It is important to receive Communion at every opportunity…

Psalm 78:61 He gave up his might into captivity, his glorious ark into the hands of the foe.

My beloved, do not be afraid when what you hold dear, the very Eucharist you adore, disappears from sight. This must happen so that the perfect plan of the Father may reach completion. My beloved, there is much to come, but know and believe that all who do my will, all who turn to me in supplication will be aided with many graces. This does not mean that suffering will be removed, but that my grace will sustain them. That is why it is important to receive Communion at every opportunity*. It is your strength. A time will come when spiritual Communion may be your only option. In faith, receive spiritually as if the Bread, the living Bread, was there before you. Remember all the times that you adored me at the elevation. Adore me again in spirit and many graces will be made available to you. Do you see how events are escalating? Pray, my child. There is very much to come.”

Lord, have mercy. May every Communion I have received become available to me when the living Bread is hidden from my sight. Lord in the Divine Will I ask this grace for all so that all your children will have the comfort of your presence in their time of need. Jesus I love and adore you in the most Blessed Sacrament. Amen.

(*Note to the reader: The intent of this message was to encourage daily reception of the Eucharist–if possible. Although Canon Law stipulates that we are permitted to receive the Eucharist twice in one day [Canon 917] this is meant to be an exception. For example, if you were at a wedding after having attended morning Mass, you could receive Communion again at the wedding. Once per day is the norm, however, and is more than sufficient to grant grace and strength for our journey.)


7 thoughts on “It is important to receive Communion at every opportunity…

  1. Just a reminder, that Catholics may receive Eucharist two times a day if the Eucharist is received at Mass. (Two Masses a day.) Each time reception of the Eucharist must be done reverently, not in a spirit of “racking up points.”


  2. Correct me if I’m wrong, but another worthy intention for receiving Communion twice in one day at Mass would be for gaining indulgences, especially for the dead. I don’t receive twice a day often at all, but from time to time I do this primarily for the Church suffering.


    1. That is a question for a Bishop, liturgist, Canon lawyer or theologian. I am none of those, just a simple messenger of the Word. Sorry I couldn’t be of more help.


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