Lift your mind and heart to pray for souls and for a final outpouring of Divine Mercy over the world.

Matthew 26:45 . . . Behold, the hour is at hand when the Son of Man is to be handed over to sinners.

“My child, prepare! Fast and pray, for the hour is near. Do not be distracted, for even in the midst of your daily duty you can lift your mind and heart to pray for souls and for a final outpouring of Divine Mercy over the world. You see how world events, both natural and man-made are escalating? The time is upon you. And now the Son of Man will be handed over to be crucified once more. Do not despair—for a glorious resurrection awaits on the other side of the tomb. Believe, hope, trust, and do not stop praying!”

Lord Jesus, I believe, hope, and trust in you. May your mercy be a flood over the whole world. May sinners be saved, that your kingdom may come. Amen.

6 thoughts on “Lift your mind and heart to pray for souls and for a final outpouring of Divine Mercy over the world.

  1. amazing because i have felt called to pray many Divine Mercy prayers each day for the last week or so. Dear Lord pour out your Divine Mercy on all in superabundance. Call to all of us in many opporturnities throughout each day so we may all turn and focus on you. Eternal Father look at us through the Passion of Your Son Jesus and so pour out Your Mercy.


  2. Our Adoration Chapel is very tiny, and so Jesus is only a few feet away from the adorers…

    I felt lead to say, “Jesus, Please come quickly!” with each Hail Mary of my rosary, when I was there today. In my minds eye, it was like our new prayer was encased with gold, …


  3. We are indeed living in special times. We all feel this urgency and the pressure to pray especially the Chaplet of Divine Mercy given to St. Faustina. And by the way, it is her feast-day in a couple of days. Let us ask her to join us in this beautiful chaplet given to her by the Lord Himself for these troubled times. Lord have mercy on us and on the entire world!!! Giovanni from Montreal. God bless you all!!


  4. As Michael Patrick has said, I also feel that this is a community to which I belong. Perhaps it is not a conventional group, but it is very special, and the messages, prayers and advice are so enriching and inspiring. My hope is that together we can make a huge impact for Divine Mercy in the world. Thank you to all…


    1. May God bless all who visit this blog. May he make us all instruments of his mercy in a world that needs it desperately. Thank you all for your presence here. I learn so much from those who post. To those who do not, I feel the presence of your prayers and thank God for each of you. Amen.


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