Do you see how true, sacrificial love is the antidote to all the world’s ills?

1 John 4:11 Beloved, if God so loved us, we also must love one another.

My child, have you done this? Do you see how true, sacrificial love is the antidote to all the world’s ills? Your Lord commands you to love. This commandment is an invitation to imitate God in sacrificial love. Let go of your self. Do not let your earthly desires tempt you away from what is true, good, and beautiful. The love of God alone fulfills all these elements. The love of God alone can bring peace to earth. My child, ponder what it means to imitate God in love. There is much to come, but love-the true love of God-will conquer all. Cling to hope with joy!”

Heavenly Father, God of infinite love, I ask for the grace to grow in love. Blessed Mother lead me and teach me how to love without limits as you did. Jesus, I trust in you. Holy Spirit, Breath of Divine Love, infuse me. Amen.


15 thoughts on “Do you see how true, sacrificial love is the antidote to all the world’s ills?

  1. The prayer that I was ‘given’ today was, “Lord, Jesus Christ, Son of the Living God, Son of Mary and Joseph, have mercy on me, a sinner, and infuse me with Your Holy Spirit.”


  2. ponder what it means to imitate God in love. these words hit me. we must take time to do that as the world is so busy one can get caught up and not ponder the TRUTH.
    i was thinking briefly: unconditional, sacrificial, vulnerable love, are just a few thoughts. i invite others to ponder and share so we can ALL ponder in Adoration and then do our best in our imperfection to imitate. only with grace and help from God can we be serious about imitating. others comment?


  3. I was in the backyard yesterday around 6:00 p.m. witnessing some fantastic sunlight penetrating remarkably clean desert air. The long range visibility was superb off into the distant mountain ranges that are normally faded or absent because of dusty air. I was noticing a wealth of vivid colors on a variety of desert blooms all around the yard. A humming bird, butterflies, little bugs dancing here and there… and so much more. It really struck me how much God loves us. He gives us everything, of course, but here was the tiniest little slice of that right in front of my face and I was thinking about all the other people around the world who might be noticing something similar.

    Like Anne was saying, “take time… to ponder the truth.” Or as the case was for me, take time to ponder some flowers. So now I’m thinking about this little gift after reading the above. I pondered it. I enjoyed it. I benefited from it to the point of feeling God’s love. Now I really have to put this out there as best I can, in the myriad ways that I’m capable of. Some small charity here, some help with something there, bring some peace into a fight, pray for somebody, whatever provides a small reflection of the lesson I was shown. To do this, I’m going to have to forget about the usual distractions (which are generally all about me) and consider what I can do for everyone else. Too often I just feel like I’m stuck in a selfish love. That’s what I was thinking.


    1. Very beautiful reflection, Michael Patrick. Thanks for sharing. We really do need to set aside our own agenda and be able to go with God’s flow, to do what he puts in front of us in the “sacrament of the present moment,” where he dwells. All that we do in love gives him glory, even doing the dishes!

      God bless.


  4. I have to agree with Michael Patrick. Nature in our area has never been more resplendent than these last few months, in my opinion. I feel it is as if God is enveloping us with the very best.

    Perhaps it will disappear and we are to have the beautiful image forever to remember as we go through tough times…

    I believe I was also given a foretaste of the Era of Peace many years ago. I viewed the spot where I would be starting out, and everything was perfectly beautiful nature. I saw gorgeous green grass on hillsides big and small, trees, and small blue flowers that surrounded a tiny pond reminding one of the Holy Spirit, Mary and her Rosary…


    1. Some time ago I felt the Lord telling me, “Take lots of pictures,” because of the great changes that would be coming to the earth. Perhaps he meant it literally, but maybe he just wanted us to pay more attention to the beauty that is before us, while it is still with us. Lord Jesus Christ have mercy! Of course the era of peace will bring a new beauty, thanks be to God.


  5. Just last night I took a peaceful walk with the kids around sundown. The clouds to the west were clear and vibrant with impossible shades of red, orange and gold, and blue hues in the sky behind that were amazing. To the east was a resplendent rainbow. Breathtaking.

    It reminded me of the last time I saw a rainbow here some months ago. The few people I shared it with really didn’t believe me. I know this group won’t scoff, however, but I don’t know what to make of it. I saw a double rainbow that looked more like a short up and down curve, a slash really. It showed mostly red and orange. Frankly, it looked like a wound in the sky. A moment or two later I noticed the clouds formed behind it. Truly, it looked like the shape of the U.S. The rainbow (slash) cut it right down the center from top to bottom. I could clearly see everything east of the slash and Southern Florida looked smaller on the tip. Everything west of the slash looked blurred and murky but the shape was there for sure. One of my brothers in the faith was there with me and could see the same thing.

    I’m an artist, so I usually notice quite a bit naturally, but lately I’ve been noticing things that strike me as both unusual and significant… good and bad. Mary Therese apparently notices this as well. Are the rest of you experiencing this?


  6. Obviously you received a great sign, Michael Patrick. I saw many cloud formations one evening and one was of a perfect cross with a perfect heart where the lines crossed. I then went to Mass the next week and that exact image was on the vestment of our priest–one that could use some extra prayer (as we all can, I’m sure)!

    I told him about the cloud and his vestment being the same and he said very clearly and specifically to remember that nothing happens by chance. I was actually very surprised by this answer from him…

    I have taken that experience to meant that he is my very own to pray for without ceasing! My prayer is especially that he does not go into the schism and that heaven is his just reward when he passes on to the next life.

    I really have been studying Michael Patrick’s vision and would love to have him tell us his ideas. I have my own about it; and I know that God has plentiful ways to look at it because Our God always has so many ways to look at what He gives to us.


