Strengthen yourself with prayer and fasting…

Zechariah 13:2 On that day, says the LORD of hosts, I will destroy the names of the idols from the land, so that they shall be mentioned no more.

My child, this day will come; you will see it. But before that great day, much will take place. Strengthen yourself with prayer and fasting. Strengthen your brothers and sisters with words of love and hope. Remain rooted in hope. Live the joy to which you have been called. Keep your eyes fixed on the glory you inherit as a beloved child of God. I am with you always. Be at peace, my beloved.”

Lord, you have given us so much, everything we need to remain filled with hope in this time of trial. Lord Jesus, bathe the earth in your mercy. I ask this in the Divine Will in the name of all, for your glory. Amen.

8 thoughts on “Strengthen yourself with prayer and fasting…

  1. again such firm words. does the Lord mean YOU as in Pelianito will see it or many who are here now or You as in some long time for those alive in distant future?


  2. No one knows the hour or the day. However, I do feel that the Lord means I personally will see it, as will all those still alive after the tribulation, which I feel will occur within my natural lifetime. I am now in middle age so within probably 40 years. However, I must stress: No one knows the hour or the day. Watch and pray! The main message here is that we must strengthen ourselves with fasting and prayer. The time to come–and it is already here for many–will be very difficult. We do not know how we will react. Watch and pray!


  3. Dear Pelianito

    Do you think that the “great day” refers also to the day of Mercy as revealed to Saint Faustina ?
    “My child, this day will come; you will see it” So it will happen during our lifetime! I can not stop thinking that the conection with has been revealed to Medjugorje is more and more evident.
    It just seems to be too good to be truth that Jesus is so close to show us His Mercy

    peace be with you


  4. Think how Peter and the Apostles felt! Our Lord comes in history. He is the Lord of all history. He will come in the fullness of time. Certainly he has been preparing this generation with numerous prophecies and apparitions beginning with Lourdes. But also throughout time. Many voices yet one voice. Yet, again, no one knows the hour or the day.

    Our Lord does not leave us orphaned, but gives us many comforts, the greatest of which are the sacraments. And so many discount them because of the ordinary nature of their appearance. What folly! To those who access the sacraments: He is as near to you as your own breath. Pray, fast, receive the sacraments, and be at peace come what may.


  5. From my numerous readings these past few months, I feel that the Lord is telling us that He is near to us very much as he was to the Apostles and disciples when He walked the world 2000 years ago. I believe that we need to focus much more clearly on His intimate presence to us — it being much more intense than we typically realized in the past…

    As Pelianito was told by Jesus, ““Do not worry about the future. Leave everything to me. I love to look after all the little details of your lives. Give me this pleasure.”

    Reminds one of the walk on the water that Peter took, or the feeding of 5000 with the few loaves of bread and fish, doesn’t it?!


  6. Trust, always trust! I have just read in St. Faustina’s diary these words: “Your duty will be to trust completely in My goodness, and My duty will be to give you all you need. I am making Myself dependent upon your trust: if your trust is great, then My generosity will be without limit.” (#548)

    These days are pregnant with meaning. There is a sense that the labor pains are imminent. Our Lord is near, and he wants us to depend on him as we wait in joyful hope for the dawning of the era of peace.

    Thank you Mary Therese.


  7. Pelianito – you frequently urge us to pray and fast. I was wondering if you could speak a bit more on the specifics of fasting. What do you suggest? One meal a day, once a week? Twice a week? Daily? I for one would like to know more specifically how one goes about starting to add fasting in the spiritual life. Obviously I am very ignorant of these things!


  8. Our Lady recommends bread and water (as much as needed) on Wednesdays and Fridays. Or you may choose those days and offer the “Good Friday” fast of one regular meal and two smaller meals that do not add up to a meal. Or if your work or health requires that you eat regularly, you may fast from television, internet, anything you have an attachment to.

    I think it is important to set up a schedule, a Rule as it were, so that you do not have to guess if you did or did not fast enough. Ask Our Lady to guide you in this. Personally, I follow the fasting and abstinence of the Rule of St. Francis of 1221 for his third orders. This rule has been adapted for the modern age through the Brothers and Sisters of Penance of which I am a professed member.

    That said, if one is embarking on a fairly restrictive program it is best to start small and build up over months or years if necessary, but foremost is to make sure that your prayer life is in order or all your efforts will fail. Prayer keeps you humble–as does failure. If at first you do not succeed, pray more and when eventually you are able to fast regularly you will know whose power it is that is sustaining you.

    May the Blessed Mother guide you in your efforts.


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