Do not let souls be lost because of your neglect

Mark 1:15 This is the time of fulfillment. The kingdom of God is at hand. Repent, and believe in the gospel.

“My child, my beloved, so many are in need of the good news and have no one to tell them of my love. The day is close at hand when all will be revealed—the secrets of men’s hearts will be laid bare. There will be no escape, no clinging to illusion. The truth will no longer be denied. Yet human freedom will still allow souls to reject the mercy I offer. My child pray! The time is near, and many souls are in great need of prayer. Do not let souls be lost because of your neglect. Souls, souls, souls! I hunger and thirst for souls! This is my desire. Do not make me wait, but bring souls into the ocean of my mercy. Do it now, before it is too late.”

Jesus, in the Divine Will, I gather all souls, especially those most in need of your mercy. I place them all into the Immaculate Heart and ask Our Lady to immerse each one into the ocean of Divine Mercy. Jesus may your grace allow it for the sake of the souls you love so much! Amen.


12 thoughts on “Do not let souls be lost because of your neglect

  1. human souls can reject the Mercy is a frightening thought. i cannot imagine how one could. we just keep on offering and praying but Lord please come quickly. the pains are great for all. Come Lord, Jesus,come. come now!!


  2. I had a dream just a year or so ago…

    I was kneeling with the visionaries of Fatima and others, on the left side of the “picture”. We were praying the rosary, with Our Lady of Fatima hovering to the back, just above us–but she was not the focal point.

    In front of us and to the center of the “picture” was Our Lord on the Cross. He was being revealed little-by-little, from His Feet heading to His Knees. The revelation of Christ was not further than this, but the implication was that the revelation would continue.

    To the right of the “picture” was a group of kindly, but not-practicing-the-faith people from our neighborhood. They had gathered together on the quiet country road and were having neighborly discussions. They seemed oblivious to what was happening…

    I felt I was to give this to you today…


  3. A “must read” sent out by Mark Mallett today:

    And concerning my previous input, I just read this confirmation from Mark Mallett’s “Two More Days”
    ( )

    “Jesus will come like a thief in the night, while the world, following after the spirit of Antichrist, will be oblivious to His sudden appearance.

    For you yourselves know very well that the day of the Lord will come like a thief at night.…as it was in the days of Lot: they were eating, drinking, buying, selling, planting, building. (1 Thess 5:2; Luke 17:28) “


  4. Anne, in the classic book “The Imitation of Christ”, where the author states, “I have seen those who once were fed with the bread of angels, delighting in the husks of swine”. The Mystery of Iniquity, rejecting the mercy and the will of God. I suppose with every sin, we are preferring the husks.


  5. Mary Therese, thank you for sharing that dream, because I have had something similar gnawing at me for awhile. But a few months ago, I felt moved to pray for the “kindly, but not-practicing-the faith people from our neighbourhood”. So I began to pray for each one, every day, by name, in order that Our Lady the Mediatrix of all Graces, may make them less oblivious, and more open to the infinite mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ. It just seems important to continue to pray for all in my neighbourhood.


  6. to all of you. what can i say but thank you for sharing. Guy i have been feeling for a while to buy the Imitation of Christ , now i will!!!!!!!!
    i had a HUGE grace yesterday. HUGE. crystal clear Tuesday was to me in the shower, often happens in water, to get out the message of the Passion,to pray the Passion, to meditate on the Passion. tell everyone but especially the priests and nuns. it was so clear. i told a priest who does and he uses the book given to Luisa Piccaretta. he understood well.
    by the way all the books of this have gone , in the whole world!!!it is on the internet. google Passion and Luisa p.
    and also to truly go back to to Stations and Sorrowful Mysteries constantly.
    then on wed another huge grace . i was shown very clearly on Our Ladys Holy rosary day, our parish where we rasised our kids is H. R,that what i am experiencing and my husband too is for souls but especially for nuns and priests.
    i was shown how they are in front line and the poor Bride needs such cleansing. a great peace about my situation flooded me.
    yes, we must not lose souls through our neglect and i ask forgivenss for any neglect on my part. i am Passionate about the Passion.!!
    thank you to all for helping me on my journey.


    1. What beautiful sharings my friends! Thank you so much for enriching this forum with your experiences of God’s grace.

      I see the Holy Spirit teaching in themes again…meditate on the cross…pray for our neighbors–both literal and figurative!

      Imitation of Christ is a must-read for all Catholics. Thank you for bringing it up Guy.

      As for Luisa Picarretta’s writings, the reason the books have disappeared is to aid in her cause for canonization. Because she was uneducated and spoke a less common Italian dialect, the original translations had some serious problems that needed to be resolved. This is being addressed and so the faithful are asked not to disseminate her writings until they have been properly translated and distributed through the proper channels.

