Do you see the link between the sacrament of reconciliation and the power of one’s prayers?

James 5:16 Therefore, confess your sins to one another and pray for one another, that you may be healed. The fervent prayer of a righteous person is very powerful.

“My child, do you see the link between the sacrament of reconciliation and the power of one’s prayers? Through the sacrament you are made righteous, and as it says: ‘The fervent prayers of a righteous person are very powerful.’ My beloved, are you wondering why your prayers lack power? How clean is your heart? Have you accepted the grace of absolution with true sorrow for your sins? Are your tears of penitence sincere? One who draws often from the wellspring of mercy in this way has every right to pray fervently, especially for the conversion of sinners. This is a prayer most pleasing to me, and those who are devoted to this prayer, I will bless in many ways. Keep this in mind and do not falter. Child I am near!”

Jesus, my Lord and Savior, I thank you for the wellspring of mercy found in the sacrament of reconciliation. I pray for the true conversion of all sinners and that more and more souls would access the sacrament. Jesus I trust in you to grant the grace of conversion to all, especially those most in need of your mercy. Amen.

6 thoughts on “Do you see the link between the sacrament of reconciliation and the power of one’s prayers?

  1. This is so uplifting. in the last couple of years i have become so aware of going to confession preferably every 2 weeks. it is the only way for this weak soul to take each moment in the Lord. confession is such a gift to us all. we wash our bodies so regularly, our souls need constant cleansing, healing and strengthening. Praise you Lord for this Powerful message. what a joy!


  2. Why don’t we have whole days that are devoted to this sacrament? Why does this sacrament seem so inaccessible these days. One hour just before the Saturday evening Mass running right up against the incoming worshippers? This just doesn’t seem to cut it. I generally feel like I have to rush out of respect for the other people lined up for the scanty time alotted. It seems like I have to confess incrementally over time, never really getting through a complete cycle. Does anyone else feel this way? Where’s Padre Pio when you need him? This has really been bothering me for many years. Does anyone have some helpful suggestions?


  3. I know what you are saying, Michael Patrick… I’ve been thinking for years that if a priest were to imitate the Cure’ D’Ars, lines would start forming.

    I’ve read that there is to be a time to come when priests will not have rest from all of the confessions they will be hearing…


  4. the tap has dripped and dripped and worn away peoples realization and understanding of what confessions truly is. i believe ignorance is much to blame now.
    but people pay fortunes for counsellors and psychologists.
    lets pray the illumination does come soon because i do believe people will once again understand the joy and gift of confession.
    truly we are so lucky in the Catholic Church.


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