Elisha had the mantle of a great prophet, but you have Christ dwelling you…

2 Kings 2:13-14 Then (Elisha) picked up Elijah’s mantle…wielding the mantle…he struck the water in his turn and said, “Where is the Lord, the God of Elijah?” When Elisha struck the water it divided and he crossed over.

“My child, do not be afraid. These prodigies are not beyond the power of your King. Trust in him and you will see greater things than this. Elisha had the mantle of a great prophet, but you have Christ dwelling you. Then pray, hope, and trust. Your King and Lord loves you. Do not be afraid!”

Lord I ask pardon for the fear that grips me when I think of what is coming. Help me to stay in the present where you dwell. Jesus I trust in you! Amen.


4 thoughts on “Elisha had the mantle of a great prophet, but you have Christ dwelling you…

  1. Hello Pelianito

    I don´t understand very well what you mean when you refer to “what is coming”? I feel frightened with some of the writings. What should we do with our daily live: work, friends…?

    God Bless you


  2. Peace and blessings dear friend. Thank you for your comment.

    That is a very good question and one I have struggled with myself. Although I have been getting these messages for more than a decade, I have hesitated to post those that speak of a future trial for the church and the world. But the Lord showed me that it is not for me to decide what is posted and what isn’t. If our Lord wants me to deliver a message, then I have an obligation to do so. (It may help you to know that my spiritual director, a holy priest, has given me permission to post these messages.)

    That said, I have asked myself why God would want to tell us these things. My journal is not the only source of these warnings and exhortations to pray. Scripture, especially the liturgical readings at this time of year, is rich in prophecy. Our Blessed Mother, at Fatima, Lourdes, and in many other apparitions has also warned of a coming time of trial. Jesus himself told St. Faustina that she would prepare the world for his final coming.

    Of course no one knows the hour or the day, but all these events as well as approved prophecies through the ages, do point to something big coming quite possibly in our time. The Medjugorje visionaries have been told these things would take place in their lifetime. If you are interested, Mark Mallett (www.markmallett.com/blog) has some very sound descriptions and explanations of what may come, based on all these writings and prophecies.

    So, what are we supposed to do? What is God asking of us? I feel very strongly and have been told in no uncertain terms that we are NOT to be afraid. These warnings are given so that we may prepare through prayer and fasting, so that our faith may not fail, and so that we may pray for others to be converted. This is very important. It is what our Lady is asking us to pray for above all.

    What to do? Pray, pray, pray! Live your life simply, fulfill your daily duty, love those God sends you, attend Mass whenever possible, go to confession, be generous but prudent. Some feel called to stock up on supplies. I do not feel called to go overboard with this. But you must do what you feel called to do. Remember to act in faith, not fear. Our Lord and our Lady have promised to be with us at all times. Remember also that you are just one rosary away from peace.

    God bless you my friend. Let us pray for each other.


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