Two dreams…

Last night I had two dreams:

Dream 1: I saw a branch in a tree and the branch was full of bird nests. The branch also housed some owls. I could see the branch start to break off the tree. It fell to the ground and the birds scattered. I counted five owls that flew away. The nests were destroyed. In prayer I discerned that the branch symbolized a coming schism in the Church. However it would not last long as the schismatic “bishops” would fly away. In cutting itself off from the tree, the branch would be destroyed.

John 15: 5-6 “I am the vine, you are the branches. Whoever remains in me and I in him will bear much fruit, because without me you can do nothing. Anyone who does not remain in me will be thrown out like a branch and wither; people will gather them and throw them into a fire and they will be burned.

Dream 2: I was in a strange house and felt uneasy. I looked outside and there was a white lion prowling and watching me. I sensed evil intent. As I explored the house I felt led to sprinkle blessed salt around. When I came to the basement, I saw two little creatures. I sprinkled salt on one of them and it was incapacitated, but I was not quick enough and the second one bit me on the hand. I feel the lion represents the evil one, and the creatures his minions. They are all around and we must be vigilant.

1 Peter 5:8-9 Be sober and vigilant. Your opponent the devil is prowling around like a roaring lion looking for (someone) to devour. Resist him, steadfast in faith.

15 thoughts on “Two dreams…

  1. We have been hearing about a “coming schism” within the Church for a long time now…

    I was so relieved to have this first message come to Pelianito. I’m hoping that by patience and prayer, we have helped to minimize the number of hierarchy in the schism; and it sounds like something that will quite quickly pass through time and our recognition.

    Honestly, I thought almost immediately of St. John Bosco’s Dream, and how nothing can stop the Church that is attached to Our Lady and Jesus in the Eucharist at this point in time… Our Pope Benedict XVI so beautifully and powerfully steers the ship of our Church, and nothing distracts him from his true mission. Actually, at the beginning of his Papacy, he said that it would be Jesus who would be running the Papacy during his duration as Pope…


    1. Our Lord tells us these things before they happen so we will pray and not lose hope. Our Lady has called us to pray, and she would not do that if it did no good. Let us not let up our efforts, for the sake of His Body, the Church and all the souls it shelters in its branches.


  2. Thank you for sharing these two dreams. John reads like poetry to me and Peter always seems so practical. Interesting that the devourer was masquerading in white, or maybe because you’re so firmly rooted in Christ he appears that much more conspicuous. Perhaps your work will be attacked since you were bit on the hand. We labor with our hands. You incapacitated one with blessed salt, so it will not be a defeat. Just a couple of thoughts I was having.

    I’ve been praying the last few nights for this little group and have been disturbed at times by the liar and accuser. Last night it ceased and I felt peace decend once again. I think that God is pouring out His Grace on us and we are sharing this with our prayers for eachother and for others. Also, we are helping to strengthen and fortify eachother for more battles ahead.

    A schism in the Church and direct attacks on God’s faithful children… Lord, Jesus, please protect your little flock and all their labor on behalf of Your Kingdom. Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us. St. Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle.


    1. Thank you for your prayers, Michael Patrick. I need them and we all do.

      The symbolism could be an attack on my mission. Good point. A few months ago I dreamed a large snake bit me on the hand. The next day, my husband came down with a severe bacterial infection that spread rapidly. Without aggressive treatment, he might have died. So, after this dream, even though the creature did not have the same heirarchical status as the snake in the other dream, I have stepped up my prayers for my husband–my right hand.

      God is so good to send warnings to us! Let us take heed and not miss these urgent calls to prayer. Thank you again for yours, Michael Patrick. God bless.


  3. went to prayer meeting with Alan Ames. he spends much time in America. now he is here in Australia as it is his home. bottom line is we are to be other CHrists amidst the darkness but we really need to stay so so close to Christ and Our Lady for this
    the snakes will bite etc but we must be brimming with GOds Love and Mercy. Dear Lord we must draw together in prayer and uphold each other with and in GOds love.
    thank you to all for sharing so openly and for prayers. the Lord is unfolding so much now in the world. He wants all souls back to Him and so we must be other Christs. How much He needs to teach me and strengthen me if this is what HE wants.!!!!!!


