A mere breath from me will topple his entire kingdom…

Psalm 102: 16 The nations shall revere your name, LORD, all the kings of the earth, your glory.

Dream: I saw three dice, each displaying the number six— 666! Lord, what does this dream mean?

“My beloved child, events are now in motion that cannot be stopped. You have noticed the strength of the evil one, his increasing influence on those who are at risk through sin, weakness, or lack of access to the sacraments. Does this increase in the power of evil in the world not tell you how near is the prince of darkness? Yet his reign on earth will be cut short by the breath of my mouth. A mere breath from me will topple his entire kingdom. Child, in me you have nothing to fear. Pray, fast, and be at peace. My kingdom will come and my will shall be done on earth as in heaven. Wait for this day with joyful hope. When the day dawns, all else will vanish and fade.”

Jesus, may it be so-may your kingdom come and come quickly. Jesus I trust in you!

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