Tell all who will listen about the hope you have found in my mercy…

Ezekiel 3:18 If I say to the wicked man, You shall surely die; and you do not warn him or speak out to dissuade him from his wicked conduct so that he may live: that wicked man shall die for his sin, but I will hold you responsible for his death.

“My child, do not take these words lightly, for the time for frivolous chatter is at an end. Place all your hope in my mercy. Tell all who will listen about the hope you have found in my mercy. Let the mercy of God be always on your lips and in your heart. Eat, sleep, and breathe mercy, for the time of mercy will not be with you forever; it must give way to the time of judgment. Implore those I send you to throw themselves into my ocean of mercy. Child there is much to come, but my mercy is inexhaustible, especially in this hour. Pray unceasingly for souls and lead all to my mercy.”

Jesus I trust in you. Give me numerous opportunities to speak of your mercy. Send souls to me and open their hearts to your mercy. Give me the words of mercy you long to speak and give me the steadfast love and courage I need to speak those words. Jesus I trust in you. Amen.


19 thoughts on “Tell all who will listen about the hope you have found in my mercy…

  1. These words hit right home for me as I was getting ready to post and not expecting this message to be so timely. Some of the very words that passed between me and another brother in Christ this evening. I admit that I am both stunned and renewed in hope at the same time. Thank you, Jesus! You overwhelm me.

    Tonight I was truly disgusted by the frivolous chatter. There are so many souls languishing and starving for the Word, perishing for lack of knowledge.

    Important Prayer request: I’m battling for a friend who is sliding into an abyss of self-loathing and misery and I need the prayers of my friends here for this situation. Your faith, love and prayers have been an abundant resource due to God’s grace. I will trust in the Lord and endeavor to explain this message of Mercy to him. Yours prayers will clear the fat lizards off the wall so he can see his way clearly to the true Vine, Jesus. Thank you for your aid.


    1. I will pray for your friend as for all sinners, immersing them in the ocean of God’s mercy.

      I will have to take Mary Therese’s idea and purchase a purseful of Divine Mercy cards to give away. Even if people will not listen now to the message, there will come a time when they will be glad they have that little card.

      God bless.


  2. One other thought that I was going to post before I was floored by this message. I was really feeling a sense tonight that the battles are going to become much more intense and frequent. That God was going to place us in increasingly demanding situations where it’s apparent that we must work for the Kingdom, sacrifice, suffer and prayer much more fervently and intensely. We have had the grace of Jesus edifying us through His Word on this blog. We have helped, supported and prayed for each other for a period… a period of preparation for each individual, here, and in other facets of our lives in Christ.

    Jesus we trust in You! Help us in all ways to do Your Will.


    1. I wasn’t going to post this, but feel the Lord may be calling me to with your comment. I found this posted on Spirit Daily. It came to them in their mailbag. I don’t know any of the people involved, and submit it for your discernment.

      “I run the Adoration at our parish and a friend who comes weekly always calls [an alleged seer named] Ferdinand to offer him prayers she collects for him to give to those to whom he speaks,” says a viewer. “She told me that in her last conversation with Ferdinand he insisted that for the next ninety days people should not watch any television, to pray very hard, go to Mass as often as possible, and Confession at least once a month. She said he was told this just as he has been told other things since the time of his mystical experiences. He stressed that this was very serious but without mentioning any particular catastrophe he was told about — just that this period was very serious.”

      Even if it’s not true, 90 days of increased prayer leading up to Christmas is a beautiful thing in any event.


  3. my prayer is exactly the same as pelianitos . Lord, grant me many opportunites to speak of Your Mercy. Holy Spirit inspire me to speak Your words of wisdom.
    help me too with those i have tried to speak gently to a who refuse to listen in anyway. I pray for them Lord and give them to You.once again i ask You Lord to prepare all hearts so that they are open to hearing the wisdom of the Holy Spirit and that they leave the darkness and walk in the Light.


  4. What comes to mind for me are many things, from previous comments under this scripture.

    The Lord is first cleaning His Home–those from His Church. We are all finding those who are “Catholic” who think the teachings of our Church are negotiable and subject to the teaching of other Christian denominations. It looks like they may be the first order of business in our day-to-day interactions. We need to get them in order so that they can become part of the Army of Mary! And somehow the Holy Spirit will inspire them to realize that the Divine Mercy picture and the words, ” Jesus, I trust in You,” are important to think and speak.

    Yesterday Pelianito set me on a mission concerning St. Michael. In Adoration today, I started reading a bit more about this very special being. Some saints say that the title “archangel” merely reflects he is a high ranking angel as compared to others. They say that as the highest ranking angel in heaven, he is really above the “archangel” level. It is also said that when lucifer and approximately 1/3 of the heavenly host rebelled, St. Michael immediately prostrated himself before God and cried out “Mi-cha-el” meaning “Who is like God?” At this the other God-fearing angels were encouraged, placed themselves under his direction, and defeated the fallen angels.

