I give you a word to speak–that word is LOVE…

Jesus: “I give you a word to speak-that word is LOVE.”

BVM: “Child, are you willing to suffer? I do not take joy in suffering for its own sake, but you can purchase a great deal if you offer it with love. Remember, suffering is the currency of love; joy is its reward.”

FIAT! Let it me done to me as our Lord desires. But never leave me!

1 Corinthians 13:1-2 If I speak in human and angelic tongues but do not have love, I am a resounding gong or a clashing cymbal. And if I have the gift of prophecy and comprehend all mysteries and all knowledge; if I have all faith so as to move mountains but do not have love, I am nothing.

My beloved, yes there is much to come, much suffering, much toil, much to tempt my children to despair. But there is one thing that never changes, one obligation that never ceases-love. If charity fails in the human heart, then all is truly lost. Be on your guard! If love is not your guide and master you will be in grave peril. But if love guides your every action, your every decision, all your thoughts, words, and deeds, then you will reap benefits far in excess of what you sow. Keep this thought always before you. Act with love and you will never be wrong. Love led me to the cross. But the benefits won for the human race are incalculable. Do not be afraid to love and do not count the cost. Link your life and death to mine and you will know unending joy.”

Lord Jesus, your love is infinite and beyond our comprehension. Yet you give it to us freely and generously, without limit. Jesus I link all that I am and all that I have to your life, death and resurrection, and I offer it to the Father for the sake of pure love. Jesus I love you! Save souls!


10 thoughts on “I give you a word to speak–that word is LOVE…

  1. When undergoing a terrible physical assault by fallen angels, I was taught this prayer that drove them away:
    “Jesus, Mary, & Joseph, I love you, save souls”.


  2. I am sorry to hear about your attack, but thankful to hear that this prayer has so much power. I had heard it before but couldn’t remember where. Is it St. Therese of Lisieux? Anyone?


  3. I think the ” Jesus , Mary I love you, save the souls ” is from Sor María Consolata Betrone

    a Capuchin nun (1903- 1946) born in Italy.

    This invocation: ‘Jesus, Maria, I love You; save the souls’ simple act of confidence by means of which the Lord puts His Grace and Compassion within reach of millions of tormented souls

    Through Consolata, God inculcates into the human heart that between creature and Creator should not have to be any more subordination, but intimacy.

    Her divine Husband promised her: ‘As I’m the Holiness, my ardent desire is communicating it to the souls… Love only. You are too small to climb to the summit: I’ll carry you on my arms’.


  4. Thank you Al for the beautiful explanation of this powerful prayer. God is so good! People who “don’t understand how a good God could allow evil in the world” have probably not read the lives of the Saints! Our Lord gives us so many remedies, so many gifts. It is we who fail to pick them up. He makes it simple; we make it difficult by our stubborn denial of his gifts. Jesus, Maria, I love You; save the souls! Especially those who deny your goodness.


  5. The prayer given to me included St. Joseph also–the Holy Family…
    One of the messages given at Fatima was that the end of the era would not come until the world knew the greatness of St. Joseph in heaven.

    The impression that I received was that this prayer caused the evil spirits to flee–not because it was releasing souls from purgatory–but because it was, at a rapid pace, preventing souls from going to hell ! When in great trouble it appears possible to say this prayer about 3 times in one second…!


  6. Hi, Pelianito,

    I got a huge confirmation today of the importance of St. Joseph…
    I went to Mass and Fr. Matt mentioned the feast day of the Canadian, Blessed Andre Bessette, and his great devotion to St. Joseph. Then I went to SpiritDaily.com and this tremendous article about this holy man appeared: http://catholicism.org/br-andre.html


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