Do you see how evil will be stopped in its progress by a barrier of goodness?

Romans 12:21 Do not be conquered by evil but conquer evil with good.

Child, this passage holds the key to peace. Do you see how evil will be stopped in its progress by a barrier of goodness? Evil cannot abide goodness. It will try to fight it, but goodness will cause evil to flee as light dispels darkness. See the example of those who forgive their enemies. See how many are converted by their all-conquering love. Child, remember these things and ponder them, for the enemies of goodness are circling. How will you respond to their attacks?”

Lord Jesus in Mary, show me how to conquer evil with good. Give me courage and unfailing love, even for my enemies. Lord Jesus have mercy on us all. Amen.


7 thoughts on “Do you see how evil will be stopped in its progress by a barrier of goodness?

  1. Conquering evil with good…

    This is the first type of prayer that I’ve heard for the embryonic stem cell scenerio. Our holy priest put this prayer into our petitions tonight at Mass:

    Let us pray that all medical scientists develop a profound reverence for life–especially the first few days of life for an embryo. (This is the time period that has been given the ok for experimentation on embryonic stem cells in the USA.)

    As I contemplated the Blessed Sacrament after that prayer, it came to me that all of the essence of Jesus–body, blood, soul and divinity are found within the tiniest speck of consecrated wine or host. Is not all of the essence of life for that new person within their embryonic speck?!


  2. yes, i pondered on the comparison. so so true. if only each little speck could grow and fulfill each ones mission.
    it makes me realize how arrogant we have become to think we have the right to decide when a mission will be stopped.Dear Lord, please wake us up quickly as so much destruction is happening.Draw us all closer to the Light of Truth. thank you Mary Therese for such a simple yet clear picture of truth.


  3. I just want to say that I have a hard time dealing with evil. I live in a very liberal town and have a very liberal pastor (who even says we should tolerate gay marriage), and I tend to argue and get mad, rather than trusting God or praying ever more intensely for those who call themselves “Catholic and pro-choice” and who argue against the Pope and church teaching. It is a constant struggle for me, and something that drives me to confession pretty often.


  4. A good website for understanding the stem cell situation from a Catholic perspective:

    In regard to Mary-Louise, I am now trying to (in my mind) say the prayer, “Jesus, Mary and Joseph I love you, save souls,” everytime that I am attacked from outside or within… If need be, say it as many times as you can, and you will see things change quickly!

    Fr. Euteneuer, the President of Human Life International said that at this point in time, need to pray and fast and do whatever small things we can personally, as it appears that legislation is no longer making sense. We need God. He mentioned, as a fast, offering up “no meat on Friday” for an end to abortion …


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