  7. Like I mentioned, I really don’t know what to make of it. At the time, we talked about some things. It could have signified the current state of affairs, or may have been a warning about something coming, or may have been a prompt for prayer… or maybe all three. I don’t trust myself to give a good interpretation.

    The experience with contemplating the flowers prompted peace and an appreciation of God’s love for us. The experience with the rainbow last week prompted the same. There’s just so much out there right now from so many different sources and it can be difficult to discern what’s actually good for us. I think that a great deal of it is not good for us, particularly if it does not give us peace. Some obviously is. Maybe I was given the opportunity to see something and take note, where someone else will be gifted with an interpretation. Where’s Daniel when you need him?

    I’m thoroughly convinced of the need to follow the Word on these recent reflections about love. Considering how I got batted around this past week in my spiritual life, I’m trying to focus on that. God knows how wretched and weak I am and will only give me what is good.


  8. For the reader’s discernment…

    I thought that perhaps a reflection on my part of Michael Patrick’s cloud encounter might be helpful to others. It is something in my heart, and I’ve been fascinated by “reading God” for over 25 years…

    The cloud in the backdrop is the USA. In thinking about the rainbows that looked sword-shaped, I would say that the rainbows represent the covenant that God has with us. Jesus died for us and this double sword is reminiscent of the sword that pierced His Side. Since it was double, I would believe that it represented His Mother’s presence in this scene as well. His Grace and Mercy flowed from His Side as Blood and Water and this is beautifully shown in Divine Mercy. Obviously God is maintaining His Covenant and bestowing his Grace and Mercy on the USA in the midst of our sin; but there is a portion of the USA that is in grave danger of not being able to receive it and in need of protection…

    Florida could have many different problems due to location–proximity to Cuba, high water level that surrounds it, overabundance of housing that is plummeting in price in many areas… And there is a high elderly population that would be almost completely defenseless in so many instances…

    The murky covering of the mid of the country to west coast represents a great many possible scenerios as well… Earthquakes, huge volcanic eruption possibilities (that could blanket an incredibly large space with 3′ of ash), proximity to North Korea and Russia; perhaps there is a tremendous amount of sin as compared to prayer and fasting taking place there…

    What is somewhat surprising is that the East Coast appears to be in order (other than Florida). I’m aware of the fact that there are many fantastic and profound spiritual ministries “taking to flight” in the East lately; and perhaps this is a sign that no matter how bad our country looks, these ministries are having a very positive effect.

    I believe that this scene is a warning to intercede especially powerfully for Florida, and the the middle of the USA to the West Coast. And be hopeful because God still loves us and is staying with us through the storm…

    Remember that Our Lady tells us to pray, pray, pray… And God is so very good to give us direction as to how to pray, when it is very much needed.

    May the bishops of the United States of America process Our Lady of America at the Basillica of the Immaculate Conception in Washington, DC, and give her a place of honor there as she has requested. This will give America the protection of the Immaculata; as she promised safety for America if her wishes were granted by Her Bishops of the USA.


    1. Very thought-provoking interpretation Mary Therese. Thank you. The Lord often sends me dreams and above all I feel they are calls to prayer, so I would definitely second that motion.

      As the Lord often tells me, there is much to come. Let us not let up on our prayer and fasting. Remember that small things offered with great love will bear much fruit.


  9. Thank you for shedding some light on that issue. We are blessed with expansive and extraordinary skies in Arizona and I am constantly in awe of what I see from the Creator.

    I have felt at times that certain scenes involved signal grace, but really haven’t spoken much about it to anyone. Rainbows, in some form, have been the recurring theme. Having pondered your comments, I have come to understand that this is linked to my relationship with Mary.

    When I began my serious return to the Faith about 14 years ago I first sought refuge in the Ark who is Our Mother. One day I decided to visit a Marian Shrine in Sierra Vista, Our Lady of the Sierras. I took my son who was about 4 at the time. We parked and headed for a path up the mountain that had the stations of the Cross. At the base, an enormous tarantula slowly walked in front of us. I kicked it aside and we headed up. Later, we spent some time in the chapel saying a Rosary. When we came out, my son pointed up in the sky and said, “Look, Dad, there’s God.” I looked where he was pointing and noticed the sun sitting precisely at the apex of a high mountain to the north. It was overcast, so you could look at it without squinting, and then I noticed a round rainbow to it’s right. Round and all filled in.

    On the day that John Paul II was buried, I was on the golf course walking down a fairway. I looked up to see the solar eclipse that occurred that day. There was a larger concentric circle around the sun, dark on the inside, with a beautiful full circular rainbow all around the fringe.

    I saw a similar rainbow driving home about a month ago. This time it was not a solar eclipse. The sun was visible and there was a larger concentric circle with the same fringe rainbow. A perfect circle. There was also another outer circle, not quite complete, but it looked like another wave. I was not surprised, having recently sought the intercession of John Paul II, who will undoubtedly be canonized a saint some day.

    Then there was the instance that I related earlier which you interpreted. This one gave me the biggest pause at the time.

    One thing is certain to me. I feel safe in the Ark and these instances reinforce that trust. I think that these experiences with rainbows, which started out with the small round one, have become broader in succession. That has to be good. God’s plan is moving forward. 14 years ago I just had a small thought about the need to return to the Faith. Now, there’s Grace pouring out everywhere and I’m able to share some of it with people from here to Canada to Australia and beyond.

    Lord, see us safely home to Your Kingdom. I have no doubt that there we will encounter a rainbow beyond our wildest imaginations.


    1. How beautiful! You are being given the “miracle of the sun” where you are. Fatima, Medjugorje, they are coming to you. Thank you for sharing this with us. Alleluia!


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