The battle lines are being drawn: on one side life, peace, hope; on the other side death, discord, despair…

Haggai 2:9 Greater will be the future glory of this house than the former, says the LORD of hosts; And in this place I will give you peace, says the LORD of hosts.

“Peace, my child, my peace I give you. Not as the world gives, for peace is not of this world but springs from the fount of life and love. The Culture of Death cannot bring peace, but only discord. My child, the battle lines are being drawn: on one side life, peace, hope; on the other side death, discord, despair. Choose today which side you will serve. I put before you life and death. Choose life!”

My Jesus I trust in you alone. Help us Lord! We are weak, but in you we are strong. Give us the courage to defend life at all times. May the safe refuge of the Immaculate Heart surround and protect us as we take up the arms of life and love. Jesus in Mary we trust in you!


16 thoughts on “The battle lines are being drawn: on one side life, peace, hope; on the other side death, discord, despair…

  1. Yes, we must choose life. I just found your blog this morning and I can see that the truth is spoken here. I found it from Mark Mallet’s site. I listed it in my blogroll so that I could find it again. Thank you for sharing 🙂


  2. I sure want to be with those who choose love and life–think of the alternative!

    Hold me firmly within the Ark of Your Heart, Dear Blessed Mother… I trust in you, Jesus, to keep me in Her Ark! Never let me fall out!!!


  3. Lord, cover us with Your Precious Blood! The time is breathtakingly short. It’s like the utter silence before a bad storm, when every leaf hangs limp: then the tempest. For those who can see or sense what lies ahead, the great temptation is to plan, fume, fret, worry. Planning has its place, as Joseph did in the OT, but the only hope is to hide in Jesus.

    The Lord is pulling the church together as the prophets see ‘eye to eye’. A Protestant mystic named David Wilkerson (Times Square Church) is saying the same things as Mark Mallet – amazing! They probably don’t know the other one exists. But all voices are crying out to hide in Christ, to know Him deeply, to rest in His love, to trust, to look for great victories in Him as the persecutions and trials begin. Vivat, Christus Rex!


    1. For your discernment I post a link to David Wilkerson’s urgent message of last March. Although I have never received a message regarding storing up supplies, many others have, including some who post here. It is probably prudent in uncertain times to lay up, as David and others have said, a 30-40 day supply of food, but to remember that hoarding is not from God. We are meant to share (as our situation and family commitments allow) and to trust in the providence of the loving God. Let us pray for an outpouring of wisdom and prudence, trust and charity over ourselves and over the whole world.


  4. This is a good article by David Warren, a Catholic columnist in a secular newspaper, it reflects the idea that we do have to choose sides and fight the good fight.
    I like this line from the article:
    “And it is in the nature of hell gates that you cannot open them just a tiny little bit. For if I may speak in a way that my reader may take metaphorically, even if the writer is inclined to take it literally, the devil makes it his business to present plausible arguments for the opening of hell gates just a tiny little bit — in the knowledge that the great floodwaters stored behind them will force the rest of the opening.”


  5. Do you have a newsletter with your Journal messages as you receive them? If so, please put me on your e-mail list. I read Mark Mallett’s Spiritual Journal and I must say I have had the feeling that God’s Warning is imminent. I don’t know when but I have been following every discerned message since the early 70’s and I have never felt the way I do about this winter! God have mercy on all souls! Thank you and God Bless!


    1. Peace and blessings Janice. Welcome to the blog. There is a “Subscribe” link in the left column of the main page. The process should be fairly clear. If you have trouble, let me know.

      I pray that the Warning is imminent, but let us redouble our efforts to soften the hearts of sinners with our prayers and sacrifices. For the sake of his sorrowful passion, have mercy Lord!


  6. Prudence! Our priest preached on it Sunday, a short but powerful sermon that’s had me praying for it, since. Great quote, too, Guy, what a powerful image!

    I had read the Wilkerson warning some time ago – as with all such, great discernment is required, but I come from a family that always had extra on hand ‘just in case’. In recent years this has made hospitality and charity easy (I call it, ‘shopping in the freezer’) but it may be the tug to have extra supplies is also from the Lord. I was thinking of Wilkerson’s latest piece, though, about spiritual preparation in relationship with the Lord – getting and staying close to Him.

    Thanks for your blog, such an encouragement.


  7. In reference to your comment of October 14th re: hoarding, I would invite you to note the difference between “hoarding” and “stockpiling”. Hoarding is when you load up on emergency supplies when an emergency is declared to the extent that you prevent others from obtaining these same supplies. Stockpiling is accumulating these same supplies when there is not a rush on them; whatever you remove from the shelves on one day will be restocked on the shelves the following day without importuning anybody. In both cases you have obtained the same supplies but not with the same consequences.


    1. Thank you Jean-Paul. It is good to make that distinction and very helpful. I have actually wondered about that myself recently, and I have stocked up on water and food. It is what the emergency preparedness people tell us to do anyway in case of storm or calamity. I recently spoke to a friend who was in a shelter for a month with young children because of an ice storm a few years ago. It was awful!

      On the other hand, a priest I know has said that if things get really bad he does not want to be the only one on his block with food. I think we each have to make the decision according to our own felt call. Certainly a priest has less reason to stock up than someone with a large family. I have heard recently of more than one case of food being multiplied. I believe our Lord will provide, especially if we are ready to share. Prudence and prayer, faith and trust. GOD IS! Alleluia!


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