Take her prayers and sweet entreaties and offer them to me once again…

Isaiah 66:19 I will set a sign among them; from them I will send fugitives to the nations . . . to the distant coastlands that have never heard of my fame, or seen my glory; and they shall proclaim my glory among the nations.

“My child, this speaks of the new Jerusalem, the day of the glory of the Lord when I shall draw all peoples to myself. My child, long for this day, as I do. Pray and sacrifice for the coming of the kingdom. The Blessed Mother’s prayers and sacrifices called down the Savior of the world. Her sweet entreaties were irresistible to the Lord of love. My child, learn from her. Take her heart and make it your own. Take her prayers and sweet entreaties and offer them to me once again. Call down the Savior who longs to be called. My child, do not neglect to do this, for it answers the prayer of my own heart.”

O my Jesus, I enter into the Immaculate Heart and offer you the sweet entreaties of the Blessed Mother. Do not look upon our unworthiness, but upon the sweetness and perfection found in the Immaculate Heart. See her love for poor sinners. In our prayers may you hear her calling you. May your kingdom come and your will be done on earth as it is in the heaven of the Immaculate Heart. Amen.


8 thoughts on “Take her prayers and sweet entreaties and offer them to me once again…

  1. At Mass this morning, I sat right in front of a very beautiful, but simple statue of Our Lady. It has been coming to me, since reading this most recent posting, that I literally stepped into the Heart of the Immaculata.

    And then, as I’ve continued to pray, Her Heart keeps enlarging. And as I’ve asked to include others, it has turned into a virtual ark–as large as is needed, to include the people for whom I’ve prayed…


    1. Thank you for this Mary Therese. It reminded me of a similar experience I had some time ago. I was praying for people in my life and I was placing them at the foot of the cross. The more people I placed there and the more problems I gave to him, the larger his cross became until the people were small as insects. The more we ask him to do, the more power he manifests on earth. His power is not diminished by our petitions, but is increased and released in the world. And who is there at the foot of the cross? Our Lady, our Ark of safety!


  2. Place ourselves in the Divine WILL AND call down the Holy Spirit to enlighten this darkened world. just as Our Lady called down we must align our wills with the Divine Will and this will call down the Holy Spirit and 3rd Fiat, the Era of Peace. God wants us to say yes. when we fall, rush to reconciliation and be healed, cleansed and keep saying yes. just as we lost all with Adam and Eve using their will to separate in disobedience, so our little yes will bring down and restore.


  3. Greetings from the Maritimes . Your blog is very uplifting , and I really look forward to the comments . Thank you and God bless you .


    1. Peace and blessings from the Prairies, Maryanne. Thank you for your kind words. Praise God for all he is doing through unworthy sinners!

      I too look forward to the comments! We all have something to teach as well as to learn. It is how we build each other up in Christ. Let us continue to pray for each other!

      God bless.


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