens of warriors… and I mean warriors in full battle array. Rosaries in hand. Quiet, tearful, ardent, humble prayer and adoration. Praise God!

    I heard one clear word today at Adoration: “Patience.” I feel moved to pass it along.

    Personally, I can’t hear that word often enough. Patience. The Lord has told us here on more than one occasion that “there is much to come.” St. Augustine reminds us that “patience is the companion of wisdom.” Helen Keller gives us the interesting quote, “We could never learn to be brave and patient, if there were only joy in the world.”

    If you could have only seen those patient people today at adoration. Old, limping, tired, creaking bones and labored breath. There were canes and oxygen bottles. Beyond that, there was light and love in those eyes… and tears as well. But Oh, the Patience.


    1. Reminds me of one Holy Thursday a few years back. I was at adoration and an elderly couple well into their ’80s came in for a period of adoration. It was fairly late so they didn’t stay too long. As they prepared to leave, I felt the Lord’s great love and respect for them as elders, and I heard the words interiorly, “Well done, good and faithful servant.” It was very moving. And I was surprised by the respect the Lord of Life held for the elderly. I learned something very important that night about respecting my elders.

      And yes, Michael Patrick, the elders know about patience and they are powerful warriors with rosaries in their hands.


  3. i had the most joyful experience with friends on last sunny Sunday afternoon, sitting with friends in the garden. Tim made everyone iced coffees, Gwen spoke of her daughter who is a music therapist{a course i would love to have done but not here} and Sister Joan read from the bible. we sang and laughed and enjoyed each others company. where was I? in the garden of my mothers dementia ward with 1o woman, Tim the carer who came in on HIS DAY OFF just to be and do little extras and Gwen who is going to apply to work there. all the ladies were so sweet and doing their own thing of trying to talk, and living in their regained childhood. It was quite amazing.


  4. Dementia and Alzheimer’s as ways to become “little children” before entering eternity has always been my thought–thank you for confirming it, dear Pelianito and anne!


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