Do not be alarmed or afraid when the false prophets appear to have won…

2 Peter 2:1 There were also false prophets among the people, just as there will be false teachers among you, who will introduce destructive heresies and even deny the Master who ransomed them, bringing swift destruction on themselves

“My beloved, do not be alarmed or afraid when the false prophets appear to have won. Their victory is as false as their prophecy. At all times, believe, hope, and trust in the Lord, most especially when times are darkest, for it is then that your Lord is most near. Do not depend on yourself in anything, but hold every thought, desire, and action captive to Christ. Then you will know peace, and I will be in your every thought, desire, and action. My child, learn to listen and obey.”

My beloved Jesus, how often I fail! Be with me, and may our Mother teach me how to do all you have said—especially to listen and obey—for your glory and my salvation. Amen.

13 thoughts on “Do not be alarmed or afraid when the false prophets appear to have won…

  1. Oh, I’ve been so crabby today…

    How do I “hold every thought, desire, and action captive to Christ”; and how do I hold onto hope with joy? Lord, how do I do this??? I get so far and then feel like I slide down a cliff…

    Teach me, I pray… Blessed Mother, please hold my hand!


    1. I don’t think the message said it would be easy. 🙂

      What I have found–and I have yet to master it–is that a joyful heart is a deliberate action, meaning the action comes first whether we feel it or not. And I don’t mean glee or inappropriate laughter, but a deep abiding joy. You probably already have it Mary Therese, and you just need to acknowledge it in difficult moments, such as saying, “Jesus, you live in me. Alleluia!” That is one way to do this. Anyone else have a thoughts?


  2. Jesus has been patiently teaching me about love and joy. Some days I absolutely feel like a helpless baby. Other days I feel the elation of at least standing up and staggering around like a toddler. It gives me hope that one day I can soar like a eagle. For now, I’m earth bound and falling on my seat mostly. I was also having one of those days today, like M.T. Today while I was jogging outside, I was preoccupied with my lack of progress, specifically agonizing over my lack of love and joy on a consistent basis. After calming the angst with a long, exhausting run, I finally asked Our Mother for help. It just sort of struck me again how much Our Mother can teach about love and joy.

    Also, the phrase “captive to Christ” caught my attention here. One of my younger brothers had a dream some time ago where he was at his Church in front of a crucifix on the wall. The crucifix came alive with the bleeding and suffering Christ and somehow my brother was asked to make a “captive commitment”. He mentioned that phrase to me when I visited him the last time and neither one of us was really sure as to the meaning.

    Do you suppose that it’s the same reference here?


    1. Michael Patrick, it sounds like the same theme, and the Holy Spirit does teach in themes, I’ve noticed–same word or teaching coming from different directions. The word “captive” reminds me of the consecration to Mary, of becoming a slave to her. Perhaps Jesus is asking the same here. A devoted slave never stops thinking about what will please his good Master. I have heard this prayer used that would certainly bring Jesus into any situation: “Lord, if you want me to do this, let’s do it together.”

      God bless.


  3. yes i agree it is a deliberate action. also live one moment at a time. enjoy it. if you are truly crabby perhaps you really do need to slow down, rest, spend time relaxing with spirituality books. but do not be too hard on yourself. God knows you are human and humans are IMPERFECT.
    believe me, i need to take my own advice.!!!


  4. I tried using the above words of Jesus in prayer last night… “Jesus, I give you all my thoughts, desires and actions.” What freedom! What peace! Now, if I can allow myself to be fully led out of the “captivity” of the world (which is wretched compulsion and oppressive slavery), into the Promised Land of Jesus Sacred Heart (which is truly a gentle invitation to true love, healing and freedom), then I will finally find some rest. I supporse this is the process called conversion.


  5. just copied down the above prayers. so short,so powerful. thank you to those who have shared.
    M Patrick , yes lets pray for all that we may all be led to the freedom Christ and OUT OF captivity of the world. i am so weak and the world can be overwhelming especially if one gets overtired, or not enough prayer going on.
    Christ is simiplicity.
    i heard a great saying. the HOly Spirit guides,the devil drives. so true.


  6. I have recently taken to thinking about the little flames here during my afternoon jog in the desert. Today, I felt like I wanted to share some of those thoughts. Short prayers and random sighs really…

    Lord Jesus, I give you all my thought, action, desire and failure regarding Love. – Bless you, Pelianito, for sharing this liberating inspiration with me. Blessings to those who have expressed special needs, those who are teaching us childlike trust and humility, those who remind us of the lost virtue of frankness and sincerity.

    Word and Breath of God, one and trine with the Father, fan the flames of your work here. Teach us to share perfectly so that this work may grow. Witness of God (St. Michael) and Power of God (St. Gabriel), protect us. Bless everyone in this group.

    ‘RELEASE THE RIVER!” – Treebeard, The Two Towers

    My prayers/thoughts jump around quite a bit. At any rate, I felt that was the important stuff.


    1. Thank you Michael Patrick for these heartfelt reflections.

      I think your “release the river” reference was not random at all, but a prophetic utterance. The Lord is releasing the river of mercy. May all souls, especially the most sinful, be brought to repentance through the mercy of God. Lord Jesus, release the river!

      Let us pray for each other, as the power of the tempter is strong at this time.


  7. Yes, from my most recent readings and heartfelt feelings, “Release the River” is a prayer that we need to profoundly beg of “The Most High God”!

    One Sigh of the Spirit that I came across last night in my readings was that, if a person had at least the tiniest bit of prayer in their being, they would be saved at the last moment of their life by Jesus. If not, their soul will be lost forever. That must be why the Fatima Prayer says, “…lead all souls to heaven, especially those most in need of Thy Mercy”! It shows us how important our prayers and fasting are for infusing prayer into the most hardened of hearts…

    I do not know what “Treebeard, The Two Towers” means…? Any explanation would be helpful…


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