Do you think that the Father sent his Son to suffer and die for sinners without a great expectation of harvest?

1 John 4:14 Moreover, we have seen and testify that the Father sent his Son as savior of the world.

My child, does the blood of witnesses count for nothing in this generation? Even the witness who testifies to the truth with his blood is mocked by this generation. Then do not be surprised if you are treated in the same way. Be assured that I am with you through it all. And may the Spirit of Truth guide you to all truth, so that you too may testify to the truth of Jesus Christ come in the flesh for the sake of sinners. Do you think that the Father sent his Son to suffer and die for sinners without a great expectation of harvest? Did he not expect that the seed sown on Calvary and watered with the blood and living water that flowed from his side would yield a rich harvest of souls? You cannot imagine the true cost and you cannot imagine the depth of mercy. My beloved, trust in the mercy of the Triune God and be at peace.”

Jesus, Lord of mercy I place all souls in your pierced heart. Father I thank you for all you have done, for your unimaginable gift of Jesus to the world. For the sake of his sorrowful passion, have mercy on us and on the whole world. Amen.


5 thoughts on “Do you think that the Father sent his Son to suffer and die for sinners without a great expectation of harvest?

  1. There is a fellow lay apostle by the name of “Anne” who you can find at I recognize the voice of our Lord in her work as I do in this blog. There is an extensive body of work that you can download on her site that covers a variety of topics. One in particular can be found under the “Heaven Speaks” booklets. Perhaps our Anne on this blog can find some strength and consolation in the one entitled “Heaven Speaks About Divorce”, since it sounds like you are dealing with this issue somehow in your life. There are very comforting words from Jesus, as well as your patron, St. Anne. That makes three Anne’s. I’m praying for you.


    1. Thank you for your words of encouragement Michael Patrick, to both Anne and me. My spiritual director, a holy and faithful priest has mentioned this person’s writings to me. I have recently bought one of her books called “Serving in Clarity”. I have not read it yet, but it came highly recommended. Let us read all private revelation, including what we read on this blog, with discernment and prayer for the one called to deliver such messages. May the Spirit of truth lead us to all truth through Jesus in Mary. Amen.


  2. thank you so much Michael Patrick. i am at present praying that my husbands eyes are opened and he is cleansed and healed. also my family too. he is not a bad man at all, just caught in a snare.
    i could not believe the July1 message of Anne. soappropriate for my experience.
    just had a day with Fr. Bing whose centre is in delaware. amazing. i wish i had heard him before the start of my troubles. i now see spiritual warfare and traps more clearly although have a long way to go.!!!
    please keep me in prayer as my family in the midst of such trials. i am truly hoping the Lord will help us. God bless. Anne


  3. Thanks for pointing out this writing Anne. I have linked the title in your comment to the article. Mark Mallett is a voice crying in the wilderness, “Prepare the way of the Lord.”


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