If you neglect to bless those who hurt you, and they fail to repent, you will bear a portion of the responsibility…

Nehemiah 3:36 Take note, O our God, how we were mocked! Turn back their derision upon their own heads and let them be carried away to a land of captivity!

Beloved child of my heart, if they mocked me, they will mock you too. Do not fear this, for when it happens your reward is great indeed. Pray for those who hurt you, and bless those who curse you. For without your blessing they will likely never repent, and they will go down to the captivity that never ends. And if you neglect to bless those who hurt you, and they fail to repent, you will bear a portion of the responsibility. Do not take these words lightly, for they are Spirit and truth. Let them give light to your soul and life to those you meet. Be at peace, my child. Shalom.”

Jesus, Beloved, I thank and praise you for this timely and important reminder of my obligation to forgive and bless even my enemies. Help me to live this way, in your grace, that I might imitate your mercy in this and in all things. Amen.


7 thoughts on “If you neglect to bless those who hurt you, and they fail to repent, you will bear a portion of the responsibility…

  1. Lord, I wholeheartedly forgive and ask You to bless with great abundance all those who have ever harmed me in any way. I ask for all the graces needed for their conversion in this life and salvation in the next. I ask forgiveness also for my poor soul for all those I have harmed or given scandal to. May no one go down into the fire because of me. In Your great power You can prevent this calamity and I place my trust in You. Amen+


  2. Looks like some deep soul-searching will be going on for me!

    “Neglect to bless them”– a sin of neglect. I think that I have lots of people upon whom I need to request a blessing… Does anyone have a good prayer for this very difficult situation? Do we just say, “Bless them, Lord”?


  3. before i even read Pelianitos comment about Sanctus Belle providing the prayer that M. t. asked for i thought exactly the same. !!!!thank you so much S. Belle. truly wonderful and heartfelt. blessing brings down graces to people. and even those who are crucifying you at times need these blessings. we all do. we need to drown everyone in grace no matterhow difficult with some. we have to work against our inclination which is human and do the opposite.thank you again for such a wonderful message and prayer. anne


  4. I want to take this opportunity to thank you all for submitting comments. Just as the messages expound on Scripture and open them to our hearts, your comments further unpack the messages and we are all edified through the interaction. What a mercy it is to be able to connect across continents and share God’s love with one another.

    Praise God, from whom all blessings flow.
    Praise him all creatures here below.
    Praise him above you heavenly host.
    Praise Father, Son, and Holy Ghost!


  5. thank you for posting this and for the prayers to be said. For me, and maybe for others, being criticized and judged by others who proclaim to be Christians is hard. What I find though, is that I need a lot of practice. When I asked God to bless them, and have mercy on me, I have to keep saying it so that I really mean it. Practice is the key, to keep saying it, and to me it literally means, I must let go and let God.


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