    1. Yes Anne. I had a similar message from a friend today, about the nearness of the evil one and how we must cling to our Mother’s hand and not let go. But also not to be afraid if we do this. Amen! Praise be to Jesus in Mary for his tender care of us! Jesus we trust in YOU!


  4. At this point, I’m trying to have a Rosary on my wrist or in my hand at all times! It is so comforting to hold My Mother’s Hand in this very difficult historical moment…

    And I keep all who come to visit and interact on this wonderful blog in my prayers and heart–even those I don’t know about!


  5. First, I am going to apologize for interacting on this blogsite so much; but I know that if it is “of God”, He will not be pleased if I stifle the Spirit. Dear Pelianito is a wonderful monitor…

    I feel that I must mention this item at this moment. It is coming to me very distinctly that our people in the pre-teen through the 40’s age group are now under tremendous attack. There are a great number of personal and public situations that I’ve read about or encountered recently, including some this morning, that are screaming this realilty.

    I am hoping that we all would gather together to pray clearly and specifically that Our Lady would cover these brothers and sisters with her Mantle of Protection; and that the Holy Spirit would infuse their beings with Faith, Truth, Hope, Love and Health…


    1. Dear sister, do not apologize! You have much to share that is helpful to those he has led here. We all have something to teach as well as to learn. Each has a share of the Spirit. Thank you for following His leading.

      There is no shortage of evidence that your inspiration is true. In fact the other day, I heard a newscaster say that the incidence of hate crime is rising. There is much more to come we can be sure. But we must not despair! We have every reason to hope. Thank you for calling us to pray, Mary Therese. Blessed Mother, take all your children into the safety of your mantle. We need you so much! Amen.


  6. My 3 children are out of school for the summer and I’m noticing how much they want to follow me around and be with me every waking minute. I suppose we were all like this at some point before the world started to intrude and present all the myriad distractions. How do we become like these little children again with respect to our Father in Heaven? I’m unsuccessful so far when it comes to living in the world, yet not being a part of it. It’s too easy to become distracted. Does anyone else struggle with this?

    I experience a lot of peace at Mass, at perpetual adoration, praying and meditating on the Gospel, sharing with this group, etc. Am I going to have to completely clean house on the rest? Lord, you are calling to all of us right where we’re at. Help us to know how to best serve you.


  7. Well, here’s a curious thing. You did mention it and I suppose I shrugged it off. Later, I thought better of it and remembered that years ago I picked up a book on St. Francis. It is entitled, The Francis Book, by Roy Gasnick O.F.M. I don’t remember why I purchased it and in all honesty never really read it. Well, I also shrugged off the good intention to go look for it since I have a lot of books and they’re stored all over the place. A convenient excuse. Imagine how startled I was the very next day when I walked into the bedroom and found it sitting next to the bed on my reading chair. Apparently my 3 year old daughter, Lucia Francis, pulled it out of the hall closet for some reason and put it there. She has a habit of getting into things and dragging them all over the house. It’s been sitting there ever since, until this evening.

    I don’t know about the rest of you, but I usually feel like a blockhead. The kind of person that has to be hit over the head with something before it starts to sink in. This could very well be one of those instances. You just can’t make this stuff up. Only God can.

    Thanks for the nudge, Pelianito. I’m going to start this book tonight and I’ll let you know where the journey takes me. I hope that my prayers for all of you are helping a fraction as much those I’m receiving from everyone else.


  8. It’s late and that last sentence didn’t come out quite right. What I was trying to express was… “at least a fraction as much”. That’s because I feel like I’m putting out something scanty and receiving an abundance in Grace from everyone’s prayers.


    1. You’re right–we can’t make up what God arranges for those who are open to his leading! Very cute example, Michael Patrick. Love it!

      I also had a book on St. Francis that had sat unread for 15 years: God’s Fool, by Julien Green. One day I felt led to read it and it led me to the BSP. I will continue to pray for you.

      God bless you and your little family, especially at this time Lucia Francis (great name!).


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