Those whose hearts belong not to the things of earth, but to the kingdom of God will know peace even in turmoil…

Amos 6:11 Indeed, the LORD has given the command to shatter the great house to bits, and reduce the small house to rubble.

“My child, there is much to come and indeed it is here already. The time of reckoning is upon you. The leveler has been released over the earth. My children must not fear. I myself will come to the aid of those who call on my name. Those attached to their excesses and earthly comforts will have much anxiety. Those whose hearts belong not to the things of earth, but to the kingdom of God will know peace even in turmoil. Do not be afraid! I have said this my child in every voice that will carry the message. There is no need for my children to fear. Even if they have to suffer, it will be sweeter than any earthly prize, for the hosts of heaven will descend and assist them. One angel in a fiery furnace was able to keep my servants safe (Daniel 3). How much more will the heavenly host accomplish for those who praise my name without ceasing! Child trust in me and be at peace.”

Lord Jesus I trust in you! Grant courage, strength, and peace to all who call upon your name. Have mercy on us all. Help us to praise your name unceasingly, without fear. Lord Jesus have mercy. Amen.


8 thoughts on “Those whose hearts belong not to the things of earth, but to the kingdom of God will know peace even in turmoil…

    1. I feel it may refer to an angel whose duty it is to remove the false hierarchies created by extreme wealth and poverty. “Every valley will be exalted and every hill made low.” Or it may be St. John the Baptist coming once again to make straight the way of the Lord. I cannot say exactly what or who the leveler is but I feel strongly that this is the meaning. I hope that helps.

      God bless you dear sister.


  1. I do fear for my children, who do not believe, who don’t understand that things are changing, that the way of life they’ve always known will disappear quickly. They are away from the church (far away) and live far away. They are in their 20s and cannot comprehend a life without all the things they have always had. I entrust them to the Blessed Mother every day, but still, when the time comes, I won’t be with them to explain things. I fear for all my family members who do not believe — and for myself, because I know how weak I am.


    1. There are many in this generation who are in the same situation, many whom we love. Our Lord has given them the gift of our faith. Believe, hope, and place all your trust in the Divine Mercy. Pray a perpetual novena to their guardian angels. Place them daily in the Immaculate Heart. Enroll in the Sodality of St. Monica ( Our Lord has given us a well-stocked arsenal. He will not abandon the soul that trusts in him. Jesus said that to St. Faustina. Pray, dear sister, trust and be at peace.


    1. As I said, I am not sure who or what he is, but I believe the role of leveler is similar to that of St. John the Baptist, only on a much larger scale. Thank you for your question.


  2. Wow the 1st reading today was from the book of Daniel about the Angel and the Fiery furnace….Thank you for reminding me that there are Angels among us no mattter what our own personal furnace may be!!
    Love V


  3. Thanks for your comment Viv! My guardian angel is named Joy. Has anyone else named their guardian angel? Or have you asked your angel his or her name? I’d be interested to know.

    God bless you sister.


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