Do you see how the spirit of the antichrist is active in the world and growing in strength and influence?

2 John 1:7 Many deceivers have gone out into the world, those who do not acknowledge Jesus Christ as coming in the flesh; such is the deceitful one and the antichrist.

My child, do you see how the spirit of the antichrist is active in the world and growing in strength and influence? Rarer and rarer are those who will openly speak the truth about me. My child, these are dangerous times, more dangerous for those who will not acknowledge me than for those that do. I say this because even though many of my children are being persecuted and martyred, that is infinitely preferable to eternal flame—the end that awaits the unrepentant. My child, whatever happens, remember these things, and offer your suffering for the conversion of those who have believed the lie instead of the truth. My child, fast and pray.”

Lord Jesus, help me to fast well and completely according to your will, for the sake of souls. Blessed Mother be with all those who suffer for the truth, just as you remained with Jesus at the foot of the cross. May your special Motherly blessing touch especially all priests, that all of them will become your true sons, other Christs, of which the world is in desperate need. Lord have mercy. Amen.


13 thoughts on “Do you see how the spirit of the antichrist is active in the world and growing in strength and influence?

  1. incredible. just had this very conversation with a friend and then turned on the computer. i believe the Holy Spirit is really at work. He is the counter balance to the spirit mentioned in the above.


    1. Praise God Anne!

      He is the counterbalance, but so much more. I believe the gifts of the Spirit being poured with infinite generosity over the earth. All who are open to these gifts will receive not only the ones meant for them, but those being rejected by others. Let us open our hearts to the gifts of the Spirit. It will be as at Midian (Judges 7) when Gideon’s ragtag army defeated a powerful enemy armed with only clay jars and horns. In our case, we will not only defeat the enemy, but “in the end the Immaculate Heart will triumph”, and souls on the path to damnation will be converted. Alleluia! Be not afraid!


  2. Extraordinary times indeed. Jesus has taken extraordinary measures to gather his chosen ones (including our little company here) to set out with Him, together with His Mother and angels to give battle against the hidden forces working to pry open the gates of the abyss for mankind. I have to admit that at times I feel entirely ill-suited and unprepared for the task. Then I have to remind myself that my part consists of giving the Lord my whole will, my desire, which needs to match His Holy Will. The strength comes from God. It is God that is working in me, accomplishing the seemingly impossible with His strength.

    Love. Pray. Fast. Sacrifice. Suffer. Yes, we will give to God what we can and help Him snatch souls in danger of being lost to the fires of the abyss. The loving fire of the Holy Spirit ignites us and sends us forth. Peace. Fear not. From the little, rag-tag group of the Apostles and Disciples (the early Church) the world was evangalized from one end to the other, ignited by this same flame.


  3. Interesting. i have heard before that the graces rejected by some are given to those who are open. i certainly hope this is really accurate. we need all the graces we are able to get!!!
    so many of us are truly living on providence in so many ways.


    1. Before and after receiving the sacraments I like to pray: “Lord I accept every gift and grace it pleases you to give me at this time.” Pray this prayer and stand back! Our Lord will not withhold his gifts from a willing soul. 🙂


  4. Certain times at certain places, I now encounter or remember groups of people or a specific person who I know is horrible for the world or uncomfortable in my world.

    And so I am saying, “Give them blessings, Lord” regularly. Think of those who are most repulsive to you personally or on the earth, and ask for blessings for them. Really, who else is doing this? Aren’t we supposed to be different — apart from the world, and trying to bring all to Christ? So I think we are in need of thinking “outside of the box”!


  5. yes m.t. we are meant to be so counter culture. imagine if many , many of us lived calling down such blessings constantly. i really believe we would see such a different world.thank you for the reminder. because the world is so invasive we need to constantly encourage and support each other. this website is such a wonderful channel for such encouragement.thank you to all for giving of yourselves so much.


    1. I just read this morning something that very much confirms this thread. Carmen Humphrey has been given the “gift of healing hands”. Her story is quite remarkable and may be found here: . About 3/4 of the way down the page she recounts a vision of the church in which we are represented as fishes. That is the story that confirms that we are to be agents of the Holy Spirit and Mary to bring souls to Christ.

      Carmen Humphrey has visited my parish, and I received a healing through her. A muscle cramp that I had had for several months disappeared after she prayed for me. Alleluia! Thanks be to God, Lord Most High!


  6. I just read Carmen Humphrey’s Bio–what a delightful person she is! And what a great story…

    This is her last comment on her bio page, “I pray that the Holy Spirit will descend upon each person on earth and they will have a true conversion of the heart.” It truly sums up the “Blessings on them, Lord”, doesn’t it?!

    Also, her fish story is fanatastic!

    I had a vision of a friend that Our Lord wanted me to “rescue”, and it was in terms of the water also. He was in water so deep, that he was nearly impossible to reach. I could only reach the very tip of his pinky finger with the very tip of mine; but somehow I managed to use leverage to bring him back from that extreme distance where he was located in close proximity to “eternal hell and damnation depths”… The Lord confirmed this for me…


    1. She is delightful. The thing that sticks out for me is how often she says to the Lord when speaking, “And I thank you.” Very simple, but never left out.

      Also she has a prayer for the souls in Purgatory that I pray often. Very powerful.


  7. The Lord is so good! I have received a confirmation of my comment above: “All who are open to these gifts will receive not only the ones meant for them, but those being rejected by others.” I was reading St. Faustina’s “Diary of a Soul” and #1017 says this:

    “The Lord said to me, ‘I want to give myself to souls and to fill them with My love, but few there are who want to accept all the graces My love has intended for them. MY GRACE IS NOT LOST; IF THE SOUL FOR WHOM IT WAS INTENDED DOES NOT ACCEPT IT, ANOTHER SOUL TAKES IT.'” (emphasis added)

    Thank you Jesus for your confirmation! And thank you that you have encouraged us in this way to ask for more and more graces for the sake of souls and for the coming of your kingdom. Jesus, beloved, all glory and praise are yours. May your will be done forever. Alleluia!


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