There is no need to rely on your own courage…

Daniel 13:22-23 “I am completely trapped,” Susanna groaned. “If I yield, it will be my death; if I refuse, I cannot escape your power. Yet it is better for me to fall into your power without guilt than to sin before the Lord.”

“My child, very few of my children have the moral fortitude and faith to take this stand. Ponder well my servant’s example for if you were to fail for lack of courage, my sorrow would be great. But, my child, there is no need to rely on your own courage. The power and strength of the Holy Spirit are with you. No one who calls on the Holy Spirit in this time of trial will be left unaided. Ask through his Bride, the Blessed Virgin, and have every confidence of being heard.”

O Lord, your mercy is unfathomable. Come Holy Spirit, fill the hearts of your faithful! Only in you is our courage adequate, and in you it is more than adequate–it is infinite. Thanks be to you, O Breath of Love, giver of gifts, lover of souls. Be with us, O Lord! Amen.


3 thoughts on “There is no need to rely on your own courage…

  1. I am in the habit of going to Mass on Friday at 8 am, after an all night fast, and then going to Adoration until 10 am. I do indeed get a little hungry, but have not been the least bit concerned about that…
    However, I have now noticed that the other woman with whom I adore always has a little piece of hard candy that she insists I eat–without knowing of my fast. The other day, when I was at Adoration and she was not able to be there, a small piece of hard candy was at my seat–just waiting for me!It was my very favorite type since I was a small child… My Jesus I trust in You!


  2. How beautiful! Our Lord provides in so many ways–big and small! A friend and I were discussing this very topic the other day. Fasting in secret is a wonderful gift to God. And accepting a gift from a friend is a wonderful gift of love to that friend. In a sense you are fasting from fasting to feast on love. Hmm…what would Jesus do?

    Thank you for sharing Mary Therese.


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