Do you see the connection between sin and the destruction that plagues the earth?

Psalm 32:5-6 I said, “I confess my faults to the LORD,” and you took away the guilt of my sin. Thus should all your faithful pray in time of distress. Though flood waters threaten, they will never reach them.

My beloved, do you see the connection between sin and the destruction that plagues the earth? If my people repented and confessed their sin, all turmoil would end. The earth itself would cease to groan. But, my child, so few even admit the existence of sin! What kind of a miracle will it take to convince them? My beloved child, do not fear. The reign of sin is nearing its end. Much will take place before the end, but you, my child, my little one, you must not fear. Cling to your Abba. Throw your arms around his neck and do not let go. Whisper your prayers into his ear and do not stop. Tell him of your love and gratitude. Do this and you will know great peace.”

Abba, Father, you are a Father whose love is unfathomable. I cling to you and whisper into your ear my “I love you and I thank you” for each act of the Triune God in creation, redemption, and sanctification. Lord, Father, Son, and Spirit, I love you! Amen.


2 thoughts on “Do you see the connection between sin and the destruction that plagues the earth?

  1. I was honored to sit behind a man and his daughter at Mass today. Their background would be Catholic from the Middle East–a very difficult time for them in this day and age–would be an easy conclusion…

    This man and his 3 year old child had a wonderful, very healthy Father/child bond of love; and he was obviously extremely holy and in touch with the depths of the Heart of God…

    This man’s child was: wrapped around his neck, under his arm, cradled in his arms, snuggled up to his neck, leaning on his chest, being held with her head stretching above his head, and they were also heart to heart…

    The young child sat momentarily to the side of her dad. But was even cuddling up to her dad then.

    It was obvious that this dad would go to all lengths to not only protect this child, but would even risk all–including sending out and risking the safety of other beloved family members–if his child were in trouble…

    What I was priviledged to see was a visible sign of the Love of the Father–Who would even send out His Dearly Beloved Eldest Son–to save another beloved child…


  2. How beautiful, Mary Therese! I believe that scene was a gift from the Father of All, to you and to those of us with whom you have shared the story. He is saying, ‘If you who are imperfect know how to love and protect your little ones, how much more will your perfect Father in heaven love and protect those who cling to his neck in love and trust.’ He is so good to give us such encouragement! Thank you for sharing this.


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