    St. Michael has great power to release and escort the captives from purgatory–especially during the Mass–if requested. And he leads the angels as they help and protect us in the major battles we fight with the adversary–especially this huge one!

    So that rainbow that I am now seeing daily may very well be a sign of his presence with us, as Pelianito has mentioned!


  5. And I love that 90 day time period of intense prayer, separation from the world found on tv, and preparation leading right up to the Celebration of the Birth of Christ!

    What a powerful way to protect this world and its people — with a delightful twist!


  6. Teaching in themes…

    I was thinking about how to become a disciple of Divine Mercy and I searched the term. I found What I read on that site echoed deeply in my heart. The messages have the same voice and the same overall message as our Lord has been giving to me, although with different words. The messages of Lori G have an Imprimatur from the Bishop of Miami. Lori G died in the year 2000, but her writings are all posted on the website. May you be comforted by the nearness of our Lord in her messages.

    He also speaks to her about an era of peace.

    Lord Jesus we thank you for your nearness and care. Look on us with compassion O Lord. Have mercy on us and on the whole world.

    Peace to all.


  7. Just learned of this site from Mark Mallet. The time seems to me to be so short! Do others feel this, too?

    I have heard two things I put up for discernment, one is ‘The West is burning’ there was a huge explosion to the West (we live near the Atlantic Ocean) so that you could see ripples and later people were raking debris out of the water. The other was about a serious purification of the Church with fire and water. Jesus was in a tent with a remnant, very distressed, while this was going on. Although the tent was of gauze, no one inside was injured although lava was pouring past the tent about a meter high, so close a person could have touched it.

    Mark talks of this purification, and now others are talking about a serious time of prayer. I pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet every night because I feel that only Mercy can save us now, and here are people talking about divine mercy! But this is the first interactive Catholic mystical site I’ve seen.

    I, also have found people unwilling to listen, like Anne. For years we’ve prayed for a revival in the Church but have not seen it, so now we prepare to be a Place of Refuge. There are faithful pockets – I know of several and am blessed enough to be in one, now. We have four priests and they all preach Christ crucified and are faithful to the Holy Father and Magisterium.


    1. Welcome Columbkille! (a pen name I presume 🙂 ) The Lord has been telling me for some time that the time is short. This message has a renewed urgency now. Mercy indeed! Mercy! Mercy! Mercy!

      I too dreamed recently of a mushroom cloud quite near to where I live (western Canada). I invite you to read the accounts of the dreams our Lord has sent me. Just click on dreams in the subject list on the right of the home page. There is much to come. (I did not post this dream to the blog so you will not find it there.)

      As for the revival, can there be a resurrection without crucifixion? Your prayers have not been wasted. They are bearing fruit in the current correction we are experiencing. The culture of death does not give up without a fight. But we have the victory in Christ our Lord! Pray, trust, and be at peace my friend.


    2. Just a couple more thoughts here. One is that there are faithful pockets. One group I belong to is called the Brothers and Sisters of Penance of St. Francis. ( We are a group of penitents that follow the original Rule of 1221 that St. Francis gave to his lay orders. Might interest you.

      An e-book available at the called Catholic Prophecy, quotes numerous saints and mystics over the years and their prophecies regarding the end times. The times described seem eerily familiar. As Mother Theresa said, “The fruit of abortion is nuclear war.”

      Mercy! Mercy! Mercy!


  8. Thank you, Pelianito, for your welcome. I will check these things out. I had forgotten Mother Theresa’s quote – it comes back now as a true prophetic warning.

    (Columbkille is my Confirmation name, quite real and actually part of my legal name since my conversion to Catholicism. It is the Irish form of the name of St. Columba of Iona, my patronal saint, to distinguish him from the other Sts Columba, who are often better known!)


  9. With regard to your earlier reference, Pelianito, I understand. Two things that I have clearly noticed over the past week or so: (1) A sense of very grave matters in the near future. What? I don’t know, but I certainly pay attention on many fronts and it’s fairly clear what’s happening on the one hand. It’s the other hand that’s obscure. I recall your frequent words from Jesus that we don’t know what’s coming. We can be sure that Jesus only reveals to us what is good for us, so we’ll continue with what has been given us. (2) At the same time, I feel the strength of the Lord flowing into me. Thank you Jesus, you never leave us orphaned and alone.

    I have also been thinking of this community here as an apostolate of Mercy. It may not take the usual form of other lay orders and organizations, but seems to fit by definition. Maybe I don’t know any better, since I haven’t been a part of any other lay group.


    1. Let us remember how many times our Lord tells us not to be afraid. If we are with Our Lady we are in “The Bastion” as Mark Mallett calls it. Our Lord has not left us orphans. He has given us his Mother!

      We can certainly take up the apostolate of mercy, spreading the devotion wherever we can. I like Mary Therese’s idea of buying stacks of DM cards to hand out. That is simple. People may not receive them joyfully at first, but a day will come when they may be searching frantically for it–the day of the Illumination!


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