      That said, I truly believe that the Kingdom of the Divine Will she speaks of is the Era of Peace foretold by so many others, a time when all on earth will live in the Divine Will, a fulfillment of the prayer of our Lord, “Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.” My personal feeling is that her canonization will come to pass, but whether it does or not, we must be obedient to the teachings of the church regarding the 36 volumes of her writings. The “24 Hours of the Passion” had been approved by her Bishop so that is ok (see EWTN excerpt below). It is a beautiful meditation, one of reparation for sin and has some powerful promises attached. Here is an excerpt from the preface by her Spiritual Director St. Annibale di Francia:

      Value and Effects of these Hours of the Passion
      from a Letter of Luisa to Saint Annibale Maria di Francia

      Most Reverend Father,

      I am finally sending you the Hours of the Passion, now written, and all for the glory of Our Lord. I also include another sheet which contains the effects, and the beautiful promises which Jesus makes to anyone who does these Hours of the Passion. I believe that if one who meditates them is a sinner, he will convert; if he is imperfect, he will become perfect; if he is holy, he will become more holy; if he is tempted, he will find victory; if he is suffering, in these Hours he will find the strength, the medicine, the comfort. And if his soul is weak and poor, he will find spiritual food and the mirror in which he will reflect himself continuously to be embellished and to become similar to Jesus, our model. The satisfaction that blessed Jesus receives from the meditation of these Hours is so great, that He would want at least one copy of these meditations to be present and practiced in each city or town. In fact, it would happen, then, as if Jesus heard His own voice and His prayers being reproduced in those reparations, just as the ones He raised to His Father during the 24 hours of His sorrowful Passion. And if this were done in each town or city at least, by as many souls, Jesus seems to make me understand that Divine Justice would be placated in part, and in these sad times of torments and bloodshed, Its scourges would be stopped, in part, and as though dampened. I let you, reverend Father, make appeal to all; may you complete, in this way, the little work that my lovable Jesus had me do.

      I also tell you that the purpose of these Hours of the Passion is not so much that of narrating the story of the Passion, because there are many books that treat this pious topic, and it would not be necessary to make another one. But rather, the purpose is the reparation, uniting the different points of the Passion of Our Lord with the diversity of the many offenses, and making worthy reparation for them together with Jesus, almost making up for all that the other creatures owe Him. From this, the different ways of reparation present in these Hours: in some sections one blesses, in others one compassionates, in others one praises, in others one comforts suffering Jesus, in others one compensates, in others one supplicates, prays and asks.
      Therefore, I leave it to you, Reverend Father, to make known the purpose of these writings with a preface.

      An excerpt from the EWTN website (entire article may be found here):

      Reading her Writings
      While the Postulation does not have the authority to prohibit the reading of Luisa’s writings that are in circulation, no one is permitted to publish her Diary of 36 volumes. Exceptions have been made for the following writings of Luisa: The 24 Hours of the Passion, The Virgin Mary in the Kingdom of the Divine Will, and her Letters, as well as for the works of Padre Bernardino Bucci about Luisa. Prayer groups are encouraged to study these approved books until such time as the official typical edition is published in conformity with the doctrine of the Church and the approval of the Congregation for the Causes of the Saints. [Clarifications 8, 14]

      Since the 24 Hours is permitted to be circulated I feel I can help you in this with this link.

      May God lead you into his will, now and forever. Amen.


  7. I’m so inspired and strengthened by the spiritual activity here that has its source in the Way, the Truth and the Life. All glory, honor and praise to you Almighty Father!

    What a trial it can be sometimes, though. It seems as if we all have been assaulted in various ways lately, but clearly the Lord comes to our aid.

    I came across something this evening from another “little word”, a suffering soul from the not too distant past. It seemed to have some bearing on the discussion lately, so I wanted to pass it along.

    “But when God calls, do not offer resistance. Imitate Paul. Listen to what he says: ‘Immediately, without paying attention to flesh and blood…, I withdrew… Then… I returned to Damascus…’ – that is, he obeyed the Lord.”

    “Every so often a combination of circumstances frightens you, poor souls, and you consider resisting out of fear of sinning by disobeying the ‘tradition of the Fathers.’ No, dear souls, no! Listen: Who is strongest? God. Who calls you? God. Therefore, without taking into account one factor or another, obey the One who is above all, and go securely. Consider that God’s sign is upon you. He knows. Go securely. Fears are of Satanic origin, to make you disobey God and snatch an instrument away from God. And the world’s insinuations are a sound without value which falls after having sounded. Let them sound. Withdraw into God and serve Him alone.”

    I saw an intensely bright full moon a couple of nights ago, surrounded by an enormous ring of vapor, or clouds. Various patches of clouds wafted across the outer ring and cut across the front of the moon. The light of the moon was so intense, the clouds moving in front of it just seemed to evaporate. The light was undaunted. The outer ring gently ebbed and flowed, but continued to keep its form. I thought about it for a couple of days and it seems to me that it provides a nice image. In the center, Our Mother, the Church. The outer ring, all the souls defending Her with their prayers, sacrifices, acts of charity, teaching, service, etc…. all the myriad gifts entrusted to souls. In spite of all the horrors currently manifesting in the world, it seems that truly our Mother’s army has formed ranks. Steady, now. Courage.


  8. Oh, Thank you, once again, dear Mark Mallett:

    Those who challenge this new paganism are faced with a difficult option. Either they conform to this philosophy or they are faced with the prospect of martyrdom. —Fr. John Hardon (1914-2000), How to Be a Loyal Catholic Today? By Being Loyal to the Bishop of Rome;

    The truth… at all costs. For ultimately, Truth is a person, and He is worth defending, in season and out, to the very end!

    And as anne mentioned, this is a battle within our clergy–Lord help those who are speaking Truth! And cover with multitudinous blessings and graces those whose sins are most repulsive to You!

    The bishop of Denver, Charles J. Chaput:


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