Do not forget that the Lord alone will grant success to all you do in his name…

Nehemiah 2:20 My answer to them was this: “It is the God of heaven who will grant us success. We, his servants, shall set about the rebuilding; but for you there is to be neither share nor claim nor memorial in Jerusalem.”

“My beloved, do not forget that the Lord alone will grant success to all you do in his name. Take no glory for yourself, for your every ability and action has its source in me. Therefore, act boldly in my name. Do not be afraid, but walk with your head erect. The shame belongs to those who deny me, mock me, revile me, and hate me. Continue to pray for sinners, my child. You cannot imagine the good I will accomplish if you but surrender your life to me.”

Here I am Lord, I come to live in your will. Give me all the graces I need, through the prayers of the Blessed Mother, so that I might always act in your power and in your name to your glory. For the sake of your sorrowful passion, have mercy on all who are far from you. Amen

3 thoughts on “Do not forget that the Lord alone will grant success to all you do in his name…

  1. It sounds to me like we need to “step out in faith” and “expect miracles”…

    What do others think? Blessings to all…


  2. Thank you Mary Therese. The Lord speaks uniquely to each heart. I felt at the time I was writing that the Lord was referring to the persecution that is coming to the Church, that we are to act boldly and hold our heads high as Christ did during his passion. I believe we can expect miracles of conversion if we do this, as happened to the good thief who was crucified with our Lord. Whatever good is accomplished will be the action of grace–it will be God who is granting success to all we do in his name.

    God bless you dear sister. I look forward to the discussion you have begun.


  3. This meditation and the previous one seem to go together for me with a little battle I’ve been waging to help a poor soul. The sorry situation carries over from generations and is now impacting his family unit and two little children. Finally a breakthrough the other night. Our good Father arranged a quite moment between the two of us and this fellow opened the door with just the right lead-in for me so I could share some of that river of Grace that flows my way. Then bitter disappointment the next day as I witnessed a bad turn for the worse with this individual. I was suffering in spirit for 2 1/2 days until Mass this morning. This is not easy, and I truly feel battle-worn. Saturday night I had a horrible dream where I was being attacked by demons. I woke up and looked at the clock. 3:00 a.m. I flipped over and heard the little rattle of beads in the sheets and suddenly had a rosary in my hands. My wife has taken to saying the rosary every night (another miracle) and fell asleep with it. Thank God. I clutched it tightly, put myself in Our Mother’s care, and peacefully fell asleep.

    I agree with M.T. – step out in faith and expect miracles. I also acknowledge that there is much to suffer and that this work will wear us out. Trust in Jesus. He gives us His assurance that our sorry little efforts will turn out well because He works through us and perfects them.

    St. Francis was beaten, robbed, stripped of his rags and thrown into a ditch. He found it so liberating that he emerged from the ditch singing the praises of God. St. Francis, pray for us.


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