The hand of a woman will again strike down the enemy of God’s people…

Judith 13:15 Then she took the head out of the pouch, showed it to them, and said: “Here is the head of Holofernes, general in charge of the Assyrian army, and here is the canopy under which he lay in his drunkenness. The Lord struck him down by the hand of a woman.

My beloved, the hand of a woman will again strike down the enemy of God’s people. For it pleases God to show forth his might through the humble. His enemy’s defeat is that much more glorious through the hand of a humble woman. But more than this, the Woman we speak of will glorify her Son in her triumph over evil. Her gentle hand will rout the foe; her outstretched arm will fell him. Her army of humble little warriors will go forth with a loud cry to do battle on her behalf. Many will die to this life, but those will be given the most brilliant crowns. Then do not be afraid of those who can only harm the body. Your place is assured if you fight the good fight to the end with your Lady.”

Lord Jesus, we are small and weak, but in you and in your Mother we are strong, triumphant, filled with joyful hope. Help us Lord, through her prayers to fight the good fight and attain heavenly glory. Jesus in Mary I trust in you. Amen.


3 thoughts on “The hand of a woman will again strike down the enemy of God’s people…

  1. many will die to this life and do not be afraid of those who can only harm the body.
    does thismean blood martyrdom?

    also in last 3 days this very understanding of the warriors of Marys army with the weapon of the rosary has come to myself and a close prayer friend in an extremely vivid way.
    so this reading confirms what we have been given. it appears time for heavy battle is nearly here. — if not here already.


  2. Anne, many Christians are already paying with their blood in places like Iraq, India, the Sudan, and many more places. It is HERE. We do not know what may happen in the “New World Order”. There is an apostasy coming, little doubt of that now.

    The rosary! Yes, that is our humble weapon that will rout the foe! What a victory as grey-haired grannies, people in wheel chairs, even children, all with rosaries, claim victory over the “proud one”. But some will be asked to pay with their blood and gain the martyr’s crown.

    Today is the feast of St. Paul Miki, Japanese martyr. The Office of Readings has a very touching account of his death. You can read it here (second reading).

    God bless.


  3. Oh, Gentle and Just Jesus,
    Come quickly and free your people. Claim all that are yours and bring us to You and Your Reign. Mary, Mother of Our Savior, bless and protect your children.


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