Every being in heaven, the entire Gloriana*, is standing ready to assist those who cry out for help on the day when great sorrow fills the earth…

Psalm 110:5-6 At your right hand is the Lord, who crushes kings on the day of wrath, who, robed in splendor, judges nations, crushes heads across the wide earth.

Oh, my beloved, heaven weeps at what is coming to the earth. Perfect joy is temporarily overshadowed by the effects of sin upon the world. This is a great mystery, one you cannot understand. But know and believe that every being in heaven, the entire Gloriana*, is standing ready to assist those who cry out for help on the day when great sorrow fills the earth. Do not hesitate to invoke the saints, the angels, the Gloriana, and of course your beloved Mother and the Holy Trinity of Love. If your sorrow is great, your graces will be greater. Cling to me through the rosary, my child. Pray. I have given you a simple and sure way to access the entire heavenly treasury. Do not hesitate. I am with you. I am with you.”

Lord Jesus, I do not know what is coming but I trust in your word and in your faithfulness. You, O Lord, are my rock and my refuge. Be with me and all those you have given me to pray for. I entrust all our spiritual and temporal needs to you through the intercession of the Blessed Mother and the Gloriana. Jesus I trust in you. Amen.

(*Gloriana: The angels and saints in perfect communion with the Blessed Trinity; the perfect unity of heaven.)

5 thoughts on “Every being in heaven, the entire Gloriana*, is standing ready to assist those who cry out for help on the day when great sorrow fills the earth…

  1. Last night I had a very vivid dream:

    Within my home was a pool–very large. In order to go from one area to the other of my home I needed to swim across this pool. At first it was delightful–the water was clear and the fish were beautiful — I had no fear at all.

    But then I looked deeper into the pool–towards the bottom of it. I realized that there could be very dangerous fish/creatures that were swimming in it as well. So I then looked for a way to cross the pool without swimming in it; but there was no other way to reach the other parts of my home.

    As I finished my dream, I realized that in the deep, dark, left side of the pool there appeared to be a very ugly and huge shark…

    Let us pray for all of the most horrible sinners on the face of the earth. Let us pray through Mary to the Son in the power of the Holy Spirit that the Father may hear and answer our pleading for the most dreadful sharks of the world…


  2. There is a lot of meaning in this dream Mary Therese. One symbol that came to me was the danger we face in getting from our first home–the heart of God–to our final home, heaven. We must traverse a beautiful but dangerous pool called life on earth. We are tested, tried, attacked. But there is only one way to get there–persevere!

    I see many meanings to this dream. Thank you for sharing it. Did you ask our Lord for the meaning? Did you feel it was first of all a call to pray for sinners? Perhaps that is our main purpose as we traverse the pool. “For the sake of His sorrowful passion, have mercy Lord.”


  3. The Lord gives me impressions of what my dreams mean…

    This is a look at the present and past–a beautiful time of very special people in our lives with a lovely surrounding that we’ve been so priviledged to enjoy… Right now it is zero degees to minus 15 degrees fahrenheit in our area; and we’ve had numerous snowstorms leaving very high amounts of snow–but it is extremely beautiful…

    And we have been looking at this type of beauty and admiring it as a tremendous gift of God…

    Yet below, beneath, in the depths and the darkness lurks what we do not know nor care to know about… Please God, do not let us know what is done down there by our brothers and sisters on this planet who are doing horrendously sinful things to themselves and others…

    These people influence and can powerfully control and even destroy us and other innocents–these souls that we have no real knowledge concerning.

    And so we must pray to change them. And in eliminating this level of evil, there will be a great chance for the rest of the people on earth to convert, heal, and then transform the world for the great honor and glory of God.


  4. And as Our Lord said to you, dear Pelianito, “I long for each soul, especially the most sinful ones.”

    And this is our job–to pray for and love our brothers and sisters on earth– that they may become part of the Gloriana…


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